Top 8 Best Fat Bikes under $1000 In 2021

Fat bikes are among the best, most essential companions for any biking journey since they bring you fun, health, comfort, and peace of mind. Especially when riding on rough terrains, a fat bike is the best in terms of improved traction and grips.

There are plenty of fat bikes that are available on the market today. Shopping for one may be an easy breezy task. Yet, if you want a good one that meets your specific needs, that is a different story.

To simplify your selection, we would like to show you these top 8 best fat bikes under $1000 that are really suitable for a variety of needs and desires. Let’s begin.

List of 8 Best Fat Bikes under $1000 of 2021

#8. Krusher Men’s Dynacraft Fat Bike

Krusher Men’s Dynacraft Fat Bike

If you’re looking for an incredible fat tire bike, this Dynacraft is definitely the right pick for you. This bike is made of deluxe steel that can ensure durability and safety for users. With the fat tires, you can ride it on an adventure without hesitation since it is pretty tough with most difficult situations which means it cannot bump into things quickly. Moreover, it is designed to be absolutely brilliant and stylish for those who enjoy biking on a journey.

This one consists of the adventure style handlebar and the portable seat post that enhances the rider’s convenience as well as comfort while riding. Plus, the three-piece crank and the trendy bike aluminum rim helps the bike work smoothly along the way to your destination. The rear and front brake also allow for a powerful pause during fast rides.

Reasons to Buy

  • Three-piece crank
  • Mountain-style handle
  • Portable seat post
  • Strong and effective brakes
  • Big tires
  • Design-led aluminum rim
  • Safe for fast rides

Our Verdict

This fat bike comes with a completely thoughtful design that helps the user feel very safe and easy to use/ride the bike at any time. Affordable price with suitable functions, this is just something many people and bike enthusiasts are looking for.

#7. North Woods Full Suspension Fat Bike

North Woods Full Suspension Fat Bike

North Woods is a fantastic fat tire bike that you should consider buying for some reason. This stunning bike uses an aluminum frame combined with the 50mm steel crown forks which is a durable material for an adventure bike. Besides being such a sturdy bike, this item also focuses on how fast this thing runs on the road. With the 21-speed twist shifters, there will never be obstacles you cannot get through.

Additionally, the Shimano rear derailleur helps the shifter work even better and faster so that you will be much satisfied with it. More importantly, the crank is triple steel that is extremely durable that never lets you down when it comes to adventure trips. A 26-inch alloy rim offers such an extra decorative look to your bikes.

Reason to Buy

  • A fantastic speed bike
  • 21 twist shifters plus the rear derailleur
  • Triple steel crank for added ruggedness
  • Very tough, stand the tests of rough terrains well
  • 26 inch alloy rim for an enhanced appeal

Our Verdict

North Woods is something we totally admire when it comes to speed. This item should be great for those who love fast and durable bikes.

#6. Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike for Kids

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike for Kids

Mongoose Kong is a highly functional bike that is technically suitable for kids or somehow small people because of its size. This lovely bike comes with a height of 48 to 60inch and the post seat is actually 13inch. As a result, this is much sufficient for your children to have their own bikes when you want to be on vacation as a whole family. However, it is equipped with Shimano rear derailleur with seven-speed modes that easily allow you to go on to a mountain.

Furthermore, the cruiser pedal and the brake work perfectly to maintain safety for your kids. Surprisingly, the bike headset is totally tough enough for stable riding along with alloy rims which never make your fall from your bike conveniently. Regarding the tires, it is really big and protective under many obstacles.

Reasons to Buy

  • Highly suitable kids bike
  • Top quality materials
  • Speed and safety offered
  • Big, strong tires
  • 7 speed modes
  • Alloy rims for added safety

Our Verdict

Having troubles related to choosing a bike for your lovely children? This one is absolutely the finest solution. Safety and durability are already in this product which are the necessities for sure.

#5. Mongoose Aztec Fat Tire Bicycle

Mongoose Aztec Fat Tire Bicycle

This wonderful bicycle is another product from Mongoose and it is called Mongoose Aztec. Firstly, the design of the item looks extremely stylish, and you will fall in love with it. It has a used metal frame that is such a strong material, and the fat tires will always keep you on track with your journey. Without leaving the same concept, there is still the 7-speed shift plus 7 speed rear derailleur to speed up your journey.

What’s more, the 26inch alloy wide rim is gorgeous — attached with the front and rear brake-disc which can stop your bike effectively by just grabbing the brake gear a little bit. By the way, the three crank and threadless headset make this lovely bike highly functional.

Reasons to Buy

  • 7 speed shifts
  • Gorgeous design
  • Using disc brake both the front and rear
  • Fully equipped
  • Riders can speed up without any worry

Our Verdict

This Mongoose Aztec is a suitable bike for anyone which is functional for almost every part. The special factor about this one is the brake disc which is a very useful feature for a bike like this.

