Top 10 Best Right Angle Drills Review In 2021

Are you the type of person that loves doing DIY or cannot stay still when anything around your house needs to be fixed? If you are, we would suggest you get the tools that can accompany you well in completing all of these works.

In this article, we would give you top 10 best right angle drills that are utmost comfortable and convenient to easily fit into hard to reach spaces. Compared to your old standard corded drills, you will be amazed to see how they can help you with your tasks.

List of The 10 Best Right Angle Drills of 2021

#10. Makita XAD02Z Cordless Angle Drill

Makita XAD02Z Cordless Angle Drill

This drill is well known for its manufacturing in Japan. This is the best choice of drill when you need to drill in a tight space. You will be amazed by how effective it could work. The sharp spades allow you to cut through objects super fast. You can also take control over the drilling speed. In addition, you will have no problem holding it since the screw in the handle is made conveniently for users to grip and it is lightweight. It is a perfect tool for an electrician or a cabinet maker to drill spots in a tight space.

This drill helps you save a lot of battery since it only requires one battery for a full day. We are certain that you will be happy to see how this drill can perform so much better from what you expected before buying it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Cordless 3/8″ Angle Drill
  • weighs only 4.0 lbs
  • 3/8″ keyless chuck makes it convenient for a quick installation and removal
  • Variable speeds from 0-1,800 RPM

Our Verdict

This Makita XAD02Z Angle Drill will be your number 1 go every time you need to drill whether it is an assembly work, framing, or installation in a tight space or close-quarters applications.

#09. Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill with LED Light

Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill with LED Light

This drill provides the smoothest power drilling, and the direction of this drill is also reversible. By purchasing this drilling, you will receive a full set of a complete grip, key holder, and chuck key. Another great thing about this drill is that it has built-in shockproof. In addition, it is very lightweight which weighs only 3.1 lbs. It has a compact design for convenient use that can perform very well between framing studs or other limited space. This drill is very powerful and will allow you to drill through a tough object with no problems.

You can also control the drilling speed at a fast or slow speed, depending on the types of materials you are drilling. For practical one-hand operation, this drill comes with a paddle switch so that you can easily fasten or slow down the drilling speed.

Besides, if you want to tighten or loosen the chuck, you have to use the chuck key for safety use. To make this drilling last long for users, it integrates a ball bearing construction.

Reasons to Buy

  • Variable speed from 0 to 2,400 RPM
  • Able to cut through wood, metal, stud and other surface
  • Built-in L.E.D. light to brighten the work area in the dark
  • Optional side grip for a better leverage

Our Verdict

With this powerful Makita DA3010F Right Angle Drill, your workpiece will always be done perfectly no matter how hard the objects you want to cut through. You can always entrust your work with this drill.

#08. Bosch Right Angle Drill

Bosch Right Angle Drill

This drill is very lightweight and weighs only 2.75 pounds. The soft-grip handle is designed to make a secure grip and guarantee that it will not slip easily from your hand. Some drilling tools give users a headache because they do not have a braking system, however, with this drilling model, it comes with a motor brake so you can easily pause, resume, or stop drilling at the exact moment you want to. Also, this drill comes with a variable speed trigger so that you can perfectly adjust the drilling performance to the speed that is needed for your objects.

This drill has 5 different pivoting heads, ranging from 45-degrees to 180-degrees; thus, you will be able to get through any tight areas or corners. Another extra and useful function of this drill is that it has 2 light bulbs attached, making it very practical and efficient when working in dark places.

Reasons to Buy

  • This drill has improved into an ergonomically design
  • Provides 1,300 RPM
  • 3/8-Inch auto lock chuck
  • Keyless chuck design

Our Verdict

This Bosch Right Angle Drill definitely worth every buck because it is very powerful, super handy and solidly built compared with other cordless screwdrivers. The 3/8-inch auto lock chuck only requires simple replacements for many varieties of applications, making it very convenient for users.

#07. DEWALT Right Angle Drill Adapter

DEWALT Right Angle Drill Adapter

This right angle drill is compatible to pair with either corded or cordless drills. It is also usable with most drills. A very significant thing about this drill is that it is very durable that it can last 2 times longer than other drills. You can also use this tool with impact drill bits. The direction of how to use this drill is very simple. First, start by tightening this adapter with the chuck. You will now immediately get access to easily reach tight and limited spaces, for example, inserting screws in small spaces or in the corner.

The drill unit spins 360 degrees, so when you need to transfer the power to the right angled, you need to use both hands. One side is to hold the adapter steadily until the screw starts diving into the attachment, and the other side is to power the drill. We can assure you that it works exactly like what you see in its advertisement.

Reasons to Buy

  • Weight- 5.6 ounces
  • Value for money
  • Very simple and fast to change bits
  • Great price with high performance

Our Verdict

This DEWALT Drill Adapter home depot will be a great complement to increase the productivity of your everyday used drill, and would not cost too much of your money compared to the other tools that can perform this well.

#06. DEWALT 20V MAX RCordless Drill

DEWALT 20V MAX RCordless Drill

This cordless drill will provide you a wide range of applications. It has dual speed ranges, ranging between 0-600 and 0-2000 RPM. With these speed adjustments, you can increase or decrease flexibility and strength, depending on what types of objects you are drilling. It is designed with a compact front to back; thus, you will easily get your work done even if it is in a place that is hard to reach. Another favorable design of this drill is that it comes with a multi-grip trigger so that users can comfortably perform their tasks in a tight space.

