Top 10 Best Foot Massagers for Diabetics – In 2021 Review

If you are one of the people who are diagnosed with diabetes, it’s definitely a good idea to look for methods to get yourself healed up quicker. Medication is necessary without a doubt. However, there are many other approaches to be cured much faster. And if you are reading this article, you are probably already aware that foot massage is certainly an excellent treatment which promotes recovery for all the diabetics out there. It improves blood flow through your body, inflammation, and pain reduction, while simultaneously giving your diabetic neuropathy the needed treatment.

But even if you do not have such illness, you can still get one for yourself anyway for the purpose of relaxation. So with that in mind, here are ten top state of the art foot massagers that you need to see.

#10. SereneLife Foot Massager for Heels & Ankles

SereneLife Foot Massager for Heels & Ankles

SereneLife foot massager will provide you with great relaxation and stress relief from your hard day at work by soothing your feet, from ankles to toes. And with the air pressure deep kneading it offers, this will promote the circulation of blood and ease up the pain.

Moreover, it also features a heat function, which can simply be activated through a single button; it will release the tensions in your muscles entirely while also keeping your feet warm, using infrared light. What’s more, it is built in an ergonomic design, enabling you to customize your own level of intensity and speed, activate the heat function whenever you want within touch on the LCD display.

Adding to these, it has a customizable base where you can adjust the height for the utmost comfortableness, and with the detachable foot covers, you can easily clean the machine to eliminate dirtiness. Finally, the massager is suitable for everyone with shoe sizes of up to 13.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • Air pressure deep kneading
  • Button-activated heat function
  • LCD display
  • Customizable base for height adjustment

Our Verdict

Because it has a heat function feature, it’s definitely a great product you want to have during the winter season to keep your feet warm. With the LCD display, it offers simple and convenient adjustment and access. And it’s adequate for the maximum shoe size of 13, so almost anyone can use it.

#9. Miko Foot Massager with Shiatsu

Miko Foot Massager with Shiatsu

Miko foot massager comes with three different settings, including kneading, heating, and rotating. It is constructed with 6 massager heads and consists of 18 rotating massager nodes to hit all specific acupuncture points on your feet. Furthermore, it is built with a sleek look with spacious soft foot pads for you to move your feet freely to find a comfortable area and has a one-button control that holds all the adjustment of your message speed, pressure, and heat, which you can even touch just by using your toe.

And, since it features multiple massage modes, it helps to soothe the feet, promotes blood flow, and relieves tension and soreness.

In addition, thanks to its lightweight and movable design, it can easily be relocated anywhere around the house and would fit right into the surrounding owing to its aesthetic look.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • Kneading, heat and rotating massage modes
  • single button control
  • 6 massager heads with 18 massager nodes
  • Portable and lightweight

Our Verdict

With different types of massage settings provided, it will offer many benefits in many issues, such as plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, poor blood flow, diabetes, tensions in the muscles, and more. And since it only has one button, it takes customization to an easier level, and you can do it with your toe.

#8. Naipo Foot Massager w/ Deep Kneading

Naipo Foot Massager w Deep Kneading

Naipo foot massager will relieve all stresses on your feet with all of its 18 deep-kneading nodes. It also features an optional infrared heat therapy which will offer your feet a warm heated massage that goes from 40 to 45 degrees Celsius, enhancing the soothing experience. And, thanks to the breathable mesh, your feet will be penetrated by the heat at a quicker speed, stimulating the blood flow at the sole of the feet.

Additionally, it only comes with single toe-touch button control and is ergonomically built to be titled at 10 degrees to rest your feet at a more comfortable angle. Moreover, you don’t have to fear about your feet being too big, as it is made big enough to suit anyone with any shoe size. However, if the soreness isn’t on the feet, but rather on your back and calf, you can also use it on those areas.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • 18 deep-kneading nodes
  • Switchable heating function
  • One toe-touch button control
  • 10o tilted ergonomic design

Our Verdict

Owing to its big size, once you buy it, any one of your relatives in your family can enjoy it without having to worry about the shoe size difference. And because of its 10o titled angle, you can enjoy the foot massage more comfortably without having to position your legs at a straight line.

#7. MARNUR Electronic Foot Massager

MARNUR Electronic Foot Massager

MARNUR foot massager will give you a refreshing and rejuvenated sensation with its three controllable functions, including rolling message, airbag compression, and heating function. First of all, the heat setting has two optional levels for you to choose from, between 113℉ and 104. Moreover, the machine is equipped with three levels of intensity, with one being suited for teenagers and the elderly, while the other two are for middle-aged females and males.
What’s more, the deep rolling massage actually mimics a real professional masseuse’s hand/finger pressing movements, which will relieve the stiffness and soreness more effectively. Besides, this massager also comes with soft foot fabric covers that will make the massage even smoother, which is also possible for you to remove for cleaning.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • Three different functions
  • Three intensity levels
  • Detachable breathable covers
  • Mimicking a professional masseuse

Our Verdict

Since it has two heat levels, you can adjust it to the temperature that is to your liking. And it is great that it has intensity levels for different ages and genders because it provides a more adequate massage for different types of people that way. Plus, it copies the technique of a skilled masseuse, so you are definitely in for a great soothing massage.

#6. Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager

Cloud Massage foot massager is built with five settings that will reduce the pains and aches, such as rolling massage, compression therapy, joints loosening sway function, tension-relieving heat function, and a quiet mode that will let you rest peacefully while enjoying the soothing and relaxing massage. This foot massager is best for treating plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, heel spurs, swellings, and even provides excellent recovery if you have just workout.

