Discover Top 8 Best Makeup Vanity Tables with Lights In 2021

Daily makeup requires attention to detail in order to create precision. It might be difficult for you to do the makeup if without a good mirror and lighting effect. Therefore, in every girl’s room, it is recommended to have makeup vanity tables with lights to store all of your skincare products and makeups while offering you a makeup space as well. To help you narrow down the selection list, our team has done quite a lot of research, and we have eventually come up with the top 8 best makeup vanity tables with lights for you. We hope that you can find your desired product from our reviews and get one as your personal collection. Without further delay, let’s go through the reviews one by one now.

List of Top 8 Best Makeup Vanity Tables with Lights In 2021

#8. Riforla Makeup Vanity Tables with Lights – 12 LEDsRiforla Makeup Vanity Tables with Lights - 12 LEDs

First of all, we have this makeup vanity table from Riforla. It is a drawer desk, which features a practical design for the bedroom. However, what is even special about this table is that it is equipped with 12 LED lights and a large mirror to accommodate your demand in makeup. In addition, it features a large storage capacity, which can organize all of your personal valuables, including jewelry, cosmetics, and hair care products in only one place.

The table is built from strong and durable particleboard, and it integrates high brightness to work within all light situations. It is built in an elegant white color, which makes it a valuable piece for your home decoration. The light is effortless to control since there is a switch for you to monitor the brightness of the light to match your demand in the house or studio for makeup.

In this case, all the installation tools and hardware are included to make the installation easy and convenient.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Constructed of functional particle boards.
  • Provides 12 pieces of LED bulbs to ensure the best brightness.
  • Comes with a large storage capacity.
  • Includes a full set of mounting accessories.

Our Verdict

The makeup vanity table from Riforla adds values to both home and makeup studio as long as you are willing to own one.

#7. Bonnlo Makeup Vanity Tables with Lights – 8 LEDsBonnlo Makeup Vanity Tables with Lights - 8 LEDs

Next, we should take a look at this makeup vanity table with lights from Bonnet. This table features 8 pieces of LED light bulbs in the design, which offers you a natural daytime look. This enables you to have a precise look of your makeup and hairstyling. This table is built from MDF and wood legs to ensure a strong and durable construction. The legs are responsible for withstanding even the toughest use of the table.

The upper body of the table is equipped with mirrors as well as drawers. If you do not wish to use it as a makeup table, you can also remove all the parts to make it a writing table in the bedroom or home office. There is a lot of storage space for this table, including drawers and organizers to keep your items organized in place.

For the installation process, what you have to do is attach the drawers and legs to get the table ready to work. Also, the package includes anti-toppling fittings to ensure the best of your personal safety.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Built of MDF and solid wood.
  • Includes mirrors, drawers, and lights.
  • Multifunctional design to serve as both the makeup table and writing table.
  • Easy to assemble.

Our Verdict

With Bonnet, you will never run out of ideas to work with this table, starting from makeup to daily writing.

#6. usikey Makeup Vanity Tables with Lightsusikey Makeup Vanity Tables with Lights

Moving onto the next makeup vanity table from Mikey, there are 2 color options, which are black and white. This table comes with LED light to increase the quality of the lighting effect in the surrounding environment. There are 2 light colors for you to choose from, and there are 4 levels of brightness to adjust. It is a functional desk in which you can remove the makeup top to transform it into a writing desk.

It is also built-in with a large capacity, in which there are 3 shelves and 1 side cabinet for you to store all cosmetics and hairdressing tools. There are also 2 compartments in the middle part for you to have a good organization of the makeups. What is even significant about this product is that it comes with a stool to pair with the table.

Although there is an assembly required, you can simply follow the steps in the instruction manual to get it ready as soon as possible. Even after the purchase, if there are any problems, you can always contact us for additional support.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Equipped with LED lights.
  • Includes 2 light colors and 4 brightness levels.
  • Provides a large space for storage.
  • Features a stool in the set.

Our Verdict

If you have a lot of cosmetics and daily care products, never forget this makeup vanity table from usikey.

#5. FUNKO Touchscreen Lighted Makeup MirrorFUNKO Touchscreen Lighted Makeup Mirror

Another choice for a good makeup vanity table is from FUNKO. The table is equipped with LED lights, and there are 3 light color temperatures for options, which are warm, bright, and natural. This is to make sure that you can see your makeup in different lighting situations. The lighting control can be achieved by the advanced touchscreen function, which is both convenient and safe.

On the other hand, the table also comes with a spacious storage capacity. It includes 2 sliding drawers to hold all of your skincare, haircare, and daily care products. You can have all the things organized in one place, and as a result, you can find them easily when you are in need of them. This is also desirable when you have a lot of jewelry pieces as well.

