Discover Top 10 Best Solar Street Lights – Products Review In 2021

With solar street lights, you will be able to brighten the front of your house at night easily. The great thing about solar street lights is that they cost you zero penny on the bill. This type of light will charge themselves during the day and automatically light when the sun goes down. Easy and simple as that. And you will find 10 best solar street lights in our review below. We carefully pick them to ensure just the quality that you can trust, so check them out.

List of Best Solar Street Lights

#10. Outdoor Solar Street Lights With RemoteOutdoor Solar Street Lights With Remote

By: DengMall

Comes with all-in-one design; this is one great solar street light to have in mind. It features the design of solar panels on top of the light that can absorb solar energy and transfer it into electricity. That makes the light looks nice without having the bulky solar panels around it at all. The thing that we like about this solar street light is its long working time. With a full charge during the day, it has enough energy to work up to a few nights. The best part is the PIR motion sensor that makes the light become brighter when it detects motion. Not to mention that automatically turns on at night and turns off at dawn, this light is excellent.

Key Features

  • Quick charging with long lasting battery.
  • Easy and simple to install without and electrical wiring.
  • Self recharging during the day and automatically turns on at night.
  • 90W power with super bright LED light design for great brightness.
  • When the battery is low, the brightness will automatically decrease by 50%.
  • Becomes brighter when detects motion, and becomes dim again when motion is out of detection.

#9. Solar Street Light With 5000 LumensSolar Street Light With 5000 Lumens


If you want the extra-bright solar street light, then this option will be your next favorite. With 200 high quality LED beads in one light, it can illuminate an area about 300 square meters in size. Another awesome thing is that it comes with a built-in 30000mAh large storage battery. That is to provide stable and bright lighting for up to 16 hours on a full charge. On top of that, this solar street light also comes with remote control for easy operation. The remote allows you to adjust the brightness of the light, set timer or auto mode, and more. It is durable and functional, and it is very easy to install. You might want to check it out, this can be the solar street light that you like.

Key Features

  • Durable construction with IP65 waterproof level.
  • Easy to install either mount it on the pole or a wall.
  • 6-8 hours of charging time with 12-16 hours of lighting time.
  • Comes with remote control for easy brightness adjustment and more.
  • Lights up automatically in the dark and turns off in bright light conditions.

#8. Solar LED Street LightSolar LED Street Light


The nice thing about this solar street light is that it comes with a new version battery for more power. It features the new energy vehicles power battery that is safer and more stable than lithium iron phosphate battery. At the same time, it also provides longer working time up to 11 hours in regular mode or 36 hours in dim mode.

Another thing is that it can provide up to 6500K daylight white with its 234 pieces high quality LED beads. This allows the light to brighten up a wide area like your garden, yard, and many more. Plus, with its durable construction from die-cast aluminum frame and high-efficiency solar panels, this is one great choice to choose. You can easily install it on the wall, pole, tree, balcony, and more, don’t forget to check it out.

Key Features

  • Easy and cordless installation and maintenance free.
  • Convenient remote control for easy adjustment and operation.
  • New battery version that is safer and more stable with better performance.
  • Harsh weather resistant with IP65 waterproof, anti-surge, dust-proof, and heat dissipation.
  • Comes with 60 pieces of high quality OSRAM LED chips that produce 6500K brightness.

#7. 80 Watts Outdoor Solar Street Lights80 Watts Outdoor Solar Street Lights

By: Engrepo

With a built-in smart chip, this solar street light can automatically adjust the output power according to battery power. That is to ensure long lighting time at night for you in case there is not enough sunlight during the day. Another great thing is that it has a display that lets you know the remaining power. That way, you can also adjust the brightness of the light based on the battery status as well.

This solar street light comes with 84 high-quality LEDs that can illuminate an area about 1500 square feet. At the same time, its battery can provide up to more than 15 hours of continuous lighting time for you. It also has a built-in photoelectric sensor on a solar panel that will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. This light is tough and durable, and it makes a great outdoor solar street light to have.

Key Features

  • Adjustable angle for more efficient charging and lighting.
  • Die-cast aluminum frame with tempered glass solar panel construction.
  • Long lasting battery life with remaining power display for easy readings.
  • Convenient remote control for easy adjustment with 33 feet range of use.
  • Durable design with IP67 waterproof for protection against a wide range of weather.

#6. Wireless & Waterproof Solar Street LightWireless & Waterproof Solar Street Light

By: highydroLED

When it comes to functional solar street light, this is an option that you should not overlook. This one right here comes with 4 intelligent working modes that you can easily select using the remote. The modes including micro-mode induction, induction mode, always light mode, and emergency light mode. Each mode is useful and functional in its own way, and the performance is amazing. On top of that, this solar street light comes with 180 degrees adjustable joints which is so convenient. The best part is its super-smart detection that can detect up to 120 degrees with its long sensor length. This solar street light is durable and waterproof, and it is very easy to install. Let’s take a look and see if it matches your definition of best solar street lights.

