Discover Top 10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers – In 2021

The most satisfying moment is probably when we decide to get rid of all the stressful things, get on the motorcycle and enjoy our favorite music along the way with fresh air and scenic view. Therefore, it is a good idea to integrate Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers into part of your motorcycle to make this beautiful moment happen. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best motorcycle Bluetooth speakers to preview and consider. They all come with high quality and wonderful features. Without further delay, let’s go through the review with us now.

List of 10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers In 2021

#10. Rockville Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Rockville Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

First of all, we have this motorcycle Bluetooth speaker from Rockville. It is made to be small and portable, with a size of only 3 inches. It can be incorporated into the handlebar. The peak power of this mini speaker is as high as 300 watts, while the RMS power is measured at 150 watts. It is built-in with a powerful amplifier which ensures that you can hear it clearly even if the engine noise is distracting.

Moreover, it features rotation flexibility in 360 degrees. For the installation part, the bracket can be adjusted between 0.75 and 1.25 inches to ensure that it provides the right fit. Moreover, the streaming range is up to 33 feet, while the radio frequency is between 87.5 and 108Hz. Besides, it is also waterproof to make sure that it works well for the outdoor environment.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Only 3 inches.
  • Rotatable in 360 degrees.
  • Features the streaming range in 33 feet.
  • Built in with USB 2.0

Our Verdict

The best thing about this Rockville Bluetooth speaker is that it is always powerful to offer you the best sound quality, regardless of the surrounding noise.

#9. GoHawk Motorcycle Bluetooth SpeakersGoHawk Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Next, we shall take a look at this Bluetooth speaker from GoHawk. It comes with a variety of great features. The speaker is built-in with a 4.5” amplifier to provide high performance and deep bass. Likewise, the speaker features a waterproof design so that it is fully compatible with the outdoor environment. It also includes a speaker cable with a length of 70 inches.

In order to install the speaker with ease, there are mounting camps which support the standard bar size to fit it in snugly. It depends on Bluetooth 5.0 connection, which is compatible with a variety of smart devices, including iPhone, Android, and other series. For the sound quality, it is fully reliable with the crystal clear quality.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Comes with the size of 4.5 inches.
  • IP67 waterproof.
  • Features a speaker cable length of 70 inches.
  • Paired with Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Our Verdict

With this Bluetooth speaker from GoHawk, you can rely on the stable connection with confidence thanks to the compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0.

#8. Kuryakyn Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Kuryakyn Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Now, let us give our attention to this motorcycle Bluetooth speaker from Kuryakyn. It is available in two colors, which are black and silver. It features a powerful sound quality thanks to the peak power of 300 watts. It features a USB 1.0 charging port for you to recharge the battery. It integrates full-range speakers that are equipped with dual voice coils to produce high-frequency volume.

It is compatible with 4.1 Bluetooth connection which is compatible with smartphones and any other smart devices. It is also IP66 waterproof, and therefore, there is no need to worry about the use in outdoor conditions. Besides, there is a series of protection, including over and under-voltage protection. Best yet, the unit comes with a universal fit, and you can use the wire to connect easily.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Features Bluetooth 4.1 for connection.
  • Operated on 300-watt peak power.
  • Comes with dual voice coils.

Our Verdict

If you want crystal clear sound quality, never forget this Bluetooth speaker from Kuryakyn for your motorcycle.

#7. jzaq Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

jzaq Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Another choice for motorcycle Bluetooth speakers is from jzaq. It is available in a beautiful black color. It is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 connection, and the maximum streaming distance is up to 20 meters. Users can connect 2 devices at the same time, and it also automatically connects to your device if it recognizes.

It is operated on a rechargeable battery with a maximum operating time of 50 hours. If it is just standby, it can last up to 500 hours, although it requires only 2 hours of charging. Other than this, the model is also waterproof thanks to the integration of the nano-coating technology. It provides stereo sound, and it eliminates the surrounding noise by the DSP noise cancellation function.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Lasts for 50 hours for continuous music playing.
  • Features Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • Integrates the noise cancelling feature to provide clear sound quality.

Our Verdict

Jzaq is dedicated to minimizing the distraction from the surrounding environment with advanced technology to improve sound quality.

#6. Amruta2015 Motorcycle Bluetooth SpeakersAmruta2015 Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

It’s time for us to look at this motorcycle Bluetooth speaker from Amruta2015. This speaker is suitable for both music playing and radio streaming. It is also waterproof to make sure that rain will never damage the quality and function. And, the speaker features an LCD screen display for you to track the music.

Interestingly, the unit is built-in with double speakers, and it supports a variety of inputs, including USB, Aux, and TF cards. It is compatible with both WMA and MP3 music formats. For the radio function, it comes with multiple layers of protection against short circuits and reverses lines. Thus, the safety standards are guaranteed to the best.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Comes with a waterproof design.
  • Includes double speakers.
  • Suitable for both MP3 and WMA files.
  • Protection for voltage supply and short circuit.

Our Verdict

In order to offer you the best safety protection, Amruta2015 includes a variety of protections to ensure the best peace of mind while using.

