Top 10 Best Kids Fishing Poles In 2021 – Review

The most popular physical activities voted as best for children development is fishing. To start off, you will need kids fishing poles that are tailored specifically for kids to handle. To ensure your kids are having a good time fishing and want to come back again next time, you have to help them succeed in their catch. The sense of achievement will keep them motivated and it is necessary to keep them up with this healthy exercise for the long term. This is the reason why choosing the right fishing poles is really important for both safety and to enjoy the best fishing experience. In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 best kids fishing poles that are highly recommended by our fellow parents.

List of Top 10 Best Kids Fishing Poles In 2021

#10. PLUSINNO Light and Portable Kids Fishing PolesPLUSINNO Light and Portable Kids Fishing Poles

Your kid will definitely love these fishing poles from Plusinno. It is a telescopic fishing rod that comes with a lure set and an easy and lightweight spinning reel, so it requires less energy from your little kids. Besides, this set includes a fishing line and also a fishing tackle readily available inside the package. You will also get a fishing kit that will guide your children to the fishing world. Best yet, the kid fishing pole has a handle which was designed to fit with your kid’s small fingers comfortably. Thus, they can wind in order to retrieve the line by themselves without adult help which is really important to build your child’s independence.

Also, the rod has a length of 150cm and 59.05in when it is fully open which is light enough for your child to handle. When it is closed, the length shrinks to 37cm and 14.57in making it convenient for storage. The materials used in the making of this pole are rubber-like EVA around the handle, FRP, and plastic that make the rod comfortable and safe to use for children.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Lightweight spinning reels
  • Small handle design
  • Quality materials

Our verdict

Getting the first fishing poles for your child can be quite challenging. Your money will go to waste if the one you purchased is too complicated or not suitable for your children to handle. To solve this problem, we have here a fishing pole from Plusinno that meets all the criteria as an easy-to-handle fishing pole.

#9. Sougayilang Kids Fishing Poles and RodsSougayilang Kids Fishing Poles and Rods

Let’s now look into another kid fishing pole from Sougayilang. This set features a carbon fiber rod, fishing reel, fishing line, lure and tackle which come in the carrying bag. Indeed, with this package, you do not have to worry about missing out on any essential tools or gears, as it has exactly everything you need for a successful catch.

Stainless steel was used in making the fishing rod in order to make it durable and allow your children to retrieve and cast very smoothly. On top of that, the reel was constructed with high fiber density with the combination of aluminum spools that help to reduce the risk of slipping. With this purchase, the brand guarantees the product will even exceed your expectation.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Carbon fiber fishing rod
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Aluminum spool

Our verdict

If you are more on the durability side, we recommend this set as it was made using only premium material that can sustain long-term use.

#8. Byzy Kids Fishing Poles with Carry BagByzy Kids Fishing Poles with Carry Bag

This combo set from Byzy is very useful for young fishers. The full kit comes with a free carrying bag where you can put all the fishing equipment inside for traveling purposes. It is highly recommended for beginners as it has a simple operation that children can use it independently. Once unboxed, you will see a variety of accessories and gears you will need to start your fishing.

The construction of this fishing pole is very sturdy as it is made of aluminum alloy and fiberglass shaft instead of plastic. These materials increase the elasticity of the pole and make it easier to handle for children. More importantly, the set comes with a spinning reel that you can use with either hand interchangeably, including the anti-reverse function which makes it more appealing than other regular fishing poles.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Simple operation
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Equipped with anti-reverse function

Our verdict

More sturdy and durable, this set is really suitable and safe for children to use as they normally do not handle it with care. It also has an option to lock the reverse which saves your children energy when retrieving.


#7. Lanaak Kids Fishing Poles and Tackle Box

Lanaak Kids Fishing Poles and Tackle Box

If you have a daughter who loves pink, we recommend this fishing pole from Lanaak. This bright pink set has up to 37 pieces of starter inside the kit, such as spinning reel, small minnow net, tackle box, and a carrying case. With this package, you have everything that is necessary for fishing. If you are new to this, there is also a beginner’s guide for you and your kid to learn how to set up and use your first weapon. For its easy operation, we highly recommend this set for beginners.

The spinning reel has an open-face design and is also suitable for children who are left-handed. This thoughtful design allows your child to cast or retrieve the line very easily. Once your child opens the tackle box, they will be overwhelmed with the options of tackles available inside, ranging from floating bobbers, swivels, hooks, split sinkers, jig heads, rubber worms, and bait. This will save you time and money from going to buy extra accessories from the bait shop.

Interestingly, the pole has a very portable size and weight which is convenient for travelling and storage. With the 30 days guarantee, you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Bright color and girl design
  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed
  • Variety of pieces available

Our verdict

Fishing is a recreational activity for both genders which is why Lanaak added a little touch of pink design to this fishing pole. On top of that, it is highly recommended for beginners who are getting their hands on fishing for the first time.

#6. PLUSINNO Telescopic Kids Fishing Poles and Reels

ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Poles Rod and Reel Kit

Here comes another fishing pole from Plusinno. This version has a very distinct feature with many available functions. It has a special handle design using EVA material that is easy for a kid’s grip and prevents slipping when retrieving the fishing line. It has a spincast reel that includes a combo of a telescopic pole, fishing string and line, and a set of fishing tackle. What’s more, if we look into the detail, the pole has a length of 120M and a weight of approximately 91.1g will shrink to a shorter length when it is closed. The body of this pole was constructed using FRP and high-quality plastic material, making it durable for long-term use.