#4. Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

It seems like Mongoose is getting better from time to time. This newer fat bike from them is even better and more innovative than ever. This Mongoose Malus is one of the best bikes among the company’s products, as well as among the best bikes of all time.

In fact, Mongoose Malus consists of beach cruiser fat tires which are incredible for going just about anywhere. Moreover, this one’s design is quite genius as it operates smoothly on most types of roads. On the other hand, you will also fancy those 4inch white wheelsets that create an eye-catching look to the people.

In addition, with the brake disc, your destination will always stay on the track full of security. In some cases, that you have to go on a hill, speed is a requirement. This bike also has the 7-speed level shift with Shimano rear derailleur and the 3-piece crank plus the strong pedal which always keeps you joyfully riding it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Beach cruiser design
  • Good fat tires
  • Speedy
  • 7 speed options
  • 3-piece crank
  • Safety and functional with most parts

Our Verdict

This Mongoose is absolutely insane in terms of many desirable features. With the beach cruiser style, you can be certain about the convenience of the system and how adaptable this thing works.

#3. Gravity Bullseye Monster Aluminum Fat Bike

Gravity Bullseye Monster Aluminum Fat Bike

By just taking a quick look, this Gravity Bullseye Monsters will accurately catch your attention. The amazing bike will conquer your way to anywhere without a single problem like a monster as its design. You don’t need to be concerned over the sturdiness of the product since it’s built from aluminum which is quite a powerful material for many things. Moreover, this object is all about safety as well because the Tektro disc of front and the rear brake will definitely help you stop the bike right on time, avoiding all danger.

However, the 16-speed level drivetrain is just simply perfect in case you have to go on a mountain, you will really need this kind of speed and smoothness. As a matter of fact, the huge tires are pretty strong which are uneasy about being bumpy when riding on difficult land. Therefore, taking this bike is the ideal choice which you will never ever feel insecure about taking on any circumstances.

Reason to Buy

  • Awesome design
  • Aluminum frame
  • Speed level gear perfect for mountain
  • Huge and tough tires
  • The brakes are always dependable
  • Reliable safety

Our Verdict

If you are having trouble finding a good-looking bike, you’d better check this one out. The design as well as the feature included in the product is nothing but really a gem for bikers.

#2. FUNFATBIKES Official NHL Fat Bike


Without a doubt, the second best fat bike is brought to you by FUNFATBIKES. This extraordinary product is really something that you should take a very close look and a deep consideration. The FUNFATBIKES contain such a fashionable design with the elegant color and innovative features. In fact, this one uses 26inch Kenda Juggernaut tires that are quite tough against any type of terrain. What’s more, you have a chance to ride the bike using 4inch aluminum rims which are extremely decorative and strong at the same time.

Surprisingly, this bike runs a mountain or on a hill smoothly without any issue because it consists of a 7-speed twist shifter with Shimano rear derailleur that is the best function on a bike. When you need to pause or stop for a moment, the brake disc of the object never disappoints its owner. Any other functions are also included in the products; you will barely have a complaint regarding this admirable bike.

Reasons to Buy

  • Kenda juggernaut tires
  • Stay durable as always
  • Speed shifts
  • Aluminum rims for appeal and toughness
  • Conquers all sorts of terrains
  • Full functions

Our Verdict

A bike that never lets you down on your adventure is this FUNFATBIKES for sure. Everything, especially the Kenda juggernaut tires, will make your bicycle a dream come true.

#1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike

By seeing the Mongoose company brand, you don’t really need to worry about the quality of the product at all. To be clear, the Mongoose is technically an authentic brand which has earned trust from many people already. This Mongoose Dolomite will never ever disappoint you with their pure functions. These beautiful bikes come with such an admirable design that wins people’s hearts. This bike has two knobby tires that run on the terrain smoothly.

Furthermore, when it comes to mountain or hill, this bike is just normally fine with that because the speed level gear with Shimano rear derailleur will increase the engine power for you to successfully go up any hill without any problems. Particularly, the adjustable seat, as well as the headset, will be just ideal for those struggles with height.

Besides that, red wheelsets combined with the alloy rims are completely attractive because of the vibrant red color. More importantly, the beach cruiser pedal is an expert at keeping your feet stuck to the bicycle to assure you the stability and security with the brake disc.

Reason to Buy

  • Mongoose brand
  • Strong fat tires
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Fast speed; great for mountaineering
  • Beach cruiser pedal
  • Adjustable height
  • Durability with every single part of the bike

Our Verdict

This Mongoose Dolomite is actually the best of all time when it comes to bikes. This thing is really excellent with any situation and it can get through easily. Security and durability are all promised in this magnificent bike.


Fat bikes are a good investment for your health and for entertainment purposes. An excellent fat bike can last decades and it can get you to enjoy biking endlessly. Thus, if you have found your preferred model in the reviews already, do not fail to get yours while these goodies are still available.

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