And, not only does it heal, but also improves the blood flow. Furthermore, it also provides you with the most comfortable deep-kneading shiatsu massage with an adjustable bar that will hold the machine for different angles, allowing you to customize the position of the massager however you want. Lastly, it also fits most men and women’s foot sizes.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • Adjustable Bars
  • Heat function
  • Air compression
  • Deep kneading shiatsu massage

Our Verdict

Cloud Massage massager has bars that can be adjusted to hold the machine at any angle, so it’s a great massager to have since you can set it at a tilted angle when you are sitting down and set it flat when you are resting on your bed. And it’s an excellent machine to heal many aches as mentioned above.

#5. MedMassager 11-Speed Foot Massager

MedMassager 11-Speed Foot Massager

MedMassager foot massager allows you to rejuvenate your calf and feet at eleven different speeds, from 1000 to 3700 rpm, enabling you to adjust the speed to how fast you want it. This massager has an ergonomic design which consists of a full-sized oscillating foot pad, equipped with an arch-bar and a surface that will stimulate all the acupuncture points.

This machine is also built to stand at a tilted angle to give maximum comfort when using, and it can be used even when you have your shoes on. As for the massager, it is used to treat aches such as diabetic and peripheral neuropathy, heel and bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, or if you are just receiving minor pain on the feet, calves, or legs, you can also use this for recovery.

Moreover, it is also preferred by doctors and therapists since it helps promote blood flow.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • Powerful speed that goes up to 3700 rpm
  • Oscillating foot pad with arch bar
  • Pressure points targeting surface
  • Tilted angle design

Our Verdict

Because of the ergonomic design that it has, you won’t have a hard time using it to massage other areas of your bodies like most massagers. Instead, with this one, you can simply flip it around when you need to use it on your calves or legs. And it is also a product for those who usually suffer from the pains mentioned above.

#4. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

Belmint foot massager is built with 6 massager heads with each containing three deep-kneading nodes. Added to this, there is also a heat function that can be activated with just a single touch on a button, with this turned on, you’ll be receiving a warm sensation while simultaneously getting blood flow enhancement. It is also possible to be adjusted at an angle that will suit your need and will automatically turn itself off once the 20-minute mark has passed, for the purpose of your safety. What’s more, it is also portable and can easily be rearranged.

Finally, it is a great product to have for those who have exhausting jobs during the day, as long hours shift could potentially cause aches such as chronic pain, nerve pain, and plantar fasciitis, and this foot massager is the product that is used to getting rid of those issues.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • 6 massager heads
  • Heat function
  • Easily-access single button control
  • Great for long hours working people

Our Verdict

Many massagers might not have the automatic shutoff feature, which, in a way, can be harmful. Imagine turning on the heat function and accidentally falling asleep, it will cause damage to your feet instead of treating it, so this massager is definitely one of the great choices. Plus, it can be accessed through a single button, making it convenient to use.

#3. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Miko foot massager consists of two-foot chambers for you to relax your feet while enjoying the five different air pressure levels that are equipped in the machine. The massager also comes with two wireless remotes which you can use instead of bending down to adjust the settings as most massagers require you to do. But with this, you can easily rejuvenate your feet while doing other leisure activities without having to move around too much.

Furthermore, it has detachable covers that are convenient to be washed, air compression therapy, reflexology rolling nodes, heel acupressure massager with arch support. And for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, or any sort of pain in your feet, this machine will help improve the circulation of the blood with its deep kneading, shiatsu rolling, and it even has heat function for keeping your feet in a warm temperature.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • Five levels of air pressure
  • Two cordless remote controls
  • Heat function
  • Removable washable covers

Our Verdict

No one is bothered to move around when they are relaxing, that’s why having remote controls to adjust the settings of your massager is absolutely useful. And unlike most massagers, this one is equipped with many things that will help support your feet while giving you a relaxing massage. Plus, with five different levels of air pressure, you can set it at any level to suit your needs.

#2. RENPHO Foot Massager Machine w/ Heat

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine w and Heat

This RENPHO foot massager is constructed with rotation balls and rolling stick that will knead deeply, pressing and rolling your entire feet, while air compresses against the top of your feet. Moreover, the machine can be adjusted through the five buttons provided. The first is a timer button, which you can set to 15 or 30 minutes and the massager will automatically turn off once the time is up. The second is the intensities button which you can adjust to three different modes.

While the next one is an on/off button, the fourth one holds the air compression adjustment, you can set it to low, medium, or high. And the last one consists of the heating function mode. Added to this, you don’t have to worry about the hygienic aspect as the cloth in the foot chamber can be removed and washed easily or replaced.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • Simple control panel
  • Removable washable inner cloth
  • Three different modes of shiatsu massage
  • Heat function

Our Verdict

Massagers with a detachable cloth like this one can be very useful, as you begin to use it more and more, it tends to get dirty. And with the timer feature provided, you can fall asleep easily while having your feet massaged without worrying about it going to be on until morning.

#1. Nekteck Foot Heat Massager

Nekteck Foot Heat Massager

In order to ease up the tensions in your feet, and help circulate the blood flow, Nekteck foot massager is designed with six massager heads with each consisting of three nodes. What’s more, it is equipped with a heat function which you can turn on to relieve the pain more comfortably. Furthermore, the height can be adjusted in three different levels, in order to meet your preference and comfort. And since it only includes one button which can easily be touched just with your toe, you will not need to bend down every time you want to adjust the settings.

Besides, it also features a handle which you can carry around with you for easy relocation, or if you are on vacation, you can pack it along with you with no problems.

Compelling Reasons to Buy:

  • 6 massager heads with 18 nodes
  • Height adjustment available
  • Toe-touch single button control
  • Carry handle

Our Verdict

If your work tends to take a lot out of you, having a massager like this one can be very helpful, as it rejuvenates your feet and offers a refreshing sensation with its heat function. And with a carry handle provided, you won’t have any problems moving it.

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