Best Outdoor Light Bulb Security Cameras Of 2021

Every household should have home security cameras. No matter what, outdoor lightbulb security cameras are more efficient because they can work as hidden security cameras for your homes. Hence, without any delay, in this review, we are having the top ten best outdoor light bulb security cameras In 2021 for you to check out.

List of Best Outdoor Light Bulb Security Cameras of 2021

#10. Nunet Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Nunet Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

A simple solution to your home security is Nunet. It allows for a 360-degree vision of the camera. There is an extender that you can adjust for 180 degrees. You can use it to monitor every corner. Furthermore, the footage is quality one with 2K HD as the product’s footage quality. Besides, any suspicious movement detected by it, the product will send a message to the app. It is the application that you can download on your smartphone.

What’s more, you can save the video in a microSD card 32GB without hassles at all. The night vision works perfectly great, and the product features infrared light. As a result, it never reduces the video quality with it. The LED light will be on if there is someone walking pass at nighttime. In fact, the Led light will be on automatically.

Reasons to Buy

  • One-year warranty from the company
  • Free technical support
  • A smart light bulb security camera for you

Our Verdict

If you are worried that the microSD card is not enough to store those video footage, you don’t need to worry because you can store those footage on the cloud with it as well. What’s more, all items are included in the collection, so you can conveniently mount the camera at homes by yourselves.

#9. Tupeya Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Tupeya Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

If you look to replace your old security camera, Tupeya can be a good choice for you. It offers image quality as good as 1920 x1080 pixels that are exceptionally perfect. Moreover, the night vision allows you to view the activities as far as 32 feet. The image is clear even if there is complete darkness, thanks to the technology equipped with the security camera. Moreover, the camera can detect any suspicious movement and send notifications to your smartphones. It is easy and convenient to control. Meanwhile, you can playback any missed moment on your smartphone.

What’s more, there is a micro 32GB SD card that can store memories. Furthermore, you can replace the included SD card with a 128GB SD card.

Reasons to Buy

  • Exceptional customer support
  • Including all materials required to set up
  • Password-enabled access to footage

Our Verdict

It is smart to have this security camera, especially when you have kids or the elders at home. There shouldn’t be any fuses that you can check and know what’s up there immediately, thanks to the security camera.

#8. Mliyam Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Mliyam Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Another top performer is Mliyam. Mliyam offers us a 360-degree full view over landscape and areas. The camera is wireless, and we are right to have it to monitor moments and scenarios. The product has motion detection and can send you alerting messages whenever there are suspicious movements or activities. We can check old footage in the memory card that we can use as capable as 128GB.

Furthermore, you can set it up very conveniently and easily. We can download a mobile application whether our smartphones are an iOS or Android one and check all the footages on our smartphones. For the construction material, it is a reliable one. It is the ABS material that is fire-resistant. Thus, you don’t need to worry in case of fire, and you cannot see what is going on there.

Reasons to Buy

  • Gone through rigorous testing
  • Full-satisfaction warranty
  • WiFi-connected wireless camera

Our Verdict

The product comes all equipped with its night vision and motion detection. Besides, you don’t need to worry if there are any problems coming up because the product features exceptional customer support from the company as well.

#7. Hijunmi Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Hijunmi Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Here is Hijunmi. It can cover an area of 360 degrees that is full-rounded. Moreover, the image quality is full HD 1080 pixel that is a high-resolution one. It comes with five different viewing modes. Besides, the camera has no blind area, so you don’t need to worry that the camera cannot detect those corners right there. Furthermore, it can send you a notification via your smartphones because you can download a mobile application offered and designed by the company.

The product is convenient to install. You can install it on your house’s ceiling. Besides, the package includes an SD card with a 128GB capacity for you. There is no doubt it is enough to save new footage. The old footage can be uploaded on the cloud if you prefer it to be so.

Reasons to Buy

  • Features FCC & CE certifications
  • Excellent customer support
  • HD quality image even in a night vision

Our Verdict

You can conveniently control everything on the camera via the mobile app whether you want to playback those videos or view real-time activities. Because the product sends you a notification to your smartphone, it is brilliant to have it, so you can be aware of what’s going on at home when you are away.

#6. Oltec Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Oltec Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

The following item is Oltec. It enables you to view 360 degrees at any moment. It has a lens similar to a fish-eye to view a wide-angle. There is no blind spot with the camera. Furthermore, we can check what’s up there with the camera in real-time. The images it is recording are 1080 pixels which are clear images. You can even see small details with it, so the camera should be able to almost capture anything. Meanwhile, the SD card is 64GB, so you can store those footages.

The equipped SD card is fairly enough for you to record new footage. Besides, it has motion detection that enables you to receive a notification on your smartphone.

Reasons to Buy

  • WiFi-enabled security camera
  • Possible with playing back video
  • Minimal assembly

Our Verdict

It is beneficial to have this camera because it can be a hidden camera that you like. All it requires you is to insert the security camera into your standard light bulb holder. As a result, it works effectively and without any hassles at all.

