Top 10 Best Nail Drill Machines In 2021 – Review

Nail drill machines are responsible for many jobs related to nails, including cutting, pedicure, and manicure. With the machine, you are allowed to enjoy both the style and health at the same time. So, to learn more about these best nail drill machines, please go through our reviews of the top 10 best products below.

List of Top 10 Best Nail Drill Machines In 2021

#10. SCOBUTY Multi-functional Nail Drill MachinesSCOBUTY Multi-functional Nail Drill Machines

First of all, we have this nail drill machine from SCOBUTY. It features a multifunctional design, which includes 6 drills and nylon wheels in the package. The set is to accommodate the demand for a variety of functions, such as polishing, shaping, and filing the nails. Users can start the operation easily simply by plugging the cable to get it ready.

The nail drill is made from an aluminum body which promotes an even heat distribution. This enables it to have a long-lasting working life. Moreover, the operation is smooth and quiet without any distracting vibration to disturb you. What’s more, it also offers a comfortable grip to make it easy to carry.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Small and compact in size.
  • Smooth operation without any vibrations.
  • Responsible for nail shaping and polishing.
  • Long lasting aluminum construction.

Our Verdict

With SCOBUTY’s nail drill machine, the health of your nails are guaranteed to the best in both presence and future.

#9. Tomight Compact Nail Drill MachinesTomight Compact Nail Drill Machines

Next, the nail drill machine set from Tomight includes up to 11 items inside. They include 11 pieces of 11 drill bits to collaborate with 5 other sanding bands as well as a nail brush to help you with the nail cutting, shaping, and polishing job. It is also ideal if you need to do gel removal.

With the most advanced chip design, the thermal performance is guaranteed for long hour usage. It is also compatible with high rotating speed, which can withstand the tough task for up to 1 hour. After it runs out of power, you can recharge it with a power bank using the USB cable provided.

Best yet, the speed of this nail drill machine is adjustable between 16000 and 20000 rpm. The rotating directions of the machine include both forward and backward directions.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Offers 11 in 1 function.
  • Rechargeable by a power bank.
  • Speed range: 16000RPM – 20000RPM.
  • Operated with low noise and heat.

Our Verdict

Tomight is dedicated to giving you a fully satisfying experience with the nail polishing and gel removal jobs with this nail drill machine.

#8. Ejiubas Portable Nail Drill MachinesEjiubas Portable Nail Drill Machines

This nail drill machine from Ejiubas is also worth taking into consideration. There are 6 pieces of professional items in this nail drill machine set. The 6 heads are provided for you to replace after a short period of time. Moreover, the edges are made to be smooth and powerful, so that it works well with acrylic nails as well as gel polish. The set is designed for both home use and salon business.

The machine is designed with high precision and torque, and it also features low heat and vibration during the operation. The speed range is seen between 3000 and 30000RPM. To top it off, there is also a foot mode if you need to work with your feet.

With an ergonomic body, it saves you a lot of space for storage. This is also convenient when it comes to working time.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Includes 6 heads for replacement.
  • Offers smooth edges to collaborate with nail polish tasks.
  • Speed range: 3000 and 30000RPM.

Our Verdict

Ejiubas excels at designing an effective nail drill machine and heads in order to offer you with both beauty and healthiness for the nails.

#7. Tesoky Aluminum Alloy Nail Drill MachinesTesoky Aluminum Alloy Nail Drill Machines

Tesoky also offers us one of the best nail drill machines on the market. It comes with elegant gray color, and therefore, it is compatible with your nail art tool collection. It is upgraded to be more professional, which includes 6 drill bits, 5 manicure bits, and 6 sanding bands inside. The set is for a variety of tasks, such as polishing, manicure, and cuticle removal.

The drill machine is built from aluminum alloy, and the surface is polished to be resistant to scratches and slipping. With a lightweight design of only 2.5 ounces, the set is ideal for outdoor and traveling. It is made with a high tech design with a great rotation and vibration speed. The speed is customizable between 0 and 20000RPM.

For your info, the rotation direction includes both forward and reverse directions.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Professional set includes sanding bands, drill bits and manicure bits.
  • Portable and lightweight set for travel use.
  • Adjustable speed between 0 and 20000RPM.

Our Verdict

If you are looking forward to having a long-distance trip and hoping to have your nails beautiful, consider this nail drill machine set from Tesoky.

#6. JEWHITENY Aluminum Nail Drill MachinesJEWHITENY Aluminum Nail Drill Machines

What about this nail drill machine from JEWHITENY? It is an electric drill machine kit that consists of a wide range of tools, such as nail brush, sanding band, drill bits, and nail buffer. The kit is designed ideally for polishing, carving and grinding nails. It is compatible with both home and commercial use.

What’s more, the kit is operated on a low noise with a noise level of only 60dB. It is made from high quality and heavy-duty aluminum, and the speed ranges between 0 and 30000RPM. You can also change the direction of the rotating function in either forward or reverse direction.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Comes with a professional design with nail brush, drill bits and other tools.
  • Features a strong and durable aluminum body.
  • Adjustable speed range from 0 – 30000 RPM.
  • Offers both forward and reverse rotating directions.

