Top 10 Best Metal Detectors for Kids – In 2021

Metal detectors are an effective tool which helps to perk up a kid’s interest in their surroundings and look for new things to see and learn. This article will show you the results for the top ten best metal detectors for kids. Continue reading down below to find out the result.

List of Top 10 Best Metal Detectors for Kids In 2021

#10. Allsun Waterproof Metal Detectors for KidsAllsun Waterproof Metal Detectors for Kids

This metal detector can detect metal objects such as coins, pieces of lost jewelry easily. It has an adjustable height and length to suit the children’s height for comfortable use. And, the metal detector is a lightweight and waterproof product. Therefore children will find it easy for them to use outside for their little adventure search.

In addition to the existing features, the metal detector also has an LCD display which will show young explorers of their findings. Moreover, an earphone jack is also available to allow better search performance. As a bonus, there is also nightlight for safety use at night for around the area.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Adjustable height for better comfort
  • Lightweight and water resistance
  • Features a nightlight safety
  • Shows great detecting performance

Our Verdict

This metal detector has qualities that produce great performance in finding metals and offers the users the comfort and convenience needed. Make a purchase of the product to enjoy fun family time and educational lessons for the young kids.

#9. OMMO Metal Detectors for Kids and AdultsOMMO Metal Detectors for Kids and Adults

For this metal detector, high sensitivity level and accurate detection is a guaranteed process. The metal detector is able to detect various metal materials with high precision and will alert with distinctive audio sounds when it detects an object. More importantly than its sensory system and waterproof feature, this metal detector is suitable to use in many different locations and settings.

As for the design of the product, it features an intuitive and efficient LCD screen display showing multiple settings display, such as the sensitivity and depth level. It also features three different operational modes, such as the all-metal mode, the disc mode, and the pinpoint mode.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Highly accurate and precision detection
  • Great for use in many place settings
  • Has intuitive LCD display
  • Optional modes for effective operation

Our Verdict

This children-friendly metal detector will effectively find metal objects with an impressive and efficient product quality provided by the metal detector. A two-year warranty is given to every purchaser of this product.

#8. INTEY Metal Detectors for Kids Sensitive and Volume AdjustableINTEY Metal Detectors for Kids Sensitive and Volume Adjustable

A simply designed metal detector with great functionality is the plus side of this product. The metal detector is constructed to have features such as sound adjustment, metal material identification mode, and sensitivity adjustments. Another adjustment this metal detector can make is its length adjustment to support different heights of each individual user.

What’s more, this unit is also a lightweight and portable product with easy operation making it suitable for even young kids to use. Other than this, the metal detector also features a waterproof search coil as well as an effective sensory system to alert users of the findings.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Simple yet functional product design
  • Have many useful adjustments settings
  • A portable, lightweight and waterproof device
  • Efficient and effective sensor system

Our Verdict

The simple design of the metal detector contains many great functions that let young explorers obtain an accurate and high performing device to detect metal objects easily with comfort. The metal detector is suitable for any age and can be adjusted to fit the user’s preference and abilities.

#7. RM RICOMAX Metal Detectors for Kids JuniorsRM RICOMAX Metal Detectors for Kids Juniors

This metal detector is equipped with a waterproof coil, allowing the machine to perform well even under shallow water, indoor and outdoor. It also has a clear and effective detection sensor such as the buzzers and LCD display. Another feature of this metal detector is the adjustable stem to match the height of the user.

Other than this, the product is also lightweight and has easy operation suitable for young children to use. The material of these metal detectors is of high quality and harmless ABS material which is a perfect and safe material choice for children. Moreover, the metal detector also has an attractive and beautifully designed exterior to fit the children’s aesthetic.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High performance rate through all weather and location
  • Equipped with helpful functions
  • Made from safe and high quality material
  • Has an attractive design

Our Verdict

This beautifully crafted metal detector has amazing features that will help young children search for metal objects and explore the area in a rather exciting way. Invest in your child’s creativity and essential skills with this metal detector.

#6. Viewee Metal Detectors for KidsViewee Metal Detectors for Kids

This metal detector is a great metal detector with high performing abilities and functions. One of its great functions is the buzzers and LED light that acts as effective sensors to alert the user when the metal detector has detected a metal object. Plus, the metal detector can also be used in shallow streams or pools.

Besides, this metal detector also has an adjustable stem for convenience customized according to the user’s height. In addition to the adjustable stem, the search coil is adjustable as well. Another greatly improved function of the metal detector is the automatic power switch, making it easier and quicker for the sensors to adjust.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High performance and accurate detection
  • Stem and search coil can be adjusted
  • Suitable for use in damp areas
  • Automatic switching function

Our Verdict

With the wonderful and efficient qualities the metal detector provides, young children will surely have a great time finding new metals and exploring in their free time. Keep your child curious and entertained with this metal detector.

