Discover Top 9 Best Spy Bluetooth Earpiece In 2021 – Review

Getting a spy Bluetooth earpiece is not really a simple and easy task since there are many requirements that you need to check in the product to make sure it causes no issue during operation. If you are currently looking to buy the best spy Bluetooth earpiece because you haven’t had one or haven’t owned the best one, you will find this article very useful since we will be introducing the top best products on the market now. Keep reading to find out more about the detailed review of each product.

List Of Top 9 Best Spy Bluetooth Earpiece In 2021

#9. SZHTFX Premium Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

SZHTFX Premium Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

What’s special about this earpiece is that it comes with a premium charging case that can rapidly recharge the earpiece and make it operational anytime. Also, it has a highly stable and seamless connection using Bluetooth V5.0 that allows many voices coming in this earpiece sounds very clear without noise. Besides, this earpiece can work up to 3.5 hours continuously, which makes it very outstanding compared to other brands. On top of that, it can be used up to 33ft. range from the connected device.

The company also makes its earpiece completely shockproof and sweat-proof, so it’s perfect for a long active activity. You can also use this to listen to music while hiking or running, too.

Reasons to buy

  • Long service life per full battery charged
  • Comes with a safe charging case
  • Best to use for sport and project operation
  • Can be connected to devices via Bluetooth although from a far distant
  • Product is offered with 12-month hassle-free warranty

Our Verdict

Compared to the well-known brands that supply high-quality earbuds, they are not different from SZHTFX, except this is a lot lower in terms of price. However, you can definitely trust in terms of the quality and service life of this product.

#8. COOMAX C918 Invisible Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

COOMAX C918 Invisible Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

When talking about the best spy earpiece, COOMAX is always one of the most known brands on the market. With this special mode from COOMAX, it works excellently for any operation as it is designed with a tiny size that consumes very little battery. Even so, the sound transmitted to this earpiece is super clear because it receives a single from an inductive loop that roams across the electromagnetic field. Hence, its quality is comparable to any top brands.

On top of that, There are functions such as taking the call or setting the volume built on this product, too. This earpiece can also be connected to any type of phone within a matter of seconds. Also, because it’s very small, you can hide this in your ear very easily without having people notice.

Reasons to buy

  • Tiny size for easy usage and hiding
  • It has a long operational hour
  • Can be connected to any device freely
  • Consume very little energy
  • Microphone can absorb voice perfectly even when the sound is very low in volume

Our Verdict

The smeller the earpiece, the better it is for spy operation as you can hide it well. This product from COOMAX has always been the go-to brand for this, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality and performance.

#7. COOMAX A680 Mini Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

COOMAX A680 Mini Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Moving on, we have another best spy earpiece from COOMAX again. Specifically designed for professional use, this earpiece is what you would need to have for a successful mission/project. Compared to the previous earpiece from this brand, this model at the top 7th is even smaller. Yet, it still performs excellently as it should. And, it uses electromagnetic induction to transmit audio signals, so the sound is stable without noise.

Interestingly, although this earpiece is small, it has very high battery life. While some earphones might last only 3-5hr, this earpiece can remain functional after 8 hours without charging. The small size of it makes it fit in anyone’s ear comfortably. Plus, you can also adjust the volume very easily with this, so you wouldn’t have to worry about communication problems with this earpiece.

Reasons to buy

  • Its size is rated as mini-micro which is very small compared to many other brands
  • Can last up to 8hr per full charge
  • Don’t cause any ear pain
  • Can be used with any mobile phone

Our Verdict

The size of this earpiece makes it very special for a spy operation because it can be hidden easily and comfortably inside your ear canal. It can be set to a high volume, too. Hence, you can always get a clear communication line with your team.

#6. VKBAND Hidden Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

VKBAND Hidden Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Next, we have this highly invisible earpiece from VKBAND. Its famous earpiece model won the market share because of its small anatomical shape design that consumes very minimum power, yet it has the capability to generate very clear sound. And, it can be freely connected to any type of device and operating system.

For your information, you can easily control and set anything for this earpiece by simply doing them on your smartphone. Such features make it ideal to use for surveillance or investigation as no one will notice that you are actually wearing an earpiece. Also, its microphone can absorb your voice very well so that even if you whisper, your partner can clearly hear you without a problem.

Reasons to buy

  • Earpiece designed for simplicity and convenient use
  • Can hide very well in ear canal
  • Able to be connected with any operating system
  • High absorption for voice

Our Verdict

If the size and functions of an earpiece determine how outstanding a product is, this earpiece from VKBAND has all the criteria that make it perfect to be one of the top selections for a spy operation. With this, you can effortlessly communicate with your team without getting anyone’s attention that you’re actually wearing an earpiece.

#5. EZ Generation Smallest Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

EZ Generation Smallest Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Own a smooth operation with this smallest micro wireless earbud from EZ Generation. It’s made with an ergonomic and practical concept for it to be small enough to fit anyone’s ear. On top of this, unlike most earphones that can only be connected to one device, this EZ Generation earbud can actually be connected to 2 devices simultaneously within a distance of 10 range.

