Top 10 Best Crawling Toys In 2021

Crawling toys are the perfect companions to entertain your babies as they start to learn how to crawl. This type of toy is very fun and entertaining, and it can help and accompany the baby for hours. It is cute and colorful, and crawling toys are very popular. You will also find 10 best crawling toys in the list below, and all of them are great. You might want to check them out, we only recommend the options with high quality.

List of  Best Crawling Toys Review

#10. Baby Crawling Toy With Flash Lights & MusicBaby Crawling Toy With Flash Lights & Music

By: Stone & Clark

Giggly worm has always been the super cute and entertaining type of toy for babies and kids. The special thing about this option is that it moves and it makes sound which is even better. In fact, it is the learning toy that supports your babies as learn to crawl or start walking. This crawling toy simply inspires your child to follow, move, explore, and have fun at the same time. Not to mention that this adorable worm can even rotate its head, it is super interactive to play with.

Another great thing about it is that it plays fun sounds that keep the baby entertained. Along with that, there are 6 songs that kids will love listening to as they crawl or play. Plus with the colorful design of the toy, it also promotes the kids to learn about colors as well. This crawling toy alone is very beneficial and fun for young children to have and play. According to the popularity, this can be the crawling toy that your loved ones will enjoy playing with.

Key Features

  • Colorful and adorable design
  • Rotating head with flash lights
  • Flexible body for great movement
  • Sturdy, non-toxic, and safe to play
  • Music button with songs and fun sounds

#9. Crawling Lady Bug Toy With MusicCrawling Lady Bug Toy With Music

By: KiddoLab

Here we have another colorful crawling toy with a cute lady bug face that you might like. The awesome thing about this option is that it is compact and small for your babies to play with. However, it provides so much when it comes to educational activities despite its size. This lady bug crawling toy has buttons, sliding rings, colorful beads, and many more. All of these simply teach your babies to learn and develop as they grow.

On top of that, there are also some fun music and melodies that entertain your babies as well. This function is very useful because it actually encourages the children to move or even dance. Also, this crawling toy is safe for children to play with its BPA-free materials design. With both cuteness and quality, this can be the next favorite crawling toy for your babies. Let’s take a look and see if you like this adorable lady bug.

Key Features

  • Colorful and bright design
  • Fun, educational, and interactive
  • Easy and safe for children to play
  • Multiple activities and sounds with music

#8. Laugh & Learn Crawling Toy VacuumLaugh & Learn Crawling Toy Vacuum

By: Fisher-Price

Looks like a vacuum but is a nice crawling toy, this option is one a kind to have. Just like most of the best crawling toys, this one is also colorful and adorable. It comes with sounds, songs, and even phrases that teach your kids various things as they grow. All you need is a simple press, and the vacuum like toy will start rolling forward. That is how it encourages your children to crawl or walk which is very effective and helpful.

That is not all, there are 3 ways that you can get this crawling toy to move which is so convenient. Not to mention the fun music and lights that it comes with, there are endless ways to entertain your babies. This crawling toy is super cute and fun, and it is also very nice to for kids to play with as well. Plus with the reasonable price, this is a great option that you should have in mind. Many parents like its performance, and maybe you will too.

Key Features

  • Fun phrases, sounds, and songs
  • Easy and convenient to play with
  • Educational and counting functions
  • Exciting lights and gross motor skills

#7. Musical Crawling Toy With Spinning ShellMusical Crawling Toy With Spinning Shell

By: Yookidoo

When it comes to versatile crawling toy, this option has it all for your babies. The special thing about this option is that it features the 2-in-1 function that works as two different toys. Either way, this snail crawling toy can play music while spinning its shell to entertain your little ones. At the same time, it even turns its head from side to side as it rolls which is super cute. That is when it gets the baby’s attention and the desire to crawl and follow.

In case the toddlers don’t prefer the music, you can turn it off and let the baby play it like a normal toy. It is cute and colorful, and it makes a great companion for little babies out there. Good quality comes with price, and this option will not let you down. Many kids have so much fun with this toy, no doubt why it is among the best crawling toys. You should check it out, maybe this option has what it takes to match with your preference.

Key Features

  • Shell spinning and rolling
  • Colorful and entertaining for kids
  • Safe and durable for long term use
  • Works either with or without the music

#6. Explore & Crawl Teddy BearExplore & Crawl Teddy Bear

By: VTech

Teddy bears are always a great toy for both toddlers and kids out there. As for this crawling toy, it is super cute and soft as well as perfect for promoting children’s crawling stage. That makes it comfortable and safe to touch which is a total plus. This cute teddy bear simply encourages the toddlers to follow as it crawls forward. All you need is a simply push on the button, and the teddy will start crawling across the floor right away. There are also songs, sounds, melodies, and even phrases that this crawling teddy bear comes with. With so much to offer, we are sure that crawling toy is perfect for your children.

