Discover The 11 Best Gun Cleaning Mats In 2021

Imagine you’re on a summer, spring, or winter holiday. You might get bored in the house by doing repetitive activities daily. However, for all gun users, this moment might be one of the best opportunities for you so far to clean out your guns for the next usage. As we know, the gun cleaning process is not as easy as you think it is. It is recommended to use a professional material instead of a normal towel to omit leaks and smells inside your garage or backyard. Therefore, we introduce you to a high-end product that saves you from cleaning your space right after cleaning your gun. It is called a “Gun Cleaning Mat”.

So, what this does is allow you to spill as much liquid from the gun as possible without sinking on to the ground. It is easy to clean within a few seconds with just a normal paper towel. Today’s review is all about cleaning mats in different 11 models, along with their great performances.

#11. Livabit


Here comes a whole smooth black look with a little bit of a brand name down below the mat made by Livabit. This model comes in a large surface that allows you to place your guns on it freely without having to scratch any bits of the product. On top of that, it consists of 4mm of thickness that ensures anti-leaking for both liquid and other chemical substances during the cleaning process.

Livabit is constructed with smooth polyester material as the top cover and rubber as the base to prevent it from moving. It is easy to clean by just washing it with normal water with soap, if possible.

Reasons to Buy:

  • thin slice in the thickness of 4mm
  • oil and chemical absorber
  • rubber base and smooth cover finish

Our Verdict

With its dimensions and thickness this gun cleaning mat is really ideal for short-guns such as pistols and revolvers as it is thin and high in quality. It is easy to carry around with its soft and foldable texture.

#10. Rogue River Tactical

Rogue River Tactical


This is a chic and vintage design that made Rogue River Tactical. This model comes in a nice American flag, giving an elegant and stylish vibe to the look for those who love the military. Not just that, the price of this gun cleaning mat is economical compared to its high-quality material. Rogue River Tactical is built to make a soft and smooth touch as it is waterproof and easy to clean at any time.

The size of this is pretty similar to the previous one, which is suitable for those who are looking for a small-gun’s mat for usage. It is foldable and portable too.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Vintage and aesthetic design
  • Affordable in terms of price
  • Soft finish and water resistant

Our Verdict

This is another pick for those who want a mat for their pistols or revolvers but with a better design and nice look. It has a cushioned touch and it is waterproof. There is no reason to get one with this price range.

#9. Ultimate Arm Gears A10

Ultimate Arm Gears A10


This is an athletic and powerful look that must be included in this list in the model of Ultimate Arm Gears A10. Just like the previous 2 models, the top cover of this cleaning mat is made out of a sleek and cushion polyester fabric with a Neoprene rubber as the foundation of this mat. These 2 main materials resemble liquid and chemical resistant with no hassle and protect from scratches.

Apart from that, this model suits the A10 gun perfectly, which comes in gun components as a description to help you along the way. Not to mention that it comes in a nice black color with a little bit of an excessive space for your A-10.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Durable and enduring material and design
  • A gun map as a guide and design
  • Ideal for huge guns

Our Verdict

This model is a key to help you with the understanding of your A-10 gun more with the map description, which is a great deal for a gun cleaning mat. This model is long-lasting with its high-quality material. However, it is also suitable with Armorer and AR Rifle Gunsmith too.

#8. Drymate


This is another gun cleaning mat, which is made by Drymate. Drymates offers 2 sizes and colors for you to choose that one is for pistols, revolvers, and another version is for rifles. With a stylish alternative between orange and green, I’m sure you can make a choice out of it. Unlike the previous mats, this model provides an intense resistance in leaks and soaks, thanks to the rubber made from a durable Zorb-tech model.

Not to mention that this pad is surely machine washable and can be washed even with a scrub and soap, easy as that. This model has unexpectedly become one of the highest-rated cleaning mats of all, as it receives countless rates and good reviews so far.

Reasons to Buy:

  • 2 different size and colors for you to choose
  • High-tech construction with a Zorb-tech rubber for a premium absorption
  • Easy to wash, even with a machine and manually
  • Positive feedbacks relating to its performance, after used

Our Verdict

Drymate would be your buddy, if you are seeking for an intense cleaning mat that could cover up both of your gun sizes based on their size. In addition, it consists of an outstanding material that is reliable and durable as well.

#7. Real Avid

Real Avid

Let’s hop into another gun cleaning mat made by Real Avid. This model is seemingly extravagant in terms of its features, compared to most models. The most captivating feature so far about this is its material and especially the provided tray for tools placement. This tray allows you to work faster in grabbing your needed tools nearby your hand. Apart from that, this model’s material is enduring and resistant as it is liquid-proof and chemical substances resistant.

A note-worthy feature to mention is that Real Avid is constructed to be a large and smooth cleaning mat that is suitable for bigger guns and it is easy to clean too.

Reasons to Buy:

  • integrated tray for mini tools and other small objects placement
  • waterproof and oil resistant
  • easy to clean up

Our Verdict

This model would be applicable for all bigger gun surfaces as it is designed in a thin, flat and smooth surface that is easy to wash up in no time. Plus, I love how the tray turns out to be handy and accessible.