#5. ExploreOne Light and Water-resistant Metal Detectors for KidsExploreOne Light and Water-resistant Metal Detectors for Kids

This metal detector is equipped with built-in bright LED light to brighten up the dim-lit area and to ensure the safety of the children when indulging in night time exploring sessions. To add to the previous function, the metal detector also has a trustworthy waterproof base.

Along with the built-in LED light and the waterproof feature, the metal detector can also detect metal material affecting within 6 inches of depth into the ground. Plus, users can adjust the length of the stem just by releasing the safety lock and extending the stem of the metal detector to have a comfortable and perfect height.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Great for children to use
  • Built-in light design and waterproof feature
  • Detect metals deep underground accurately
  • Adjustable length according to the user’s height

Our Verdict

An excellent metal detector such as this one will ensure the child the best experience possible in searching and finding metals underground. With the features and functions provided within the metal detector, an accurate and effective search is guaranteed.

#4. INTEY Metal Detectors for Kids with LED, Sensor and BuzzersINTEY Metal Detectors for Kids with LED, Sensor and Buzzers

This multifunctional metal detector can detect a wide range of detecting sensors. It can effectively sensor materials made from metal such as coins, gold, jewelry, key, and many more. Moreover, the metal detector also has two optional operating modes, the disc mode for eliminating unwanted materials and the all-metal mode which will detect all kinds of different metals.

What’s more, the design of this metal detector also features a waterproof detector stem and coil, allowing it to be a great use at the beach or other outdoor areas. In addition to the great functioning features, the metal detector is also constructed with an audio jack for audio aid when detecting metals as well as an LED light sensor and buzzers.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Two choices of operating modes
  • Detect wide range of metals effectively
  • Suitable for use with wet surfaces
  • Features many additional functions

Our Verdict

This metal detector will detect metal easily and with high accuracy while providing comfort and convenience to the users. Kids are also able to use this metal detector machine with ease and enjoy a fun time experiencing a great exploring adventure.

#3. TACKLIFE 3Modes Metal Detectors for KidsTACKLIFE 3Modes Metal Detectors for Kids

Tackle life experience from a young age with this TACKLIFE metal detector aimed to support easy operation for both juniors and adults. This metal detector has an ergonomic design, sporting an adjustable stem design to extend the length conveniently. Contrasting to most metal detector display screens, this model features an expressive cartoon display to show the result of the finding.

Other display features such as the overloading warning, depth levels, machine operating mode, and also the sensitivity and battery level. The design of this metal detector also functions against wet surfaces and underwater to detect the surface thoroughly.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Ergonomic and adjustable product design
  • Smart and innovative LCD screen display
  • Has water resistance feature
  • Comfortable and convenient to use

Our Verdict

Along with the many functions and great additional features, this metal detector has high work performance and easy operation for kids to use. Spend time with your children while effectively educating them and empowering their growth with the metal detector for a change of scenery.

#2. CANWAY High Accuracy Metal Detectors for KidsCANWAY High Accuracy Metal Detectors for Kids

CANWAY metal detectors are designed and built to be suitable for anyone of all ages and especially great for kids to use. The metal detector design is equipped with a highly accurate detecting sensor with a pinpointer function. Adding on to these features, the product also has an intuitive LCD display screen control box.

With the adjustable armrest, both kids and adults can customize the metal detector length to suit their height and comfort level. Another fantastic feature of this metal detector is its water-resistance ability making it perfect to use for both indoor and outdoor exploring activities.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Useful and convenience sensory system
  • Informative LCD screen display
  • Adjustable to different height
  • Suitable for any environment

Our Verdict

This metal detector product has various features and functions to aid the user to have a fun and satisfactory time exploring and collecting metal objects. The company also offers a 2 year full warranty for the purchase of this metal detector.

#1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Adjustable Metal Detectors for Kids

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Adjustable Metal Detectors for Kids

This metal detector is a lightweight product that is portable and easy to use. The metal detector has an impressive adjustable sensitivity rate to detect metal materials effectively. With that said, the metal detector has a detecting depth range of 6 inches into the ground for small-sized coins and 1 foot deeper into the ground to detect large metal objects.

When metal objects are detected, a beeping sound will go off and a flashing LED light will show the location of the detected metal. Moreover, the design of this metal detector also features an adjustable telescoping arm to provide comfort for the users with a padded, comfortable arm strap as well as grip support for assistance.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Lightweight and easy to use product
  • Deep detecting range and
  • Convenient and accurate detecting sensor
  • Comfortable and supportive for users

Our Verdict

The metal detector has highly efficient and convenient features for young juniors to explore the surrounding areas and pick up a few skillful traits along the way. As a matter of fact, this metal detector has received plenty of positive reviews and is also backed by the company’s full satisfaction guarantee.


Teach your young kids how to have fun and build themselves creatively and with bravery starting from a young age with these suitable metal detectors for kids. The more the young kids explore, the more they will learn and shape up their thinking and essential skills and the best way to help them do so is by giving them metal detectors to start their exploration adventures.

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