Key Features

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Various development benefits
  • Encourages crawling and learning
  • Multiple songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases

#5. Turtle Crawling Toy With English & Spanish LanguageTurtle Crawling Toy With English & Spanish Language

By: iPlay, iLearn

It is true that kids tend to learn languages fast as they start to crawl. That is why this crawling toy is useful since it comes with both English and Spanish mode. Each mode teaches the kids how to count this alphabets and numbers which is is the perfect first step. This simply familiarize the toddlers with some basic things as they start to grow. Along with that, there are also happy songs that the kids can enjoy or sing along which is a total plus.

Since this crawling toy is plastic, you might worry that it will break or cause any harm. In fact, that is not true because it comes with the design from durable and shatterproof ABS plastic. It is both heavy duty and tough, and all the edges are soft which is super safe for kids to play with. As one of the best crawling toys with hundreds of positive reviews, you will not regret choosing it. Not to mention the good price, this crawling turtle is one of a kind to have.

Key Features

  • Colorful and functional
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Soft edges for safe and easy handling
  • Durable and shatterproof materials design

#4. Rock & Glow Crawling Toy With Unicorn DesignRock & Glow Crawling Toy With Unicorn Design

By: Bright Starts

Cuteness is always there when your baby has this adorable unicorn right here as their crawling toy. The awesome thing about this option is that it allows the kids to explore various senses on their body. This unicorn will start to activate the lights as well as music when your child touches its magic horn. That is both fun and entertaining, and toddlers absolutely love this. Not to mention that it also provides the music along with galloping action, this unicorn is simply great. This mode makes the unicorn gallops and rocks so that the baby can crawl and follow it. It is cute and fun, and its price is also great. Don’t forget to check it out, this unicorn is among the best.

Key Features

  • Colorful and active to play with
  • Plays music along with lights and sound
  • Rock and gallops for the toddlers to follow
  • Educational modes with colors, shapes, and numbers learning

#3. Musical Minnie Mouse Plush ToyMusical Minnie Mouse Plush Toy

By: Disney

In case your baby likes watching Disney cartoon especially Mickey Mouse, this can be their next favorite crawling toy. The unique thing about this toy is that it is the character that kids are familiar with. So that encourages the child to move and follow as the toy crawls forward which is simply great. At the same time, this Minnie Mouse toy also plays the soothing and calm music as well. That way, your toddlers will feel safe around the toy which is amazing.

Another thing that we like about this option that this crawling toy is super soft and comfortable to touch. So in case the kids catch up with the toy and hug it, they will feel the softness from the toy. This is also a total plus because it promotes sensory activities with the kids as they grow. Plus with the perfect size that the baby can cuddle with, this Minnie Mouse crawling toy is one of a kind.

Key Features

  • Easy to play with and hold
  • Soft and comfortable to touch
  • Plays calm and soothing sounds
  • Colorful and adorable dress design

#2. Crawling Toy With 3-Stage Developmental LearningCrawling Toy With 3-Stage Developmental Learning

By: Skip Hop

The special thing about this option that it does not only encourage crawling but also teach a lot of things. This crawling toy has the adorable bee design that is both cute and colorful at the same time. It simply teachers your toddlers music, lights, and movement as it grows with the baby. On top of that, it does what a bee should by making buzzing sounds to stimulate the baby’s sensory development.

With up to 3 stages of developmental learning, your kids will be able to learn so much. That makes this toy perfect for long term use since the pre-crawling stage to advanced crawling stage. It helps the baby to learn fast while having fun, and that makes it a nice companion for your toddlers. No one can resist that adorable smiling face on that bright bubble bee, and that is a total plus. With so many benefits, this is simply among the best crawling toys that you should consider.

Key Features

  • Colorful and adorable design
  • Offers light, movement, and music
  • Encourages crawling and motor skills
  • Promotes sensory and skill development

#1. Colorful Wiggling & Crawling Toy BallColorful Wiggling & Crawling Toy Ball

By: VTech

We really like this crawling toy because it comes with a ball design but includes many animals at the same time. This interactive ball simply wobbles and wiggles on its own as it attracts the kid’s attention. Along with that, it also makes your toddlers follow as it moves across the room as well. This one crawling toy alone has more than 45 melodies, sounds, song, and even cheerful phrases. The best part is that all the animals button are press-able, and each button teaches different things. Not to mention the lights and colorful design, this crawling toy is simply flawless. You really should have a look, this can be the crawling toy that you have been looking for.

Key Features

  • Spins, twists, wiggles, and wobbles
  • Colorful, comfortable, and fun to play with
  • Flashing lights with entertaining sounds and song
  • Encourages crawling and promotes sensory learning


There are many ways to entertain a growing and crawling baby, and crawling toys are one of them. With the list of the best crawling toys above, at least one of them has something to offer. Let’s take a look, all of them are super great to have for your babies.

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