Top 10 Best Crossfit Gym Bags Review In 2021

Are you looking forward to starting your gym life? Are you looking for a replacement for your old gym bag? If so, crossfit gym bags are highly recommended to you thanks to both of the quality and storage that you can enjoy from this bag. If you wonder about how the bag can serve you, please follow us along in the reviews of the top 10 best crossfit gym bags. We will include a detailed description as well as a short summary of the reasons to buy for you. They all come with great features and outstanding functions to serve you.

List of Top 10 Best Crossfit Gym Bags In 2021

#10. Bear Komplex Crossfit Gym Bags with 2 Compression StrapsBear Komplex Crossfit Gym Bags with 2 Compression Straps

First of all, we have this crossfit gym bag from Bear Komplex. It is designed for storage since there are multiple pockets inside for you to keep all of your essentials separated and organized. It is ideal for both home and gym use.

The bag is made from 100D nylon, and the pockets are reinforced by zippered lining in order to secure the items in place. In the exterior part of the bag, there are 2 compression straps and a shoulder strap, so the packing and transportation are easy and convenient. The pockets are also water-resistant, and therefore, you will never have to worry about the rainy or snowy days.

With this bag, you are allowed to enjoy the best satisfaction. Otherwise, you will get your money back as promised by Bear Komplex.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Constructed of military grade 100D nylon.
  • Comes with multiple compartments and pockets for storage.
  • Water resistant coating.

Our Verdict

The design of Bear Komplex’s gym bag targets both indoor and outdoor usage for both sunny and rainy days.

#9. Crowd Designz Crossfit Gym BagsCrowd Designz Crossfit Gym Bags

Next, we should take a look at this crossfit gym bag from Crowd Designz. This bag is made for both men and women with a smart design. It is built with many compartments to serve different purposes. The design includes a shoe compartment, divider as well as a USB port for you to charge the device.

The bag can also serve as a seamless backpack. It is built with backpack straps which you can use to carry easily. Besides, tote and shoulder straps are both included according to your demand. In this bag, there is a cup and bottle holder, and the compartment is resistant to moisture.

The bag is made from 600D polyester, and it is reinforced by double stitching. As a result, the durability is also guaranteed in the long run.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Built from high quality 600D polyester fabrics.
  • Includes backpack, shoulder and tote straps.
  • Provides a USB charging port.
  • Made with multiple compartments.

Our Verdict

If you prioritize the durability and stability of the bag, never forget this gym bag from Crowd Designz.

#8. Fitdom Breathable Crossfit Gym BagsFitdom Breathable Crossfit Gym Bags

Another choice for an excellent crossfit gym bag is from Fitdom. The design is both durable and reliable to last for many years. The bag is made with high-quality materials, and all parts are connected with professional stitching to prevent the bag from ripping. There is no need to worry about tearing or wearing.

It is equipped with multiple waterproof pockets so that you can store the clothes and shoes conveniently. The shoe compartment is also made with a wide range of ventilation holes to prevent odor. It is also easy to carry with the D rings included as well as a carabiner.

Still, if there are any problems with the quality of the product, please feel free to return in order to get a full refund.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Comes with a strong and durable construction.
  • Pockets are waterproof.
  • Easy to carry.

Our Verdict

Fitdom is dedicated to providing a practical design of a bag to accompany you to the gym in the long run.

#7. WODSuperStore Spacious Crossfit Gym BagsWODSuperStore Spacious Crossfit Gym Bags

Moving onto the next crossfit gym bag from WODSuperStore, it is designed to save you a lot of time and money since you will never have to find a replacement frequently again. This duffle bag offers a spacious space, which you can use to pack anything you prefer.

The bag is made with various compartments and storage pockets that you can use to separate the wet and dry items from one another. There is also a mesh pocket to store the shoes with the best ventilation.

It is also so strong and durable that it can withstand even the toughest use for many years ahead. So, if you are in need of a gym bag, this is highly recommended.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Features many compartments for both dry and wet accessories.
  • Provides a shoe compartment with the best breathability.

Our Verdict

If you decide to invest your time and money with WODSuperStore, you will get your money worth with the trustable quality and durability.

#6. WolfWarriorX Large Crossfit Gym BagsWolfWarriorX Large Crossfit Gym Bags

For this crossfit gym bag from WolfWarriorX, it is available in many colors for choices, including green, black, and tan color. It features a large capacity which is up to 4186 cubic inches. The bag is built from waterproof material, and therefore, it is ideal for an outdoor gym.

There are up to 4 main compartments for this bag, and they are separated from one another in order for you to store dirty clothes inside. The side pockets are designed with zippers so that you can get the most valuable items, such as phones and wallets, protected inside.

The design is also multifunctional, which can serve as a gym bag, travel bag as well as a sports bag. Thanks to the use of mildew-resistant materials, it is very easy for maintenance. What you have to do is simply wipe the surface to get it clean once again.

Reasons to Buy:

  • High capacity with the volume of 4186 cubic inches.
  • Built with 4 large compartments.
  • Offers multiple functions.
  • Easy to clean.

