Top 9 Best Shiatsu Full Back Massagers In 2021 – Products Review

Nowadays, many people are experiencing frequent aches and back pain every day. This is due to the lack of proper body posture, overstraining the use of back muscles, and, of course, because of our constant need to work and do other daily activities. Back pains come with a lot of discomforts which is why massages are very much needed to lessen the pressure and burden we put into our back. However, not everyone has the time to go get a massage every now and then, this is why with our modern technology we can now enjoy massages anywhere and anytime with the development of back massagers. Here are some of the best shiatsu full back massagers recommended for your lifestyle.

List of 9 Best Shiatsu Full Back Massagers of 2021

#9. HoMedics Elite Full Back Massager

HoMedics Elite Full Back Massager

These shiatsu massagers will help release all the tensions you feel in your back muscles with the best massages possible. It is equipped with circular kneading massage nodes with optional heating technology. The massagers have two massage modes. The kneading shiatsu option is for those who prefer to have a deep muscle relieving massage. The other option is the rolling massage, which provides the user with a soft, gentle, and relaxing massage. The nodes from these massagers can either travel up along the back and back down or in a circular kneading motion. Moreover, this shiatsu back massager also has optional heating selections for the users to easily relax the body tensions and create healing energy and better blood flow.

The users of this shiatsu massager can easily customize the massager to concentrate and pinpoint one particular area or have the massager to work on the lower back area, upper back area, or a full back massage.

Reasons to Buy

  • Heating technology.
  • Optional massaging options
  • Customize body massage area

Our Verdict

The HoMedics Elite Massager is a great product with effective and helpful functions and technology. It is helpful and convenient for those with busy lifestyles.

#8. Silvox Folding Full Back Massager

Silvox Folding Full Back Massager

This massaging product has many great functions and features, making it one of the most suitable massagers to have stored at home. The design of this product is with the intent to allow homeowners to have a more spacious home while owning a competent massager, which is why the massager is designed with foldable features. Simply set up the massager chair within 10 seconds, then lock the safety pins into place and retract them for later use. Besides this, the massager chair is also equipped with three vibration levels and heating functions to add to the deep kneading tissue massages. The massager can provide tensions relieving massage for areas such as the neck, waist, shoulders, upper and lower back.

This heavy-duty massager is able to support up to 400lbs and the backrest can be easily adjusted to the user’s preference. It is also equipped with features such as overheating protection and an auto shut-off timer.

Reasons to Buy

  • Foldable storage design.
  • Vibration and heat settings function.
  • Great additional features.

Our Verdict

The durable and creative design of this massager chair, not only the product provides the users with great features and functions, it also allows users to have a stress-free and relaxing time relieving body tensions with its functions and equipped technology.

#7. Gideon 3D Full Back Massager

Gideon 3D Full Back Massager

Gideon’s portable and efficient massager is a convenience massaging product for people who tend to move around a lot or have a busy schedule. It is also equipped with an optional heating system to provide a gentle and warm sensation during the massage and can be easily controlled through the on and off switch. With 14 equipped nodes, the massager product will be able to effectively release tensions in the muscles, penetrate tissues, and mimic a professional therapist hand massage. With this product, it is powered when it is plugged into an energy outlet source such as a car plug or ac outlet and features an auto-off switch within 15 minutes.

The portable massager will give proper and calming massages for the entire back and can be suitable to use with shoulders and waist as well. This product is also to relocate and fits many place settings.

Reasons to Buy

  • Portable product design.
  • Functions effectively with great features.
  • Suitable for use at any time and any place.

Our Verdict

Reinvigorates your body and energy with a calming and relaxing massage with this comfortable and portable massager wherever and whenever you please. This massager can be used in many place settings, whether it is at home, at work, or even when commuting in the car.

#6. Best Choice Products Full Back Massager

Best Choice Products Full Back Massager

As for this massager from Best Choice Products, it is a product with plentiful features to enhance the quality of the massage. One of its best features is the air compression, the massager is equipped with inflated airbags which contribute a relaxing massage for areas surrounding the waist and the thighs. This massager also features fantastic massaging modes to adjust to the user’s massaging style. With the 2D mode, users can experience the massage nodes moving outward and inward to create a muscle relieving massage, whereas the 3D option allows the users to have a deep kneading massage milking those from a professional.

It is also equipped with a vibrating seat, heating function, and massages area selection for a massage on a specific area or rolling massage. Moreover, this massager can also be adjusted to provide comfort to the user.

Reasons to Buy

  • Air compression functioning massage.
  • Wide range of massaging settings.
  • Great features and adjustable.

Our Verdict

This air compression massager is a product with great performance for people who suffer from constant backaches and feel strong tensions in their body with other beneficial functions to enhance its massaging quality.

