The 9 Best Roller Skates for Kids You Should Buy In 2021

Are you looking for roller skates for kids? Enjoyed by many people, especially youngsters, roller skating is undeniably true that roller skating offers several benefits. Not only does it bring the fun and exhilarating moments and experiences, but it is also suitable for health as it helps burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and improve your overall balance. In fact, many people believe that one of the best stress-reliefs for all ages is to go roller skating. Moreover, it is also a great way that allows us to socialize too. Considering all these benefits, many parents start to allow their children to learn how to roller skate at a young age. Therefore, in this article, our team would like to recommend all parents nine best roller skates for kids. Each pair of roller skates will be accompanied by a detailed description along with reasons to buy and our verdict.

List of The 9 Best Roller Skates for Kids In 2021

#9. FireStar Roller Skates for Kids from Roller DerbyFireStar Roller Skates for Kids from Roller Derby

To begin with, we have a pair of roller skates called FireStar from Roller Derby. This one here is designed for little girls. Roller Derby offers four beautiful colors, including white/pink, pink camo, purple/black/mint, and white/mint. Plus, this is a lightweight roller skate, designed with a power strap and laces that will fit your little girls’ feet perfectly. The uppers and the collar of the skates are padded with cushion to ensure comfortability.

FireStar has 54-millimeter urethane wheels, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. And, if your kids are beginners, they can try skating with these skates on the carpet inside the house first before rolling on hard floors. They may also take skating lessons at the roller rink or nearby park.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Attractive colors for girls
  • Lightweight and smooth rolling
  • Great comfort
  • Great use for both indoor and outdoor

Our Verdict

Roller Derby’s FireStar roller skates are specially designed for young girls to roll and glide with confidence. With the laces up, the strap fastened, and the padded collar, these skates will give your little girls stay fit and improve their balance and agility.

#8. Xino Sports Roller Skates for KidsXino Sports Roller Skates for Kids

Now, let us take a look at roller skates from Xino Sports. These are unisex skates, meaning that they are suitable for both girls and boys since there are basically two colors – black which is preferred by boys and pink which is mostly preferred by girls.

Besides, these skates feature double threading that is thick enough to reinforce seams. The clasps are made of high-quality plastics. Moreover, they have polyurethane wheels that ensure smooth and swift glide. The wheels also come with built-in LED lights, making them look cooler when rolling.

These skates have thicker padding than many other skates, so kids tend to find them more comfortable to wear as well. They can enjoy rolling for hours without having any pain. And, your kids can use these skates for both indoor and outdoor. Xino Sports skates make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High quality
  • Thicker padding makes it more comfortable
  • Wheels with illuminating LED lights
  • Smooth glide

Our Verdict

Xino Sports roller skates are made of high-grade materials and, thus, will also bring the best experience for your kids as well. You will get a lifetime of US-based customer support. In addition to this, Xino Sports offers a 60-day full refund if you do not love the skates.

#7. Jojo Siwa Roller Skates for Kids from Circle SocietyJojo Siwa Roller Skates for Kids from Circle Society

Moving on, we have these roller skates here called Jojo Siwa from Circle Society, which offers two eye-catching styles, such as Jojo Party in Pink and Jojo rainbow. These skates are special because they are adjustable, perfect for growing kids. They feature a push button that will adjust to the size of the feet. And Jojo Siwa is built from synthetic leather and dual front brakes, which make them very safe and durable to use.

Moreover, they also feature 54mm urethane wheels along with a sealed bearing that allows smooth rolling both indoor and outdoor. In addition, these roller skates are recommended for kids whose age is around 5 to 14 years old.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Adjustable size
  • Cool-looking style
  • Dual front brakes make it easy to stop at anytime
  • Safe and durable
  • Smooth gliding

Our Verdict

Jojo Siwa roller skates are safe and comfortable to use. Your kids can roll for hours and more importantly, these stylish roller skates will stay with your kids for many years.

#6. Infinity Skates Roller Skates for KidsInfinity Skates Roller Skates for Kids

If you are looking for other adjustable sizing roller skates for your kids, then we would like to recommend Infinity Skates. These skates can be adjusted to fit four different sizes. Unlike many other skates that have an external adjustable system, the adjustment system of Infinity Skates is built inside. To adjust the size, you just need to turn a lever located on the back of the boot. Besides, these skates use urethane wheels that allow smooth skating experience on both outdoor and indoor surfaces such as on the rink, streets, sidewalks, inside the house, etc. Infinity Skate is also perfect for new beginners.

What’s more is that you can choose between seven vibrant colors and unique styles of roller skates, such as glitter blue (Blue Blast), glitter red (Cherry Cruise), glittery purple (Go Go Grape), glitter lime green (Tutti Frutti Twist), glitter light purple (Bubblegum Bounce), glitter pink (Strawberry Slide), and black (Cola Roller).

Reasons to Buy:

  • Best for beginners
  • Seven options of colors and styles
  • Adjustable size
  • The internal adjustment system will not make your boots look awkward and ugly.

Our Verdict

Infinity Skates are adjustable sizing types of roller skates, designed for both young boys and girls who grow fast. These will make a valuable gift for your kids on their birthday and Christmas.

