Best Indoor Rabbit Cages Of 2021

Do you love rabbits? Are you on a hunt for suitable indoor rabbit cages? I would say they are one of the cutest species ever on Earth. However, a rabbit deserves good care, warmth, and love. If you want to own a rabbit, the first thing that you should consider is a comfortable shelter for this cute animal. It is just as important as the concept of “home” to every single of us. In this article, we are going to explore the top 9 best rabbit cages for the indoor environment that you should really consider one for your rabbit.

List of Best Indoor Rabbit Cages of 2021

#9. Scurrty Indoor Rabbit Cages HutchScurrty Indoor Rabbit Cages Hutch

First of all, we have this indoor rabbit cage from Scurrty. There are 2 doors for access in this one particular cage. Both of the doors are made solid for the rabbits to get into the housing area easily. Plus, there is a removable tray inside the cage. In order to insert it, you can simply use the pre-drilled holes to install it easily.

The cage is made of wooden walls combined with the hinge roof. It is very easy to clean since the roof can be opened easily. However, while closed, it provides waterproof and sun-proof functions to give the rabbit a comfortable and safe environment. What’s more, it is made with wire doors, and therefore, you can watch the full episode of the rabbit’s life, from eating to sleeping, easily.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Includes 2 main access doors at the front and rear.
  • Removable tray for storage.
  • Built from wood and hinge roof.
  • Opening roof for cleaning.
  • Wire doors for watching the daily life of the pet.

Our Verdict

Scurrty is dedicated to design a comfortable house for the rabbit with many great functions to enjoy with fun and happiness.

#8. Nova Microdermabrasion 37” Indoor Rabbit CagesNova Microdermabrasion 37” Indoor Rabbit Cages

Now, let us take a look at this indoor rabbit cage from Nova Microdermabrasion. This is also a great choice with a very large capacity. There are 4 levels for the cage, and it enables the rabbits to play around and jump with confidence. The cage is made from metal, and it is resistant to scratches and chews. It also includes a steel frame to provide a long-lasting quality with rust-resistant features.

Moreover, it is made with a friendly design with all the round corners to provide the best protection for both pets and owners. There are 2 doors for access, and it is very easy to clean with the removable debris tray. Best yet, this unit also includes 4 additional rubber casters for users to move the cage to any places with convenience and confidence. And, if you are in love with this cage, after unboxing, you can finish the installation within a breeze.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made with 4 floor levels.
  • Built from metal and steel frames to provide durability and stability.
  • Chew proof and scratch proof.
  • Round corners to ensure safety.

Our Verdict

Nova Microdermabrasion offers a large house for your rabbits where they can play with one another with the loudest laughter of all time.

#7. U-MAX Outdoor Indoor Rabbit CagesU-MAX Outdoor Indoor Rabbit Cages

For this rabbit cage from U-MAX, it is made with a user-friendly design with a nesting box as well as a ramp to provide the space for the bunnies to play around. However, on the ramp, there are timber ridges to protect the pet from slipping. Moreover, there is a raised perch which is responsible for making the shelter dry, clean, and warm as always. Yet, it is straightforward to remove from the inside of the cage for you to clean the cage thoroughly.

Adding to that, The cage is constructed of fir wood along with non-toxic varnish. It is also waterproof and friendly to the environment. It is very easy to assemble this cage since it has already come along with the pre-drilled holes for you to work with. Therefore, it is just ideal for the indoor environment.

Besides, it features an additional layer of fence to protect the rabbit from any predators from the outside. The pitched roof is designed to be easy to open so that you can reach it very fast.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made from solid fir wood.
  • Includes a raised perch for an easy cleaning process.
  • Features timber ridges to ensure that the pet never slips during their playtime.
  • Provides pre-drilled holes for an easy installation.

Our Verdict

The rabbit cage from U-MAX has all the features that you can and cannot think of to maximize the comfort of your rabbit.

#6. PawHut Small Indoor Rabbit CagesPawHut Small Indoor Rabbit Cages

Moving onto this rabbit cage from PawHut, there are 2 colors for you to choose from, which are black and pink. It is a relatively small cage for your rabbit to live in. It is not only suitable for rabbits but also other small pets, such as chinchillas and pet mink. What’s more, this playpen is made with a user-friendly design with a slip-resistant ramp and 2 doors for easy access.

The cage also includes 2 rolling wheels, where you can move or transport the rabbits to other places easily. With a removable tray included, the cleaning process is easy and quick enough for you as the owner. Although it is small and compact, it is built from a metal frame to provide the best durability and stability while in use. Plus, the wires all have the diameters of 0.78 inches and 0.13 inches, respectively.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Compact and portable design for small size pets.
  • Includes 2 main doors for access.
  • Features a removable tray to make cleaning easy.
  • Made with metal frames and wires.

Our Verdict

PawHut provides a small house for your pet while also making it ideal for your apartment or dorm, where the space is not large but still lovely and warm.