#5. EVERSECU Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

EVERSECU Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

The next item is EVERSECU. There only requires an installment of the mobile application, so you can have full access to the footages. It works well with all types of monitoring, whether it be baby, pet, or home monitoring. We can clearly know what’s going on and up there when we are away from home with it. Moreover, the viewing angle is 360-degree. That is good. It has no blind area, as a result.

What’s more, you can see everything both in the daytime and at nighttime. Besides, the camera can send an alert to your smartphones if there is suspicious motion detected with it. We don’t have problems with installation as well. It is easy to install as a lightbulb security camera.

Reasons to Buy

  • Features a SD card for memory storage
  • Includes with the camera a lightbulb
  • Exceptional customer support

Our Verdict

This one works well with both Android and iOS operating systems. There is no fuss that it is a perfect and great outdoor security camera for you when you are away from home.

#4. Tupeya Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Tupeya Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Tupeya has built a good reputation in outdoor lightbulb security cameras. It offers footage of full HD 1080 pixels. Besides, it has a night vision, and the view can be as far as 32 feet. Additionally, it can view in total darkness without a need for the infrared LED light that results in light pollution at nighttime. There is an offering of an SD card. You can sync it with your smartphones, so the security camera can send you a notification. Furthermore, you can share access with family members because it is a WiFi-enabled security camera for you.

There’s no doubt that it features an SD card that can store footage as a memory with it. It can record 24 hours and 7 days without hassles at all. What’s more, it works great as a baby monitor that you can use to check over your babies. As a result, you don’t need to walk back and forth to check whether your babies are fine or have someone to standby all the time.

Reasons to Buy

  • Outstanding customer support
  • Everything included in the package
  • Includes LED light for night vision

Our Verdict

The camera is accessible with WiFi and doesn’t require speedy Internet connection for you to access and watch what’s going on. You can check what’s up there fast and real-time without a fuss.

#3. SARCCH Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

SARCCH Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

This lovely camera has a lot to love. It is simple and convenient to install the lightbulb security camera. The product doesn’t require any installation steps. Meanwhile, you can directly install it where the bulbs are as a hidden camera. Furthermore, you can live-stream it from your smartphones such as iPad, iPhone, and more. The camera can serve well as a baby monitor for you, so it doesn’t take much of your effort to standby and take care of your babies.

Besides, the product enables an SD card. We can sync the alarm, so there is a push of notification as an alert to your smartphones. Consequently, we don’t need to be worried that someone is breaking into your house, and you aren’t aware of this because of the instant alerting system. What’s more, it can work well even in dark places, so you always get full-HD quality images whether at nighttime or daytime.

Reasons to Buy

  • Light works out when there is darkness for detecting
  • 360-degree full view without blind spots
  • Everything we need included in the collection

Our Verdict

We have faith in this product because it can detect suspicious movements and motions and can send notification to you very instantly.

#2. HaoXuan DianZi Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

HaoXuan DianZi Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

And this camera has a lot to offer as well. It comes with convenient installation. You can install it at sockets where there are bulbs. Furthermore, you can share access to it on your smartphones with family members. There is thus no doubt that you can check and access to those footages on your smartphones or tablets. It works perfectly as a baby monitor for you. There is no need to check over your children all the time, consequently.

The product, furthermore, features an SD card that can store those footages. Besides, you can receive an alarm whenever there are suspicious movements detected by the camera. The camera can even detect in dark environments. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether the product works in darkness.

Reasons to Buy

  • Full 360-degree camera
  • WiFi-enabled security camera
  • Practical monitor for babies or pets

Our Verdict

This is an outdoor light bulb security camera that is brilliant to have because we strongly believe the security camera can serve you very well. It works as a security camera for day and nighttime.

#1. Toucan Outdoor Light Bulb Security CameraToucan Outdoor Light Bulb Security Camera

Toucan has scored highest among outdoor lightbulb security cameras. It covers many blind spots that other cameras have. Moreover, it is a wireless camera without any cables needed. Furthermore, you can receive alerts instantly once there is a detection of suspicious movements.

It is special because it boasts a pre recorded sound for greeting you. We don’t have hassles that it works very well. You can have full access to it on your smartphone. Meanwhile, we can touch one button for the camera to project a siren alarm. There is yet another button for an emergency call.

Reasons to Buy

  • Works both day and nighttime
  • Light turns on when suspicious motions detected
  • 120-degree wide angle with it

Our Verdict

This one is a confident security camera because we can share access to footage with family members and other people. This is a smart feature enabled by the camera.


It is brilliant to have security cameras at home. The best Outdoor light bulb security cameras can be very helpful because it detects motions as hidden cameras that don’t let intruders be aware of them. It is smart to detect promptly and send you back notification.

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