#5. TISSCARE Neck and Full Back Massager

TISSCARE Neck and Full Back Massager

To enjoy a healthy and relaxing time away from stress and build up tensions in muscles, it is a good idea to spend time using the massager from TISSCARE. This massager provides high technology functions, including three-speed modes for massage areas including, the neck, shoulders, legs, and full-back area. The massager is also made from premium quality and breathable mesh with PU leather to provide a comfortable feel for the users. In addition to the comfort, the material also helps to distribute heat throughout the massager more effectively. Using bi-directional nodes, the massager is able to utilize its 8 massage nodes more efficiently and create an even more pleasant time.

The shiatsu back massager has several protections, such as the overheating protection function and the 15 minutes auto off-switch. There is a 30 days warranty for every purchase of this shiatsu full body massager.

Reasons to Buy

  • Functional speed and heated massager.
  • Made from great materials.
  • Warranty over product.

Our Verdict

Enjoy a relaxing time with this comfortable and unique massager, get rid of all your muscle tensions easily wherever you are, at any time with the stimulating massage nodes and functional features.

#4. NURSAL Full Back Massager with Cushion

NURSAL Full Back Massager with Cushion

Feeling pain and tensions throughout your whole body, but not having enough time to go for a massage? Try out this amazing massager which possesses the same qualities and effects as what the traditional massage has. It can be operated with a normal massage with the 3D rotating nodes penetrating the muscle tissue to relax the body muscle or have the nodes travel up and then down the back. In addition to operating the massaging style, users can also choose to have the nodes spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise at their own wish. The massagers also have 3 levels of vibration to enhance massaging quality and heating function as well.

Make the shiatsu massager performs any of its modes to your need at home and even during your commute in the car with the adapter provided with the massager.

Reasons to Buy

  • Adjustable modes and speed.
  • Equipped with 3D rotating nodes.
  • Suitable for home and car use.

Our Verdict

Keep yourself healthy and your body free of tension, the massager for NURSAL is here to help you achieve the goal effectively and conveniently using its advanced technology features and customized settings.

#3. Snailax Shiatsu Full Back Massager

Snailax Shiatsu Full Back Massager

The Snailax shiatsu massager for neck and back is equipped with massage nodes that will efficiently massage in three zones, the upper back, lower back, and a full back massage. This massager also provides an excellent massage for the neck with its four nodes. The massaging nodes can perform spot massage which will concentrate and pinpoint one specific area or a rolling massage for a full back massage. Optional heating is provided with this product to help circulate blood flow, ease muscle tensions and an intensity control option for adjustable intensity levels.

The massager is suitable for those with a height between 1.6 meters to 1.8 meters tall. It is a well-rounded product with an integrated strapping feature for the massager.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great for back and neck massages.
  • Comes with operational functions and features.
  • Included with a strapping system.

Our Verdict

The shiatsu full back massager from Snailax offers many great features and functions that are fundamental as an effective massager. Relax and release your back muscle tensions, feel the lightness of your body with a helping hand from this well received massaging product.

#2. Snailax Full Back Massager

Snailax Full Back Massager

The Snailax massage cushion has integrated massage nodes and heating cushion to provide a relaxing and calming massage. The massage nodes are responsible for massaging the area in the upper back, the lower back, and can also operate as a full back massage. The four deep-kneading nodes are able to travel up and down the back as well as concentrate on massaging one specific area. This massager also includes a vibration function which allows the seat to vibrate while the back is being massaged to give a full body and comforting massage with three different intensity levels.

This full back massager is made with luxury leather that has a soft, smooth mesh cover as the finishing touch to provide comfort and distribute heat more effectively. It is also possible to make adjustments to the height of the massager to fit the user’s body.

Reasons to Buy

  • Equipped with deep muscle kneading massage nodes.
  • Have functional features and performance.
  • Made to customize to the user’s needs.

Our Verdict

Reward yourselves from a hard day from work or other activities and take care of your body with a calming and healthy massage with this well made and designed product full with beneficial and effective functions.

#1. Zyllion Full Back and Neck Massager

Zyllion Full Back and Neck Massager

As for this full back massager, it is certain to relieve tense and sore muscles incredibly well. The massager is equipped with powerful performing features such as the 3D massage nodes which is able to perform deep kneading massage well and the nodes will also be automatically changing kneading direction. Moreover, the massager also has advanced functional heating technology to help make the blood flow better and ease tensions effectively. The massager can be used to massage the neck, thighs, abdomen, upper, and lower back conveniently.

The design of this massager is an ergonomic pillow massager with compact function for easy portability and uses on every occasion, at work, home, or during a trip. It has a safety function which will automatically stop the motor when it exceeds the working temperature.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great features for a massager.
  • Suitable for many body parts.
  • Safety function included.

Our Verdict

This shiatsu full back massager is complete with a compact design and is equipped with great for relieving the sore tensions in the body and provides comfort and portability for the users.


Back pain really brings a lot of discomfort and distraction throughout the whole day. Tackle this handful problem with a nice, relaxing massage from one of the best shiatsu full back massagers.

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