The assembly process is easy if you have the steps in proper order. There should be no problems since all the parts are already included in the purchase package for you.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Includes 3 LED color temperatures: natural, warm, and bright.
  • Provides 2 large sliding drawers.
  • Easy to install.
  • Serves as a great organizer.

Our Verdict

The best thing about FUNKOCO is that it uses the most advanced technology to serve your daily demand in makeup.

#4. VASAGLE Lighted Makeup Mirror – 10 LEDsVASAGLE Lighted Makeup Mirror - 10 LEDs

This makeup vanity table from VASAGLE is also worth taking into consideration. There are 2 elegant color designs, which are black and white. It comes in a contemporary design that adds a modern sense to your home decoration. The table is equipped with 10 LED bulbs to offer just the right amount of illumination in the room. It offers you different views about how you would look at both night and daylight conditions.

The table is designed for lifetime usage, and therefore, it is made from rubberwood and fiberboard to ensure the best construction. The table also comes with a large storage space. It includes 2 drawers and sliding rails for you to have a great organization of the items and gain easy access to them. There is also a stool coming along with this set, and the stool is crafted with high-quality pine wood.

The spare parts are included in the set, and what you need to do is put them together to create a makeup vanity table for yourself.

Reasons to buy:

  • Integrates 10 LED light bulbs.
  • Built with 2 drawers.
  • Includes a stool.
  • Easy to assemble.

Our Verdict

The makeup vanity table set from VASAGLE aims to provide the most convenient for you to do a perfect makeup.

#3. Hansong Adjustable Lighted Makeup MirrorHansong Adjustable Lighted Makeup Mirror

Another choice for a good makeup vanity table is from Hansong. It comes with a large size, and it is equipped with a USB port where you can plug in your smart devices with convenience. There are 3 adjustable light colors for this table, which include the lit, daylight, and cold light. In fact, the table is equipped with 15 pieces of LED lights, and the brightness is adjustable based on your demand.

It is operated on a smart control, and there is also a memory function to help you restore the last setting that you have entered. There are various buttons that you can take advantage of in order to control the light. The mirror base is detachable, and it is very easy to use on a daily basis to serve your makeup demand.

Within 1 month, if you are not fully satisfied, you can claim your money back with confidence.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Provides 15 pieces of LED bulbs.
  • Based on smart control on the light.
  • Includes memory function.
  • Offers a 1-month money-back warranty.

Our Verdict

Hansong is dedicated to providing the best lighting effect for makeup while making it easy for you to monitor using smart switches.

#2. FENCHLIN Lighted Makeup Mirror with USBFENCHLIN Lighted Makeup Mirror with USB

The next makeup vanity table is from FENCHLIN. It features a large size mirror for you to see clearly, and there is an additional USB port for you to charge the phone while working on the makeup. It is equipped with 15 LED bulbs, and they can provide 3 lighting colors, including daylight, warm light, and cold light. The brightness is fully adjustable to match your demand.

In order to monitor the light color and brightness level, you can use the smart touch control to make the right adjustment to the setting. Moreover, it features a memory function to get back your last setting on the light. This way, there is no need for you to reset the lighting effect each time you work with it.

The mirror base of this table is fully detachable when you do not need it. Also, within a month, you can get your money back if there are any problems with the quality of the product.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Comes with 15 LED bulbs.
  • Adjustable brightness and light color.
  • Removable mirror base.
  • Money-back warranty within 1 month.

Our Verdict

The goal of FENCHLIN is to give you a precise makeup no matter if you are going out in daytime or night time.

#1. Chende LED Lighted Makeup MirrorChende LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Last but not least, we should not forget this makeup vanity table with lights from Chende. It is designed with elegant white color, and therefore, it works well for both contemporary and traditional home decoration styles. The mirror is equipped with 14 light bulbs, and they are all provided with high quality LED. They are very easy to control since there is a switch for you to monitor it easily without any problems.

The mirror fits into any small spaces with convenience since it comes with a space-saving design.  You can fully take advantage of the design and use it as part of your daily essential makeup collections. The installation is also very easy because the process only requires you to put the parts together.

For these reasons, this makeup vanity mirror is highly recommended for you to collaborate in the long run without any inconvenience.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Provides up to 14 pieces of LED bulbs to ensure the right level of illumination.
  • Easy to work with them on and off switch to monitor the light and brightness.
  • Simple installation process and elegant design.

Our Verdict

The makeup vanity mirror from Chende targets elegant design, functions, and durability for many years ahead.


In conclusion, above are the top 8 best makeup vanity tables with lights. With this table, you can enjoy your own space for makeup, even in a low light condition. Let the makeup vanity table serve you in all situations and get your beauty ready as always. Thank you for shopping with us and have a great day with your beautiful makeup vanity table.

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