Another great feature to ensure that users will never get tired of using it is the lightweight design that will not add another burden when performing intense work for longer periods. It is very powerful that it can drill through hard objects, for example, tiles, brick, or cement. This drill also incorporates to protect an environment by using a qualified charger, unlike other drills.

Reasons to Buy

  • Ideal for your DIY works or chores
  • Convenient to be portable anywhere
  • Very sturdy and practical
  • Easy to operate
  • Plenty of torque and power to boot

Our Verdict

With this good performance Dewalt Cordless Drill, you will always be confident about any tasks. You will never doubt whether or not it is capable of screw drives and hole drills or any projects around your house. You will now start using this drill for everything since it is built in very good control and have plenty of power and is guaranteed to meet your needs.

#05. Milwaukee M18 Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee M18 Right Angle Drill

This cordless right angle drill is well known for its durability and capability in performing many tasks. The head of this drill is made in a good length that allows you to work freely in a tight space. The ratcheting chuck has a length of 3/8 inches. Another thoughtful consideration of this drill is that it comes with 11 settings and drill modes. It also has a reverse and forward switch.

With all of these modes, you can conveniently adjust and take complete control when working. To provide an even better experience for users, this drill has extended the handle for a multi-position usage.

Another great function of this drill is that it has built-in LED lights, so there will be no problems whether you have to work in dark areas or night time. Last but not least, to not put too much weight for users, the battery is attached at the bottom of the drill.

Reasons to Buy

  • Not excessively heavy
  • No problems with the chuck loosening
  • A very sturdy and good grip
  • Can be used reversible (clockwise and counterclockwise applications)
  • No buzzing sound

Our Verdict

This slim version design of Milwaukee drill has a good battery life and good balance. It will be a very wonderful and thoughtful gift for your father, husband, or brother, so they will have a great tool to assist them in getting things done as they want.

#04. Linkstyle Universal Socket Power Drill Adapter

Linkstyle Universal Socket Power Drill Adapter

This is a very professional drilling gadget. The size made it very easy for you to carry around, so you can bring it anywhere whether you are planning for house maintenance, construction, manufacturing, or other industries. It is specialized in performing a difficult task because this drill has a self-adjustment that can fit any standard socket’s size and shape. Another great thing about this drill is that it has chosen high carbon steel; thus, the quality of this drill is guaranteed to be rust-free.

Your jobs can quickly get done because it will attach quickly to most screws, lag screws, hooks, bolt heads, and many more. In addition, to make it even more convenient in reaching a space that is tight, the right angle has been designed into 105 degrees. It can also connect with an electric drill.

Reasons to Buy

  • Unique design
  • Multi-function with good hardness
  • Stainless steel material
  • Lightweight and easy to be portable

Our Verdict

You can always return this drill back if you do not like it after 30 days. However, we believe that you will love this drill a lot and never hesitate to get another one for your friends or family after you get one and see its powerful and high strength quality of this drill.

#03. DEWALT 20V MAX Right Angle Drill

 DEWALT 20V MAX Right Angle Drill

This right angle drill has a dual-speed ranging from 0-650 and 0-2000 rpm. This speed capacity is the most essential criteria to evaluate whether or not the drill can get your full attention. This drill weighs only 3.25 pounds that will not make users feel the burden of the heavyweight. It is very durable and flexible, making it the best companion to assist you in performing your tasks whether it is in a large space or small limited space that is hard to reach.

The multi-grip trigger makes it convenient for users to hold and make sure it will not slip or cause any injury when working.

Reasons to Buy

  • Work essentials
  • Well-built
  • Easy to handle
  • Suitable for both drilling and screwing works

Our Verdict

This drilling tool works extremely well compared with the traditional drilling machine. Even if it is a little bit bigger (generous size) than other drills, it is highly capable of completing all the heavy-duty missions without any problems.

#02. Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment Kit

Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment Kit

This drill attachment kit is very easy to use and beautifully made. It is cordless, thus it allows you to reach into a space that is difficult to reach or in the corner, so you will have no problems drilling the holes or driving the screws. Another great feature of this drill is that it can lock in multiple positions and easily rotate from one side to the other.

The hex chuck comes with a brass ring, making it convenient for you to just simply pull it for a release. The handle is also made adjustable, allowing users to work conveniently with no issue. You can now start your heavy-duty works with this drill.

Reasons to Buy

  • Excellent cost effective
  • Strong corrosive for long life time
  • High quality gear
  • Suitable to pair with standard 1/4 inch hex accessories

Our Verdict

This drilling kit is extremely useful and super handy that will leave you no problems fitting into a compact area whenever you want to do a renovation or run a conduit. You will be very impressed with its fantastic performance.

#01. DEWALT Right Angle Attachment – Impact Ready

DEWALT Right Angle Attachment - Impact Ready

This drill is recognized to be one of the best quality and useful drills. It is made from premium quality material. Thus, it is durable and can last for years. This drill comes with 1 right angle attachment. It is very specialized for impact drivers work that makes it convenient for users whether they are drilling or driving. The magnetism is engineered for fastener retention.

Reasons to Buy

  • Suitable to attach with either cordless drills or impact drivers
  • High performance and accessibility
  • Compact and robust
  • Fast speed delivery

Our Verdict

With DEWALT impact ready right angle attachment, you will be able to perform your tasks very well since its functionality is designed to enhance user’s experience and let them enjoy doing their work without having to feel discomfort or hand fatigue.


In short, all of these recommended right angle drills will be a great solution for your regular awkward drills that may cause you to harm if you do not pay full attention or take extra precautions. It is time to get one of these added to your current gadgets collection.

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