Key Features

  • Durable ABS material with IP65 waterproof level.
  • High sensitive sensor for longer motion detection distance.
  • 4 intelligent working modes with super bright LED lighting.
  • 180 degrees flexible and adjustable angle of up and down to meet different needs.

#5. All-In-One Solar Street LightAll-In-One Solar Street Light

By: Lcamaw

The amazing thing about this solar street light is that it comes with the combination of all-in-one and 4 working modes. It is sleek and compact, and it offers 4 different working modes for you. That is not all; this solar light is also super bright and energy-saving as well which is great. It features up to 48 LEDs that produce 900 lumens to produce the brightness just the way you like.

The great thing is that it can produce both white and warm white light that you can easily choose. At the same time, it can work up to 10 hours at night on a single charge. With such design and functions, you can easily install this solar street light pretty much anywhere you like. Many users like how it performs, and we think you will too.

Key Features

  • Easy and fast to install on either a pole or wall.
  • Super bright LED light with energy saving function.
  • High capacity solar panels with long lasting battery quality.
  • Intelligent motion detection with 180 degrees rotatable angles.
  • Durable ABS material construction with IP65 waterproof to withstand all weather conditions.

#4. LED Parking Lot Solar LightLED Parking Lot Solar Light


Forget about dark yards or parking lots because this one high-quality solar light is going to change that. With its high-quality LEDs that produce up to 26000 lumens, this light is as bright as daylight. On a single charge during the day, it can light up your place from dusk to dawn with great brightness. And just like all of the best solar street lights on this list, this one also turns on and off automatically. It is very easy to install, and it comes with an adjustable slip mount that fits great on standard circular poles. Not to mention its die-cast aluminum with IP65 waterproof design, this is one great solar light to have.

Key Features

  • Great brightness from dusk till dawn.
  • Easy and fast to install with adjustable slip mount.
  • Weather and erosion resistant along with heat dissipation capacity.
  • Durable die-cast aluminum construction with IP65 waterproof level.
  • Powerful and energy efficient LED light that uses just 200 watts of power.

#3. Sleek Solar Street LightSleek Solar Street Light


We like this solar street light for its ability to provide up to 24 hours of lighting on a full charge. That is the longest amount of lighting provision in the list, making it one of the best solar street lights. Another great thing is that it comes with multiple modes that you can easily choose by using the remote. The modes are full bright mode, induction mode, 3/5/8 hours mode, and constant light mode.

Its super bright LED bulbs will together to provide the best performance of each mode for you. And not different from most options here, this one is also very easy to install as well. It comes with an adjustable metal bracket that you can use to install it on the ceiling, walls, ground, and more. This is one great solar street light to have, so don’t forget to check it out.

Key Features

  • Easy to install and control using the remote.
  • Two brightness modes: half-bright and full bright.
  • Starts automatically at dusk and automatically turns off at sunrise.
  • Long lasting battery life that provides more than 24 hours of continuous lighting.

#2. 3-Mode Setting Solar Street Light3-Mode Setting Solar Street Light

By: Solar Light Mart

Comes with 3 modes; this is one unique solar street light to have in mind. Those modes include Green LED indicator, Blue LED indicator, and Red LED indicator. Each mode works differently in various conditions that you can easily set using the remote control. The amazing thing about this light is definitely the brightness that it offers. It features 20 high power LED with lens that will light up the entire night for you. That makes it ideal for a variety of use, such as security and safety lighting, rural area lighting, dock, and more. On top of that, it also offers multiple angle setting as well which is a total plus. You might want to check it out, many users highly recommend this option.

Key Features

  • PIR motion sensor detection with wide range.
  • Adjustable tilt mounting bracket with locking screw for fixed position.
  • High quality battery for enhanced safety, strong thermal stability, and more.
  • Simple and elegant design mounting kit with durability for easy installation.
  • #1. Outdoor Solar LED Post Light

#1. Outdoor Solar LED Post LightOutdoor Solar LED Post Light

By: Sterno Home

Makes both a great decoration and light source, this is one of the best solar street lights to have. The great thing about this light is that it comes with a vibrant 60-Lumen output with warm white LEDs. That is to light up a wide area at night from the street to pretty much any place that you install it. With its vintage design, this retro solar street lamp makes a great compliment on any street. At the same time, it is also durable and weatherproof as well. It looks great and works great, and this is one high quality and stylish solar street light to take into consideration.

Key Features

  • Warm white LED light for bright and welcoming glow
  • Stylish and reliable design with maintenance free function
  • Sturdy cast aluminum construction with black rust resistant finish
  • Energy efficient illumination that provides up to 8 hours of lighting


Using solar street lights is one economical way to light up the street without paying the bill. It is convenient and easy to use, and you will not regret choosing it. Let’s see which one among the best solar street lights above that you like.

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