Top 9 Best Hot Air Popcorn Poppers Of All Time – Products Review

Everyone likes to have popcorn. Popcorns are delicious, good snacks for watching movies at home or doing your tasks. As a result, there is probably a need for hot air popcorn poppers at home so that we can enjoy our popcorn anytime at home.

There are various products for hot air popcorn poppers, however. When there are plenty, the shopping can be troublesome. Thus, to simplify the process, we are here bringing you to the top 9 best hot air popcorn poppers In 2021.

List of Top 9 Best Hot Air Popcorn Poppers of 2021

#9. Homself Healthy Popcorn Popper

Homself Healthy Popcorn Popper

We get two-year warranties with this Homself popcorn popper that assure us from paying additional costs on any product defects or malfunctions. Besides, you can remove the popping chute of the popper. The product design is meant for easy cleaning. There should not be any messes with Homself, consequently. In addition, for how to use the product, you can add a spoon for the kernel; everything is thus ready to go. As a result, the process is easy and convenient for you. There is no need for you to add oil with the popcorn machine.

It is made for making delicious and hot popcorn for you. The product is a real deal for all of us, as a result.

Reasons to buy

  • Two-year warranties with Homself
  • Coming with easy cleaning for the product
  • Easy process to make popcorn

Our verdict

Homself is designed for the convenient making of popcorn. You like it because it is flexible for making popcorn with a simple process. Furthermore, there are two-year warranties that make sure you don’t get product defects without chances of applying for refunds. The product is easy to clean as well.

#8. Kitchen Academy Popcorn Popper

Kitchen Academy Popcorn Popper

It takes you only one press to make the whole process work with Kitchen Academy. It allows you to cook healthy and fast popcorn without any fusses. Moreover, you can control the fat content with the popcorn by adding flavors and anything at your own wills. Besides, there is a transparent housing so that you can view the popping process of corn easily. The chute is made for letting the popcorn drop into the right bowl.

Lastly, you can get 18 popcorn cups per one time of popping the corn. The product has two color choices for you to consider.

Reasons to buy

  • Cook healthy and delicious popcorn
  • Add flavors at your own wills
  • Removable lid that is good for cleaning

Our verdict

There is no doubt Kitchen Academy is a product for cooking healthy and delicious popcorn. You are going to like it because you can add flavors at your own wills. As a result, you can control the calories content within your popcorn. The product features a removable lid that enables convenient and flexible cleaning.

#7. BiMonk Hot Air Popcorn Popper

BiMonk Hot Air Popcorn Popper

BiMonk is a flexible and your favorite type of hot air popcorn popper. There are some reasons for this. It can make 16 cups of popcorn per time so that everyone can enjoy the popcorn. Moreover, it is a highly efficient popcorn popper for you because it guarantees 98% of corn popping with it.

Besides, there is a heat-resistant and protective cover so that the product is designed to last. You can have a temperature control with it when it is flexible to clean the hot popcorn popper. All it takes is one whole and the same process to cook your popcorn.

Reasons to buy

  • Heat-resistant and protective cover for long lasting
  • A flexible machine to have around
  • Convenient to clean the hot popcorn popper

Our verdict

This popper has a lovely and favorable product design because the cover comes with a heat-resistant and protective quality. Furthermore, you got a flexible machine to have around. Meanwhile, it is simple and flexible to clean the machine as well.

#6. Nostalgia APH200RED Popcorn Popper

Nostalgia APH200RED Popcorn Popper

Nostalgia can be your favorite hot popcorn popper because it can make 16 popcorn cups at the same time. It doesn’t need any oil to popcorn, so you get healthy and calorie-free popcorn for yourselves. Additionally, it features a measuring cup. Thus, you can properly pop those corns with the machine.

Because of the measuring cup, it requires you to pop the proper amount of corn to fit with the machine. That is designed for your convenience, in fact.

The product is a good one that you cannot miss. It is a simple and compact hot popcorn popper that you can go for, lastly.

Reasons to buy

  • Features measuring cup for properly cooking popcorns
  • Doesn’t require oil to make popcorn
  • Compact and simple design as a popcorn maker

Our verdict

This Nostalgia Popcorn Popper is an interesting popcorn maker because it allows a measuring cup in the package to make right the whole process of popping kernels or corns. Additionally, it doesn’t demand any oil for you to cook those corn. It assures healthy popcorn for you. The whole product is compact and features a simple hot popcorn popper.

#5. Time for Treats Popcorn Popper

Time for Treats Popcorn Popper

Time for Treats is a smart hot popcorn popping machine. It takes you only three minutes to let the magic work. Additionally, the machine is not heating. Although, you are touching the machine when it is cooking those kernels; the machine is still cool-touch. There allows one measuring cup so that you can measure the right amount of kernels for making the popcorns.