#5. PawHut 4-Level Indoor Rabbit CagesPawHut 4-Level Indoor Rabbit Cages

Here comes the indoor rabbit cage from PawHut again, which is available in a beautiful and elegant black color design to fit in with your home decoration. It is also small, but it comes with up to 4 levels for the pet to enjoy all the space. Besides, the unit is made with a friendly design with up to 3 slip-resistant ramps. Also, there are 3 openings where both of the owners and pets can access with ease.

For transportation, on the other hand, it comes with 4 rolling wheels for you to move it around easily. This enables you to bring it to your backyard with convenience. Moreover, there is a removable tray for you to clean up easily. The cage is built with a metal frame and wires that are wear-resistant.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Built to be small and compact yet with a high capacity of 4 floor levels.
  • Includes a user-friendly design with 3 ramps and 3 doors for access.
  • Easy to transport with 4 rolling wheels.
  • Features a removable tray for cleanup.
  • Made from metal and wires.

Our Verdict

If you want a small design but high interior capacity, never forget this rabbit cage from PawHut.

#4. SONGMICS Large Indoor Rabbit Cages PlayPenSONGMICS Large Indoor Rabbit Cages PlayPen

Let’s give our attention to this indoor rabbit cage from SONGMICS. It is made of black color, and it comes along with an oxford fabric for coatings. It provides a large room for the pets to play with one another to keep their bodies exercising and staying healthy. It works well for not only rabbits but also guinea pigs and other small animals.

It offers a safe and secure home for the rabbits to live in. There is a roof on the top to prevent the rabbits from jumping out of the cage. Moreover, there are 2 main doors for access. It also serves as a ramp for the rabbit to play with more fun. For the installation, the cage is made easier with up to 8 grid panels. What’s more, here are also non-slip pads to ensure the best safety for your rabbit.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Includes 2 main doors for access.
  • Features a protective roof on the top to keep the rabbit secure in the cage.
  • Provides non-slip pads to prevent the rabbits from sliding while playing.
  • Offers a fabric coat to cover the cage.

Our Verdict

SONGMICS aims to offer both security and comfort for your pets while staying inside the cage. Such a protective cage is what you always want for your beloved pet.

#3. AmazonBasics Indoor Rabbit Cages with Canvas BottomAmazonBasics Indoor Rabbit Cages with Canvas Bottom

For this indoor rabbit cage from AmazonBasics, there are 2 colors for you to choose from, including black and blue. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, thanks to the canvas bottomed part. It is made with wires, and the wires are all iron to make sure that it provides a strong and durable frame.

Although it is small and compact, it is a very portable in-home use. It also comes with leak-proof protection to minimize the messes created by a pet. In the installation process, the cage is easy enough since there is no need for any tools to install. Aside from all these, the cage also includes a divider for you to separate the animals.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Designed with a canvas bottom.
  • Built from iron wires for durability and strength.
  • Features a leak-proof system to prevent the animals from creating messes in the house.
  • Minimized installation footprints.

Our Verdict

With many years of experience in the field, AmazonBasics excels at designing a home use rabbit cage for the best comfort of the pet.

#2. MidWest Homes for Pets Indoor Rabbit CagesMidWest Homes for Pets Indoor Rabbit Cages

If you want to save more space for the house, you should consider this indoor rabbit cage from MidWest Homes for Pets. It is a folding cage, which can be set up within a few seconds only. There is no need for any special tools to set it up. It comes with a special design that features two doors. One is in the front, while the other is on the top.

Furthermore, it is designed with a slide latch which makes it easy to open the door with only one hand. With a durable plastic pan, it is easy and convenient for the rabbit to slide out with confidence and safety. More importantly, the cage is made with a mesh floor to provide a comfortable shelter for the rabbit to enjoy for the whole day.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Designed with a grid mesh floor for comfort.
  • 2 doors for access at the front and top parts.
  • Features a plastic pan to get out of the cage easily.

Our Verdict

The goal of this rabbit cage from Midwest Homes for Pets is to make every single day beautiful with the presence of the rabbit.

#1. Living World Deluxe Indoor Rabbit CagesLiving World Deluxe Indoor Rabbit Cages

Last but not least, we have this indoor rabbit cage from Living World. It is a safe and comfortable habitat for your rabbit to enjoy. It is also a hybrid cage using the combination of a wireframe with plastic bottom to create a strong and long-lasting structure.

What’s more, there is also a balcony where your rabbit can access food and other dishes conveniently. With the super large size, it is not only suitable for rabbits but also other small animals, including guinea pigs. Plus, the height is about 24 inches, and it is very easy to access. Last but not least, it comes with a tip-proof system to prevent the cage from tipping.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Designed as a hybrid cage.
  • Made from high quality wires and plastic.
  • Includes a balcony for easy access to food.
  • Features a tip proof to ensure the best safety and stability.

Our Verdict

Living World offers an ideal living world for the rabbit to enjoy from day to day.


In conclusion, above are the top 9 best indoor rabbit cages. If you have a rabbit or wish to own a rabbit, get one of the cages to provide the best shelter for your lovely pet.

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