#6. Glock AD00073

Glock AD00073

We are introducing you to another gun cleaning mat model that is made by Glock AD00073. Surprisingly when it comes to design, Glock and Ultimate Arm Gears are doing a pretty great job with a really similar design but with a different material.

Glock AD00073 serves you with a thick and foldable nylon rubber that provides a resistant feature to the mat as the cover is padded with a sleek and soft fabric. It comes with a full black design coated with a Glock pistols map description to guide you during your cleaning process too.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Smooth and soft to the finishing touch
  • A map description about the suitability of the gun to the mat
  • Foldable and liquid resistant

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a high-quality gun cleaning mat for your pistols, Glock AD00073 would be a great choice for you to consider. There is a diagram demonstrating the gun components and how it is applicable to various types of shotguns too.

#5. Glock Gen5 AS10032

Glock Gen5 AS10032

This is another Glock choice for you to consider if you are looking for an innovative feature with design. This model would work with you well if you have shotguns like pistols. The printed components graphics are provided to show everything you need in one gun.

Apart from that, it has included an instruction relating to a lubricant addition during the process. With a thick design and durable quality like the previous one, I’m sure you would absolutely love it.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Economical in price comparing to its premium quality
  • For scoping into more of pistol components
  • Thick but lightweight, which is portable and handy in use

Our Verdict

Glock Gen5 AS10032 would serve you well, if you are looking for something premium but doesn’t break your bank. Not only this, but this would also be ideal for you to consider whether to re-apply lubricant inside your pistols with provided tips.

#4. Grizzly Gun Care

Grizzly Gun Care

This is a smooth and flat running surface for protecting and placing your gun made by Grizzly Gun Care. The thickness of this model is thick enough to cover a little bit of rough surface without feeling a bumpy space on it at all. Unexpectedly, this model also consists of a printed gun component which is comprehensible and helps you out during your gun builds.

Not to mention that this model is a superb fit for those who want to rebuild or upgrade their A15 guns. A sweet, durable material is provided into this one to prevent any liquid from dripping or soaking directly onto the ground.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Clear gun map
  • Thick construction design
  • Affordable in price

Our Verdict

As I’ve been reviewing so far, I could say that Grizzly Gun Care has received the most positive feedback so far in terms of its material and the readable printing on the surface. With a thick rubber and softcover design, I’m sure this would deserve to be your favorite one.

#3. Tekmat


If you are looking for an alternative for your A15, this Tekmat gun cleaning mat will serve just right like the previous model. Tekmat comes with Neoprene rubber that is non-slip as the top cover is made out of a thermo softening plastic, which is resistant to scratches, liquid, and oil.

With these materials, you can guarantee an anti-fading effect on your mat even after multiple times of washes. This mat also consists of a readable printing relating to the gun assembly on different in a very detailed way.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Long-lasting construction design with a rubber and thermo-plastic cover
  • Resistant to liquids, chemical substances, oil and color fading
  • Clear and detailed printing diagram

Our Verdict

We believe that this model would be a great alternative for long guns, especially for A15 guns. This is great for those who want to go deeper in terms of the gun’s components and its assembly.

#2. Ultimate Rifle Build

Ultimate Rifle Build

Seems like we can’t get away with long guns for. In this half of the review, this model is great for Rifles and other long guns cleaning mats that you should be considered as one of the alternatives. This product is professionally built to guarantee a durable quality to it as it is easy to use and wash in no time.

Apart from that, there is a shiny tray that is magnetic provided for you to help with the building, cleaning, and upgrading process. Additionally, the bottom part of this mat is made out of an organic tree rubber that is foldably covered with a polyester polished with a resistant effect on top of it.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Innovative design with printed and written components on the mat
  • Magnetic tray for essentials
  • Durable and organic rubber as a material

Our Verdict

This model is another A15 mat which is great for those who prefer a bigger surface than most of the A15 mats do have. Thanks to the smooth and enduring surface that allows this model to serve you more than just prevent your guns from scratching, but placing it as a mouse pad and keyboard pad would also work.

#1. Real Avid 1911

Real Avid 1911

Coming off to our very last product of this review, which is a pretty decent one for pistols or revolvers made by Real Avid once again. Real Avid 1911 comes with a tool replacement tray to help alleviate your mini storage during the process.

Not just that, the printed graphics are provided to help you with reassembling or upgrading your gun without any hesitation in a clear and colored HD quality. A cushion yet the liquid-resistant surface is integrated into this one cleaning mat.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High-quality printed instructions
  • Soft and durable design
  • Ideal for pistols and revolvers

Our Verdict

This cleaning mat is really ideal in terms of its quality as it is easy to fold into one piece and easy to wash off. Plus, the mini tools tray is considered to be one of the most convenient aspects so far that we need one cleaning mat.


In order to save both of your time and energy, after a long process of cleaning your gun, it is a really great option for you to choose a gun cleaning mat as your friend. Also, it leaves no mess, time-saving and great in price. I’m sure that all of the products we have picked for you all come in great features as they suit different versions of guns.

That’s why we are doing this review to help you select an ideal one to suit your purpose. Getting one of these is such an absolute long-term investment for you and it won’t be a disappointment for you guys at all.

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