This product has a premium quality battery that allows it to last up to 6hr for call and 5hr for playing music consecutively. Moreover, it’s also a feature with a hand-free function where you can set the volume or change or pick up the call easily. If you are not involved in any spy mission, you can also use it for a workout.

Reasons to buy

  • Can be connected to two devices at one time
  • Hands-free operation
  • Long hour battery
  • Comes with 1-year worry free warranty

Our verdict

This earbud is a smart tool for anything you’re doing everyday. From working to relaxing to watching movies or exercising, you can easily connect your smartphone to this earbud and it will perform however you need it to.

#4. NVAHVA Hands-free Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

NVAHVA Hands-free Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Next, we have another hot purchase from NVAHVA. What’s so special about this is that it has the longest service time per full charge, which is up to 10hr for music playtime. None of the products on the market can win this. Furthermore, it is designed carefully by top professionals so that this earbud is not only lightweights, but it’s also ergonomic for long wear of it without feeling burden or pain.

What’s more, the earpiece also has a different earplug size so that you can choose the right one to fit in your ear canal. Last but not least, there’s a multifunction button that you can select any mode of setting for the earbud.

Reasons to buy

  • earpiece can last up to 10hr per full charge
  • very reasonable price
  • has 3 sizes of ear plug for custom fit
  • has multi-function button for quick selection

Our Verdict

While a lot of earphones on this list have a long time operating when the battery is fully charged, NVAHHA is even better since it can stay connected and functional for up to 10 hours. Especially if you’re on standby for investigation or any mission, the battery is long enough for you to complete your work successfully.

#3. New Bee Bluetooth Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

New Bee Bluetooth Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Another highly recommended ear price is from New Bee. With this model, it’s one of a great deal as it will come with 2 units in a pack. Hence, you can always share this with your partner to receive equal amounts of information simultaneously. You can also use the color options between black or white. Moreover, this earpiece is one of the latest products on the market with noise-cancellation technology, so no word will miss in your communication line.

As interesting as those mentioned above, what’s even special is that it can last up to 22hr for music or 24hr for a call or 60 days if you leave it as standby. This feature is super rare among many other brands on the market.

Reasons to buy

  • super long battery life
  • feature noise cancellation technology for clear voice delivery
  • have different color options to choose
  • comes in a set of 2

Our Verdict

New Bee is highly recommended because it is very reasonably priced that anyone could easily afford. All the functions developed in these earpieces make it relevant for almost everything you are going to do everyday. If it’s not used for work, you can still enjoy using it to watch movies or listen to music by connecting to any type of smartphone.

#2. GoNovate Wifi Mini Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

GoNovate Wifi Mini Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Another widely-used spy Bluetooth earpiece in the list is from GoNovate. What’s very useful about this is that it’s in khaki color, which is similar to the skin color. Hence, when you wear that, little does someone else notice that you have an earpiece. On top of that, the earpiece is designed with an ergonomic concept to confirm your ear’s shape. It is offered along with ear tips at all sizes, so the earpiece can fit securely in anyone’s ear. Best yet, the unit can be connected to devices up to 33ft. range in the distance and up to 2 devices simultaneously.

Once a call is in from anyone, you can pick them up with this earpiece. When purchasing this, you will get 2 special magnetic USB charger that you can charge it super-fast. Indeed, if it’s not for a spy mission, GoNavate earpiece is also perfect for exercising or listening to music.

Reasons to buy

  • Can be connected with 2 devices at the same time
  • The color is similar to human skin, so it can hide the earpiece better
  • Comes with 2 magnetic chargers with no extra charge
  • Fit securely with anyone’s ear at any side

Our Verdict

This earbud is designed for professional and personal use. Especially if you’re having a special operation, the long service life allows it to be super important as you can use it to communicate with your team simultaneously with a clear voice coming in and going out.

#1. Plantronics Legend Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Plantronics Legend Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

Finally, the last product which is also the top best product on the list, is from Platronics. The designs of this spy Bluetooth earpiece is nothing like most of the earpieces on the market. Featuring the famous Plantronics signature audio technology, you wouldn’t have to worry about the voice clarity or quality because Plantronics has always been rated as the best one. Moreover, it has the smart sensor technology that allows this headset to be able to answer the call automatically when the call is coming in by simply saying “Ignore” or “Answer.”

Besides, Plantronics has an advanced noise cancellation technology that can eliminate unnecessary noise like wind or background noise so that your voice is clear when speaking to your partner. On top of that, Plantronics is completely water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you’re wearing it to exercise or under the rain.

Reasons to buy

  • Fast charge at 90minute only for a full battery
  • Can answer or ignore call without pressing any button
  • Smart noise cancelling function
  • Has water-resistance property

Our Verdict

If you are tech-savvy and would love any tools to use everyday that revolves around high-tech, this special earpiece from Plantronics will guarantee your ultimate satisfaction. It is not only easy to use, but it’s also very smart when it comes to what the top earpiece should be performing. When you purchase this earpiece, you don’t only get the earpiece; you indeed get a frustration-free package to ensure that there’s no headache or disappointment you will experience after purchasing.


We have pinpointed the top 10 best spy bluetooth earpiece of the year. These goodies are the ultimate picks available for online purchase. So, look no further. Get yours, and you will love it!

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