The 10 Best Smallest Bluetooth Earbuds Reviews – In 2021

Nowadays, almost everyone owns earphones or headphones — usually for the same purpose such as listening to music, receiving calls while driving, or for entertainment. But, if you’re using the wired ones, that will be difficult; especially, if you’re working out, you must choose wireless ones to avoid the earphones from getting tangled, which may cause accidents while you’re running, jumping or any other.

Since there are various types of bluetooth earbud out there, we have narrowed down the selection for you. Here’s a look at the top 10 best smallest Bluetooth earbuds of the year.

#10. EZ Generation Bluetooth Earbuds

EZ Generation Bluetooth Earbuds

This EZ Generation is a wireless bluetooth earbud that has several functions which makes life easier. You can connect the earbuds to any smart device, including smartphones, Ipads, or Laptops. With a single piece attached to your right ear or left, you can contact your friend, family or coworker anytime. This smart device is designed with a single button that can be used to either make or receive a call from someone or play music which is perfect for any of your daily outdoor activity, whether it’s sports-related or not. The range of the network is within 10 meters long for it to work.

The magnetic charging USB is more convenient compared to the plugging method. It’s super light which won’t bother you and make you feel comfortable even if you use it for a long time. Each time you charge, the earpiece will last around 5 to 6 hours while the duration it takes to fully charge is from 20min or 2.5 hours, depending on the chargers you use.

Reason to buy

  • Offers outstanding sound quality
  • Fast charging, only 20min – 2.5h, depending on the chargers
  • Battery life lasts up to 6h
  • There’s only one button for multiple purposes

Our verdict

This small device can be used in any situation based on each user. It also suits for any age to use without worrying and has an easy operating function. With a clear and smooth sound, you can listen and use it for a long time without hurting your heart.

#9. Trogonic TE1 Small Bluetooth Earbuds

Trogonic TE1 Small Bluetooth Earbuds

This Trogonic TE1 has 2 pieces for both of your ears. It’s also waterproof which means it can be protected from damage caused by sweat while working out or any unpredicted rain. This modern technology device can be used both at the same or one at the time. The bluetooth connection is not complicated at all, just take out the earbud and it will connect automatically. There are also functions that prevent noise from the external environment while you play music. The long battery life is up to 7 hours per full battery charge.

Furthermore, the earbud can be charged 4 times more, so you can use it more than a day. There are several size ear caps for adjusting to your ear size, so it’s fitted and won’t fall during any activity. You will also receive a worry-free warranty from the manufacturer of 12 months related to any issue of these Trogonic earbuds.

Reason to buy

  • 6 different sizes for ear caps changing
  • Can use around 7 hour when it’s fully charged
  • Water resistant — either rain or sweat
  • Easy BT connection
  • Nicely fitted
  • The warranty of 12 months

Our verdict

You will feel comfortable while using this wireless connection Trogonic. You can choose to purchase this if you like to do the outdoor activities since it has a waterproof feature which is quite necessary.

#8. AUDIIOO Small Bluetooth Earbuds

AUDIIOO Small Bluetooth Earbuds

AUDIIOO has a suitable size that fits you like a custom-made product. This should be a considerable choice for talking while driving your transportation without touching the phone. There’s a magnet included inside the earbud for the charger without plugging it. The USB port charger will give you a choice to charge it anywhere.

There’s no excessive length like string or earhook to make you feel uncomfortable; once you put it on your ear, you won’t notice its presence as it almost becomes part of you. There’s no problem while connecting to any device as it’s a modern tool that supports all smart devices, either phone or computer.

This AUDIIOO earbud can work up to 8h per charging, and you wait only 1-2 hours for it to charge. If you find any issue with the device, they will exchange you the money back within 30 days. There’s also a 1-year warranty service provided when you purchase the product.