Our Verdict

The nail drill machine kit from JEWHITENY is designed to serve your demand in both home and salon use by maximizing its own values.

#5. Subay Adjustable Fingernail Toenail CareSubay Adjustable Fingernail Toenail Care

Moving onto the next nail drill machine from Subay, it is available in 3 color designs, which are gray, black, and pink colors. The machine is made of aluminum. It features a wide range of air vents so that it can have an effective heat dissipation function. There are 6 holes available on this machine design in order for you to insert drill bits.

The machine is designed to be multifunctional since it is compatible with nail preparation, gel art, as well as manicure and pedicure. Besides, the maximum speed is seen up to 20000RPM, and it can work in either forward or reverse directions according to your demand. It works well for both professionals as well as beginners.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Compatible with 6 drill bits.
  • Suitable for nail preparations, manicure and pedicure jobs.
  • Speed range: 0 – 20000 RPM.

Our Verdict

No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, the nail drill machine from Subay should be your choice if you are looking for easy operation.

#4. MelodySusie Lightweight Nail CareMelodySusie Lightweight Nail Care

For this nail drill machine from Melody Susie, there are 2 color options for you to choose, which are black and white. It is a powerful machine with a speed range between 0 and 30000RPM. Users can customize the speed according to the jobs, such as carving, gel polishing, and cutting. The machine is made with a lightweight design with the use of high-quality aluminum alloy. Plus, it works well for both home and professional salon use.

Since it is compact in the design, it will never take up too much space when it comes to the storage time. The machine offers both hand and foot modes so that you can work with the nails with confidence. There is a button for you to change between the forward and reverse functions according to your demand.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Adjustable speed between 0 and 30000RPM.
  • Made from aluminum alloy for both durability and stability.
  • Available in hand and foot modes.
  • Adjustable rotating directions.

Our Verdict

In case you want to start a salon business, do not forget this nail drill machine kit from MelodySusie.

#3. zenpy Compact Nail Drill Setzenpy Compact Nail Drill Set

Now, let us give our attention to this nail drill machine from zenpy. It is made with a professional design, which includes a wide range of tools, such as sanding bans, nail drill, and a nail brush. The kit is made ideally for multiple functions, which include carving, shaping, polishing, cutting, and mold grinding.

Although the machine comes with a compact and portable size, it features high power with the maximum speed of 22000RPM. There is also a speed control button which you can use to customize the speed of the machine based on your demand.

Besides, this nail drill machine is operated on low noise and heat. The motor is quiet enough without delivering any distracting sound to you. Furthermore, it is equipped with a heat dissipation feature in order to prevent overheating if working with it for long hours.

Also, if you are not fully satisfied with the quality of the product, feel free to claim for a refund or replacement.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Compatible with many jobs, such as cutting, polishing and shaping.
  • Designed to be small and portable for outdoor convenience.
  • Adjustable speed between 0 and 22000RPM.

Our Verdict

The goal of zenpy is to give you the best nail drill machine for you to use on a regular basis in the long run.

#2. AIRSEE Professional Nail Care SetAIRSEE Professional Nail Care Set

We should not also miss this professional nail drill machine kit from AIRSEE. It is a professional set which consists of 11 pieces inside the kit, including drill bits and sanding bands. The kit is made to be multifunctional, and therefore, it works well for a wide range of jobs, including cutting, carving, nail polishing, and gel removing.

The machine is designed with adjustable speed, and therefore, users can customize the speed between the range of 0 – 20000RPM. The rotation direction also offers the choice between forward and reverse, so that you can choose to depend on whether you are familiar with the right hand or left hand.

The design of this machine is small and compact enough, and it is made of strong and solid metal to serve you for many years. With low heat and low noise profile, the operation is smooth enough to guarantee you the best satisfaction.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made from solid metal for a sturdy construction.
  • Offers drilling bits and sanding bands in the tool kit for many nail tasks.
  • Rotatable directions in either forward or reverse function.

Our Verdict

AIRSEE aims to bring you to an unforgettable moment of nail art job with this powerful nail drill machine.

#1. Cadrim Nail Care for Acrylic and Gel NailCadrim Nail Care for Acrylic and Gel Nail

Last but not least, we have this nail drill machine from Cadrim. This nail drill machine is dedicated to serving you in various demands, such as sharpening, cutting, sanding as well as polishing. It also comes with a layer of protection to prevent your nail from overheating.

The speed is adjustable for this machine, and you can customize it based on whether you are doing gel or acrylic nails. And, the unit operates on low noise, and there is a comfortable grip to serve your demand.

The machine allows you to start the operation immediately after you have turned it on without having to wait for long. Therefore, it is suitable for both home and personal use.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Compatible with many tasks, such as nail cutting and polishing.
  • Protect your nails against overheating.
  • Low noise and heat operation.
  • Features an ergonomic grip for the design.

Our Verdict

Cadrims designs this nail drill machine for consumers worldwide who are in need of healthy nail art and outstanding tools to bring a smooth operation.


To sum up, above are the top 10 best nail drill machines. If you are in love with anyone of them, please do not hesitate to learn more and add it to your cart. These goodies will never disappoint.

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