Our Verdict

In case you would like to own a practical and low maintenance cost design, choose this bag from WolfWarriorX.

#5. sportsnet Lightweight Gym Bagssportsnet Lightweight Gym Bags

This crossfit gym bag from sportsnet is also worth taking into consideration. The design of this bag features the attention to details. It is built with both dry and wet compartments so that you can have clean and dirty clothes and accessories separated from one another. The pocket is made with PVC, and it is waterproof to store the wet items.

It also includes other pockets for shoes and water bottles. They are mesh pockets, and the water pocket can store a bottle at up to 800mL. The bag has a lightweight body at only 1lb, and it is much lighter if compared to the traditional gym bag that you are familiar with.

It includes both handles and shoulder straps that serve as alternatives to one another. You can enjoy up to 3 options for the carrying styles according to your preferences.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made from waterproof PVC and linings.
  • Separated compartments for dry and wet items.
  • Includes shoe and water bottle compartments.

Our Verdict

Sportsnet aims to provide you with an easy and convenient gym experience with this crossfit gym bag.

#4. AmazonBasics Gym Bags with Large PocketsAmazonBasics Gym Bags with Large Pockets

If you are in love with bright color design, consider this crossfit gym bag from AmazonBasics. It comes with many bright colors, such as blue, pink, and green. It is built from 100% polyester, and it is a small size bag with a capacity of 40 liters. This is ideal for you to go to the gym alone.

The design is super outstanding. The bottom part of the bag is made to be abrasion resistant, while the large pockets are all zippered to prevent theft and items inside from falling off. There is also a pocket where you can store dirty clothes and shoes without any odor.

The shoulder strap design is fully adjustable, and there is also a grab handle that you can use for outdoor usage. With a 1 year limited warranty from AmazonBasics, you are guaranteed with the best consumer satisfaction.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made from polyester and mesh pockets.
  • Offers many compartments for different kinds of items.
  • Guaranteed with a 1-year warranty.

Our Verdict

The goal of AmazonBasics to maximize the convenience of your gym experience by designing a spacious space for all of your belongings.

#3. Kuston Crossfit Bags with PocketsKuston Crossfit Bags with Pockets

For this crossfit gym bag from Kustone, it is made from professional grade oxford fabric that is not only lightweight but also extremely durable in the long run. It is resistant to water, theft, wearing and tearing for many years.

It is built with multifunctional pockets for you to store a lot of items. The pockets inside are made for valuable items, such as wallets and smartphones. The big compartments are for shoes and clothes, while there is also a zippered pocket for wet clothes as well as towels.

This one is made with a comfortable handle, and the shoulder straps are detachable in case you do not need it. However, even the handle is fully adjustable to match your size and preferences.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Lightweight and stable design.
  • Includes a variety of pocket sizes and designs for different items.
  • Provides adjustable handle and shoulder straps for a convenient transportation.

Our Verdict

Kuston excels at using the small size design to maximize its values by separating the space into spacious compartments for the storage of multiple items.

#2. FocusGear Crossfit BagsFocusGear Crossfit Bags

What about this crossfit gym bag from FocusGear? It is upgraded with more durable materials along with the reinforced stitching at points in order to make the structure more reliable. The bottom panel is also water-resistant in order to be suitable for all weather conditions.

There are multiple compartments inside the design, and it can accommodate the maximum bottle size of 32oz. This is really desirable when it comes to gym time. Even with a compact design, there are up to 10 compartments inside. There are 2 wet pockets for you to store dirty clothes and shoes after wearing them at the gym.

Thanks to the big mouth opening design of the bag, it is very easy to gain access to the items inside.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Durable construction with reinforced stitching.
  • Provides various compartments for storage.
  • Includes 2 wet pockets for wet clothes.
  • Features a big mouth design.

Our Verdict

Bring a gym bag from FocusGear to the gym with you, and you will get the fullest collection of your personal belongings inside.

#1. Under Armour Polyester Crossfit BagsUnder Armour Polyester Crossfit Bags

Last but not least, we should not miss this crossfit gym bag from Under Armour. As a famous brand in the sport and gym field, the quality of the bag is fully trustable thanks to the many years of experience. It is built from polyester, and it features a capacity of 88 liters inside. All the lining areas are reinforced by polyester to ensure durable construction.

Moreover, it features a zippered closure to secure the items inside. You will never have to worry about items falling off from the bag. The shoulder drop measures its size at 11 inches so that you can carry it with ease.

After using it, you can rely on the washing machine to do the washing job for you. The height of the bag is about 40 inches high.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Made from polyester.
  • Uses the zippered closure.
  • Shoulder drop length at 11 inches.

Our Verdict

Under Armour ensures the best and most practical design of a gym bag for all time with years of experience as proof.


In short, above is a round-up of the top 10 best crossfit gym bags In 2021. If you are in need of gym training, get a bag now to get the preparation step ready. We wish you all the best with your gym experience and have a healthy lifestyle from now on.

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