Reason to buy

  • Can be used for a maximum of 8 hours
  • Snuggedly fitted
  • Magnetic and USB charging
  • Up to 30 days for money refund, plus a 1 year warranty
  • Easy to connect to any device with bluetooth within 10m long

Our verdict

AUDIIOO is perfect for using while you’re driving. It uses a short time for charging but provides back 3 or 4 times longer for using. The one button for all functions of on or off, play or pause, and end or pick up call.

#7. iLuv TB100 Black True Small Bluetooth Earbuds

iLuv TB100 Black True Small Bluetooth Earbuds

This pair of earbuds is the product of iLuv, model TB100. Just a single touch, you can either receive or end calls, play or stop the music. You can change the size to fit your ear. There’s no wire to limit the distance and your movement, you can move freely with the range of connection. These smart tools will turn on immediately and connect with the bluetooth when you pull out of the case and automatically turn off after putting it back. There’s a LED light display showing that it’s currently on charging mode.

You also can use one earbud at the time without any problem. Along with the latest updates of technology, there won’t be any trouble with connection to other devices. It also has a protection feature that prevents damage from water or sweat. The quick charging and saving mode helps you enjoy this iLuv for 6hour and due to its earbud instant charging case, you can extend to 14h more.

Reason to buy

  • Instant Bluetooth connection and disconnection
  • Protected from any wet situation
  • Simple double-touch operation
  • Latest updates alert
  • 6 hours of playtime
  • Effortless charging

Our verdict

iLuv Tb100 is a product that you should have as it offers such a superb performance and great quality. They are fast-charging while letting you use the earbuds for the whole day without any interruption.

#6. ENACFIRE E18 Small Bluetooth Earbuds

ENACFIRE E18 Small Bluetooth Earbuds

ENACFIRE E18 provides a good frequency range to your ear with a rich and crisp sound. During the phone call, you’ll hear your partner’s voice loud and clear. It also has noise protection so you could enjoy your music well. It has a strong and steady bluetooth connection. You can charge the earbud inside the case and last for 40h more. The two pieces of E18 can be used individually.

It has a small feature, but enough to fit your ear and secure the place. For that reason, you can work out while enjoying the music at the same time.

If you use E18 for the IOS system, it will last for 8h; for Android users, you can use it for 5h. The 2-month refund and 18-month warranty, it’s the best circumstance for customers.

Reason to buy

  • Water repelled and suited for using along any activity including sleeping
  • Long warranty of 18 months, and a refund within 2 months after purchase
  • Automatically connects after one time of connection
  • Exception sounds delivered
  • Water-resistant
  • Strong BT connection
  • Easy battery charging

Our verdict

ENACFIRE E18 is perfect for using both indoors and outdoors. The earbuds can support any extreme movements without falling off your ear. For a more easy and modern lifestyle, you can choose to purchase this product.

#5. NENRENT S570


For this piece, the level of the overall design is supreme and will satisfy you since the first try. The size and profile are also perfectly built and lightweight, so it won’t move and fit both ears well. It lasts 6 hours long per battery charge of 1h or 2h, for continuous play. The notice light will show on the device when it requires an immediate charge. One button will provide all functions you need for using the earbuds.

While wearing only one side, you still can know about the external environment nearby. Either it’s IOS or Android, S570 doesn’t have any exception if it has a superb bluetooth connection. The one-year free service is also included.

Reasons to buy

  • Receive a warranty that lasts for 1 year
  • Better and stable connection
  • Ultra lightweight
  • One button for all functions
  • Easy to use with one button for all tasks

Our verdict

NENRENT S570 will give you a great deal of use and thanks to its lightweight, you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it at all. And, the warranty will make you feel at ease and save the cost of maintenance that may occur within 1 year after use.

#4. BEBEN X8


This X8 earbud, with a wireless connection, is a top-rated pick from BEBEN. The advanced technology of 5.0 bluetooth makes the device connect quicker and save energy. You can choose to unlock both earpieces or just one, it still works fine. The capacity of the built-in charger box is 30h, so earbuds can be charged 4 times since it lasts 6h long, which is perfect for a short trip.