#5. Chicago Skates – Purple Roller Skates for KidsChicago Skates - Purple Roller Skates for Kids

Next, we would like to recommend another high-quality roller skate from Chicago Skates. These skates are made of nylon and plastic. Like the previous one, these are also adjustable sizing skates to accommodate growing feet. Similarly, you can adjust these to four full sizes; however, the system is different. With this one, you need to push a button. Chicago Skates come in purple color, which is mostly preferred by girls. These are designed for beginners as they could stay with your child for many years.

Moreover, they have built-in brakes at the toe, making it reliable and safe to stop. They are also accompanied by a hi-top silhouette, padded collar, and two buckles for great comfort. Plus, they have 60mm composite wheels, so your kids will roll it smoothly indoors and outdoors.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Adjustable sizing skates
  • Durable and reliable
  • Toe brakes
  • Extra comfort
  • Smooth roll and glide

Our Verdict

Chicago Skates has been one of the leading brands in the roller-skating industry for more than a hundred years and continues to gain more trust from customers. You will be offered a one-month limited warranty once you buy these amazing skates.

#4. Chicago Roller Skates for Kids – Blue/SilverChicago Roller Skates for Kids – BlueSilver

Chicago Skates also offers an alternative to the previous one. These roller skates come in blue and silver colors, so they are preferred by both boys and girls. The quality is the same as the previous one. They are great for both indoor and outdoor uses. These skates are quad skates that also have an adjustable sizing system. You can adjust to four sizes by pushing the button. These skates are durable indeed. They will last for many years, so you do not have to worry about having to change them year after year. Nylon mesh was used inside the booth to make it more breathable and comfortable to wear.

Moreover, you will also find silhouettes, padded collars, and secure buckles too. The wheels are 60mm composite with speed bearings. These roller skates use designed toe breaks that are safe and reliable.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Reliable and safe, especially with the toe breaks
  • For both indoor and outdoor
  • Adjustable size
  • The padded collar makes it more comfortable to wear

Our Verdict

Chicago Skates is proud to offer a quality guarantee for its roller skates. You will receive a 30-day limited manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase these.

#3. Roller Derby Roller Skates for KidsRoller Derby Roller Skates for Kids

Now, we want to introduce another version of Roller Derby’s roller skates. This version offers two alternatives of color, including black/red and blue/orange. These skates are particularly designed for growing young boys. The size is, of course, adjustable, so there is no need to change year after year. You can adjust up to 4 sizes with the push of a button. Although there are no laces to tie, your boys will feel comfortable and super fit with their feet because of the buckles.

Furthermore, these buckles actually make it easier and quicker for them to use. These skates also come with supportive boots and thick padding, making it comfy. On top of that, these lightweight roller skates use 54mm urethane wheels and two toe breaks (one on each boot). Moreover, carbon bearings are also used for a smooth roll. These skates are not only popular amongst beginners but also older skaters as well.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Durable and safe
  • Four adjustable sizes
  • Uses secure buckles and no annoying laces
  • Comfortable and supportive padding
  • Lightweight and smooth rolling

Our Verdict

Roller Derby skates are ideal for growing boys who love skating. Not to mention the fact that they will last for many years, the design of these skates is also brilliant for your boys.

#2. Otw-Cool Roller Skates for KidsOtw-Cool Roller Skates for Kids

Our list would not be completed without roller skates from Otw-Cool. Otw-Cool offers roller skates for both girls and boys. There are three options of colors, such as pink (mostly preferred by girls), pink & black, and vibrant blue. These roller skates have adjustable size, ideal for growing kids.

More importantly, the adjustment system is pretty easy and can be done by oneself with just the press of a button. The skates come with 8 urethane wheels that will illuminate colorful lights when rolling or skating. The built-in LED lights do not use batteries. On top of the boots, you will find soft padded collars that are made to provide comfort for your child.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Wheels with LED lights
  • Adjustable size
  • Secure buckles, strap, and laces
  • Pressure reduction

Our Verdict

Roller Derby is known for its high-quality and high-performance roller skates. They also truly care about customer experience; therefore, you will be offered a replacement or a refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

#1. Roller Derby Roller Skates for Kids Trac StarRoller Derby Roller Skates for Kids Trac Star

Last but not least, we have Roller Derby Girl’s Trac Star which comes in two colors: blue/white/pink and pink/mint. Needless to say, the quality of this version is pretty much the same as other Roller Derby’s skates. These are also adjustable skates. However, this design does not have any laces. Instead, they use Cam-lever buckles which are more convenient for children to use.

Other than this, the 54mm urethane wheels and the carbon bearings are two main features that contribute to the smooth-roll experience. Besides, they also have padded liner and tongue that make it comfortable and fit.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Extra comfortable and convenient
  • No laces to tie
  • Adjustable size
  • Safe and durable

Our Verdict

Roller Derby is committed to providing a great quality of roller skates for kids. Besides having safety features, these skates are also worth your investment, too, since the shoe size is adjustable.


In conclusion, above are the nine best roller skates for kids. They have been narrowly selected based on their quality and customers’ feedback. Moreover, they are sold at guaranteed, affordable prices. Roller skating offers lots of health benefits and they are indeed great for young children. Therefore, all parents should check the list above and check one out for their children.

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