The product has a convenient loading. It doesn’t take much of your effort to have your home favorite popcorn.

Reasons to buy

  • Interesting machine because it keeps staying cool
  • A measuring cup enabling proper measurement of corns
  • Doesn’t take much effort to cook kernels and make popcorns

Our verdict

We enjoy the whole process of popping corn with the hop popcorn popping machine because it takes only three minutes for us to get delicious popcorn. The machine remains cool-touch no matter what; even though you are popping the kernels inside.

#4. Nostalgia RHP310 Popcorn Popper

Nostalgia RHP310 Popcorn Popper

We like Nostalgia RHP310 for some of the following reasons. The whole product is safe because it is free from BPA. In addition, you get it flexible with the popping machine because you get free popping with the machine. It doesn’t require oil for you to cook delicious popcorn. Meanwhile, there are eight cups of popcorn the machine can make per one single popping process.

Everyone likes it for these mentioned reasons. Nostalgia RHP310 certainly lives up to its promises.

Reasons to buy

  • A machine which is free from BPA
  • Flexible with popping machine
  • Doesn’t require oil for cooking
  • Eight cup popcorns per one time of popping

Our verdict

We cannot miss Nostalgia RHP310 because the product is one of the most premium standard popcorn machines. It is free from BPA when it is a flexible popcorn machine right there for you. The product doesn’t demand oil for you to cook your popcorn. Besides, there are eight cup popcorns per one round of producing popcorn.

#3. Dash Popcorn Popper with Measuring Cup

Dash Popcorn Popper with Measuring Cup

It takes only some simple steps for you to get delicious popcorn with Dash. It takes only a quick and simple way because you need to touch only the start button for getting fresh and hot popcorn. Therefore, children can get popcorn with it as well. Moreover, you get 16 cups of popcorn per one time or one batch. It is smart thinking for a large group of people. Dash comes with a measuring cup. Because of its sleek and compact design, it is suitable for bringing around when you are traveling.

You get one-year warranties from the company. Besides, the product is safe with a washing machine for all component pieces which are not electrical parts.

Reasons to buy

  • Get 16 cups of popcorn with it
  • Features measuring cups
  • Safe with a dish washing machine for all non-electrical parts
  • Enabled with one-year warranties

Our verdict

When Dash has an interesting outlook, you get 16 cups of popcorn with it. Furthermore, it comes in three color choices that you can consider. You can be sure that every component piece that is not electrical is safe with a washing machine.

#2. Presto White

Presto White

Presto White Popcorn Popper is another desirable pick. There is no requirement of adding oil so that you don’t need to add more calories to your bodies. Furthermore, it has an 89% rate of popping kernels. It includes a video that you can watch to know the product can work. Besides, Presto White keeps things simple for you to clean the hot popcorn popper.

User manuals are ready for you in the collection when the whole product takes you only 2.5 minutes to go.

Reasons to buy

  • 89% rate of popping kernels
  • No need to add oil for popcorn
  • Taking only 2.5 minutes for the whole process

Our verdict

We don’t have any doubt about Presto White’s performance and how it can deck any kitchen counter with style. It comes with a beautiful or awesome white color. Meanwhile, the whole process of making popcorn takes only 2.5 minutes. Besides, it doesn’t require oil for cooking and popping those kernels.

#1. Presto Yellow

Presto Yellow

Presto Yellow hot air popcorn popper has a yellow color, first of all. It doesn’t require you to add oil for the product to work out its way. Besides, it features a measuring cup so that you can properly cook those kernels to become popcorns. The compact machine takes only 2.5 minutes for you to get 18 cups of popcorn with it. Besides, it is a smarter machine that gets your delicious popcorn compared with those traditional microwaves.

You can wipe Presto Yellow Popcorn Poppers clean with ease. Besides, it has a one-year warranty with it, lastly.

Reasons to buy

  • One-year warranty offered
  • Easy to wipe clean Presto Yellow
  • Taking only 2.5 minutes for the whole process
  • Getting 18 cups popcorns with it
  • Featuring a measuring cup

Our verdict

It is smart to have Presto Yellow around. You get one-year warranties with it. Additionally, you can conveniently wipe clean Presto Yellow. The whole process takes you only 2.5 minutes when it is much better than microwaves to get your favorite popcorn. You get 18 cups of popcorn for the whole process.


When there are plenty of hot popcorn poppers available right there, we encourage you to see some features such as the number of cup popcorns it can make, times spent for one whole process, convenience for cleaning, construction material and compact size to consider whether one hot popcorn popper is worthy or not.

When these considering features can be complex for your considerations, it helps you to buy the right product. All the mentioned products have these qualities. Regardless, if you are still unsure about your preferred hot popcorn popper, we encourage you to get a product with warranties as well. It offers you some peace of mind for sure.

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