As the size is portable, this would make it easier for the user to bring along any places. Both the case and earbuds itself can resist water well. This wireless makes your life easier and your body movable, unlike the ones with wire. The sound effect allows you to enjoy fully and immerse yourself well with the melody. The 3 sizes of ear caps give you more possibilities. The manufacturer allows for a 1-year full warranty on quality-related issues.

Reasons to buy

  • Full-year cost-free service
  • Breezy Bluetooth connection
  • 3 ear caps offered
  • The charging earbud case store energy that can be used for at least 2 days long
  • Great sound quality

Our verdict

The 30h battery instant charger provides you a chance to use it for a long time without worry about finding a power source for a while when you’re not at home. It can be worn while taking a shower, and won’t affect the quality.

#3. Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Small Bluetooth Earbuds

Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Small Bluetooth Earbuds

Anker soundcore Liberty Neo is wireless bluetooth earbud with waterproof protection from the outside. The strong connecting ability will stay stable and help you find the previous device fast and connect automatically. This earbud is well designed, so it will stay in place inside your ear no matter how strong the movement you’re making.

The charging compact allows for a 15h extra power on top of the 5h running of their ear tools. The clear and deep sound will offer you an experience of the true feeling of the music.

Reason to buy

  • The bluetooth connection won’t disconnect easily
  • Easy to use, with all the functions you need for earbuds
  • Strong structure that is well fitted with any ear size
  • Extra ear caps for changing
  • 5 hours of run time
  • Dynamic sound quality

Our verdict

This Soundcore product’s performance will live up to your expectation. From the quality of sound and all functions that are provided for the user to process, they all work fine. You also get to enjoy your workout with music and don’t worry if it will malfunction.

#2. Purity Small Bluetooth Earbuds

Purity Small Bluetooth Earbuds

With these earbuds from Purity, whatever activity you will use it for, including phone calls, listening to music or audio, or watching movies, you will get to hear only the exceptional sound, even the background audio quite well. If the already attached earcap is too small or large, you can choose among the 3 that are given.

The fast pairing won’t take a lot of your time. The earbud still works even if you wear only one on the side, just simply press the only multi-purpose button for starting. The charging case will be used for charging for 14 hours total. If you’re worried about perspiration, this model has wet prevention. You will get a full-year warranty for purchasing it.

Reason to buy

  • Quick pairing to your device
  • Can be charged with the case alone
  • Dynamic sound
  • Interchangeable ear caps
  • Great for a number of uses/purposes
  • 1-year warranty

Our verdict

This earbud has only one button, so with a single press, you’ll be able to access an array of settings. The waterproof features will protect your earbud and last for a long time. The sound is pure and clear and will help you relax while listening to it.

#1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Small Bluetooth Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Small Bluetooth Earbuds

You must have heard of Samsung, and this is a lovely product, called Samsung Galaxy Buds. Any part is made from a premium quality material and best in performance. The pair is fast in finding and pairing with other smart devices. With Ambient Aware, you can adjust and prevent the outer noise to a minimum level. If you include the power charging from the compact case charger, the life span will be 13 hours total for galaxy buds. While using this, you don’t have to worry about damaging the product as it’s waterproof.

There’s no concern related to devices connected, Android, or tablet; galaxy Buds will support all. But, that is for IOS, available with voice command only. As it is durable under wet environments like sweat or rain, you can workout freely now. Its small profile will perfectly fit inside your ear like a well-customized product.

Reason to buy

  • Reduce the outside noise
  • Last long battery life
  • Fast BT pairing
  • Good fit in your ear
  • 13 hours of run time
  • Battery rechargeable from the case
  • Water prevention

Our verdict

Samsung Galaxy Buds provide such a better sound quality which suits any user in any situation. With this wireless device, you’re no longer worried about the messy wire or limited movement.


As we had listed above, the 10 products above have the best quality and are famous among consumers. You can also use our recommendations as a reference for purchase one later to prevent any wrong purchase and end up spending on something more complicated and low quality.

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