#5. LEXIN Motorcycle Bluetooth SpeakersLEXIN Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

LEXIN offers us one of the best motorcycle Bluetooth speakers that are available at an affordable price. This speaker system is compatible with all types of weather, and it integrates extra loud volume to provide the best sound quality. It is built-in with Bluetooth stereo music as well as a 50-watt amplifier to make sure that the music streaming can be achieved from a distance.

This speaker comes with a metallic design that fits perfectly into your bicycle. It is ideal when you want to cycle around or race with your friends. Yet, the maximum speed that this speaker can work with is 80 miles per hour. You can always stream the music directly from your phone with convenience.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Provides stereo music with Bluetooth streaming.
  • Comes with a powerful amplifier with the power of 50 watts.
  • Allows maximum speed of 80mph.

Our Verdict

LEXIN aims to make your road trip more beautiful and thrilling with an outstanding Bluetooth speaker and crystal clear sound quality.

#4. THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth SpeakersTHOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

If you are looking for a motorcycle Bluetooth speaker with the integration of a microphone, you should consider this set from THOKWOK. It is built with an advanced CSR chip for Bluetooth to deal with the speed range between 50 and 70 miles per hour. You can connect with your mobile phone and stream the music directly from the device.

Likewise, it is equipped with advanced noise-canceling technology, and therefore, the voice quality is guaranteed even at high-speed riding. If the device is receiving a phone call, you can have a hand free experience with the microphone provided. More importantly, this microphone is very convenient for you to use since it is compatible with all types of helmets. Thanks to the waterproof function, you will never have to worry about the rain outside.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Comes with an advanced Bluetooth chip to ensure a more stable connection.
  • Suitable for speed range between 50mph and 70mph.
  • Enables a hand free phone receiving experience with the microphone included.

Our Verdict

The goal of THOKWOK is to offer you an easy and convenient experience during your ride outdoors with the full set of speakers and microphone.

#3. Cardo Motorcycle Bluetooth SpeakersCardo Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

We also would like to introduce you to this motorcycle Bluetooth speaker from Cardo. It is as small as only 3.5mm in its diameter, which is compatible with all standard-sized communicators that you can find on the market, regardless of the brand. It provides JBL sound quality and firmware which you can fully enjoy to the best on your road trip.

Moreover, it offers a comfortable fit even if you are wearing a helmet. It will automatically minimize the sound of the wind and road with the ideal frequencies to ensure that you can hear well. More importantly, it is so powerful that you can invest for many years ahead as long as you are still in love with your motorcycle.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Works well with all communicators.
  • Ensures with crystal clear sound quality regardless of the surrounding noise.
  • Compatible with all kinds of helmet.

Our Verdict

If you are a big fan of JBL, never miss this Bluetooth speaker from Cardo that guarantees you with the same sound quality.

#2. BOSS Audio Systems Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Moving onto the next motorcycle Bluetooth speaker, it is capable of playing your favorite music for you that you can stream directly from your smartphone or MP3 player. It is compatible with a variety of music apps, such as Spotify and Pandora. It is built-in with a D class amplifier, which is both compact and resistant to all kinds of weather. It includes a wide range of protections against some key elements.

What’s more, the uni also features a full range speaker in the set. Most importantly, there are adjustable brackets that you can use to fit your handlebar as long as it has the length between 0.75 inches and 1.25 inches. Moreover, it includes aux playback to serve as the audio output from your smartphone. If you purchase this speaker, there is a 3-year warranty to cover the quality of the speaker.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Weather resistant
  • Works well with smart phone music apps.
  • Suitable for the handlebar size from 0.75” to 1.25”.
  • Features a 3-year warranty

Our Verdict

The motorcycle Bluetooth speaker from BOSS Audio Systems ensures you with the best peace of mind within a 3 year period.

#1. BOSS Audio Systems Motorcycle Bluetooth SpeakersBOSS Audio Systems Motorcycle Bluetooth Speakers

Last but not least, here comes this motorcycle Bluetooth speaker from BOSS Audio Systems again. With this speaker, you are encouraged to stream the music directly from your smartphone onto the speaker using apps, such as Spotify as well as Pandora. It is built-in with a powerful amplifier, and it is also fully weatherproof to make sure that it is suitable for outdoor usage.

Besides, it is a full-range speaker that you can use to fit the handlebar size between 0.75” and 1.25”. It also includes the media playback function, so that you can use it to pair with an MP3 player. Moreover, there is an inline style volume control which is easy enough for you to adjust the volume according to your own demand.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Enables music apps streaming from the sources, such as Spotify.
  • Provides media playback feature for more convenience.
  • Adjustable volume according to one’s own preferences.

Our Verdict

BOSS Audio Systems always wish to give you the best customer satisfaction with both high quality and advanced functions to enhance the quality of your road trip as well as your life.


In conclusion, above are the top 10 best motorcycle Bluetooth speakers. If you love riding a motorcycle, never forget to integrate a motorcycle Bluetooth speaker system to make the road trip a complete journey that you enjoy the most. Thank you for shopping with us, and have a wonderful road journey with a Bluetooth speaker.

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