In order to cast, your kid can simply use the thumb to click on the button of the fishing reel to switch it on. This way, your child can take control of the fishing line very easily. Plus, its small size makes it easy for you to bring it to fishing trips at the lake or other freshwater sources and create an unforgettable memory with your children.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Durable construction
  • Easy casting reel
  • Suitable for lake fishing

Our verdict

If you concern about the durability of the construction, we recommend this set from Plusinno as it was made using only top-quality plastic with a non-slip handle which is easy and safe for your children to use.

#5. ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Poles Rod and Reel Kit

ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Poles Rod and Reel Kit

We have here a unique kid fishing pole from Oddspro. And, it has the latest 2020 design with a bright blue color to make it more visible. The construction of its epoxy is very sturdy. Adding plastic and EVA material makes it an incredible fishing pole that is durable but lightweight and would last a very long time. What makes it even more suitable for children is its handle design, it is tailored specifically for children’s small grip and also uses EVA material for the handle, so it will not cause slipping.

Besides, it is accompanied by a simple spincast reel that is very helpful to your children during the casting process. This all-in-one fishing kit has all the accessories required for fishing which means you do not have to go and buy extra accessories from the shop. And, it is also ideal for the first-timers who are not aware of what accessories are needed for fishing.

Upon unboxing the tackle box, you will see a variety of bait, float bobbers, rubber lure, jig head, and many more accessories. You will also be provided with the carrying bag to fit all your fishing equipment inside for travelling.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Latest design
  • Sturdy epoxy construction
  • All-in-one fishing pole

Our verdict

For a first-timer who is not very familiar with fishing and the equipment requires. Get this set from Oddspro as it has everything necessary for your first fishing experience.

#4. Moikin Kids Fishing PolesMoikin Kids Fishing Poles

Let us walk you through another incredible invention by Moikin. To begin with, we will discover what are the accessories and gears that come inside its package. Once you undo the attached travel bag, you will see one blue fishing rod and a fishing reel accompanied by other gears and a set of fishing tackle. With this set, your children can learn how each one functions by the instruction book that will also be provided inside the package.

This fishing pole is recommended for children from 3 to 10 years old as it has a special handle design using EVA material that is soft to hold and prevent from slipping. Besides, it is small and lightweight which is easy for children to handle. Premium materials were used to make this fishing pole such as FRP and plastic body with a fiberglass rod, which made the construction super durable for long-term use. Get your children this set of fishing poles to engage them in an outdoor activity that is not only a good exercise but also improves their mental well-being.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Free travelling bag
  • Premium material
  • Can be used for a long term

Our verdict

To engage your children with outdoor activities, you will need to get this set of fishing pole as it comes with many available accessories made out of premium material to support long-term use.


#3. PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Poles with SpinCast ReelPLUSINNO Kids Fishing Poles with SpinCast Reel

A complicated process could make your children lose interest in fishing really fast. Get this simple set of fishing poles from Plusinno to keep them motivated long-term. The kit provides you all the important gears and accessories that you will need to start off. Those include a telescopic rod, spincast reel, fishing line, and a useful set of fishing tackle that comes inside a blue travelling bag. Adding to that, the pole has a length of 4ft to 5ft which is the perfect length for children from 3 to 10 years old to handle and convenience for storing purposes.

This set has up to 13 types of fishing lure which is very interesting to young children. Your children can learn when or how to use each one by following the guidebook with minor guidance from the parents. With this useful kit, we guarantee your children will enjoy their fishing experience to the maximum.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Suitable for children from 3 to 10 years old
  • Easy instructions
  • Has up to 13 types of fishing lure

Our verdict

Make your fishing experience an unforgettable memory to share with your children. This set is really suitable for young kids to handle and has very interesting accessories that will trigger your children’s interest in fishing.


#2. ODDSPRO Kids Fishing Poles KitODDSPRO Kids Fishing Poles Kit

Here we have another kid fishing pole from Oddspro. The body construction of this fishing pole has a gray color if your children are not really into the bright blue color of the previous one from Oddspro. Adding to that, the construction is super durable and stable as it is made of premium plastic material with an EVA material for the handle. Thus, that will prevent slipping as there is a high chance that your children will not drop their rod into the water accidentally when their hands are wet.

What’s more, the body of the rod was designed in a length that allows for a short casting gap which is easy for your children to retrieve back the fishing line. All in all, this set could be a creative birthday gift for your children.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Allow short casting gap
  • High resistance to slipping
  • A great birthday gift for children

Our verdict

Do not overlook this set of fishing poles from Oddspro as it has a lot to offer to maximize the fun and learning of your children.

#1. PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Poles Kit

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Poles Kit

Another excellent quality fishing pole from a promising brand known as Plusinno. If you look into detail inside the carrying bag, you will see a blue fishing pole that comes along with other gears and accessories such as fishing reel, fishing line, and a box of fishing tackle. Plus, this set has all the necessary gear to ensure that you succeed in your catch.

Your children can choose the length that they prefer to handle, ranging from 3.9ft to 4.9ft depending on their age. Moreover, it has a super lightweight construction made of plastic that is manageable for young kids who are getting their hands on fishing for the first time. It is less complicated than an adult fishing pole as it is readily available for use upon unpacked.

Compelling Reason to buy:

  • Equipped with all necessary gears
  • Adjustable length
  • No setup required

Our verdict

What is special about this set is it has an adjustable length which means it can support your children’s fishing activity for the long-term as they are growing up.


You have just browsed through the top 10 best Kids Fishing Poles of the year. Consider getting one now for the physical and cognitive development of your children and the bonding between you and them.

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