10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Classical Music In 2021

Whether it’s for music production, casual everyday use, or for lullaby purposes, we would have to look for a speaker that matches what we plan to use it for. So, in order to help our readers find the perfect speaker for classical music, our team has put together a list of 10 best bluetooth speaker for classical music reviews across the market.

Without further ado, let’s jump into our first product.

List of Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Classical Music

#10. iCalmDog bluetooth speaker for classical music

iCalmDog bluetooth speaker for classical music

The iCalmDog 5.0b bluetooth speaker is designed to soothe your dogs when they get anxious or stressed out. This speaker has been proven to really be able to help calm down the canines. And, it’s been recommended by vets and trainers around the globe as a pet anxiety reducer since 2008.

It’s built with an auditory enrichment system that can project a warm and safe feeling to your dogs. This iCalmDog speaker’s preloaded with 3 hours worth of bio-acoustically re-arranged music on its micro SD sound card. That means you do not have to look around for calming music for the beginning period of usage. Additionally, this speaker’s battery life can last up to 24 hours upon full charge.


Reasons to buy:

  • High-quality and is designed to last long
  • Conveniently portable
  • Easy-to-hold shape
  • Proven by professionals

Our Verdict

Since some pets can get anxious on many unexpected occasions, the portable design of this speaker can be very helpful to many users. It can be put into backpacks or hand-held into vehicles and be played on the go whenever your pet is triggered.

#9. iCalmDog bluetooth speaker for classical music

iCalmDog bluetooth speaker for classical music

The iCalmDog 5.0d is another professionally proven model of speaker that can calm canines’ anxiety. Its pre-loaded 3 hours long music library includes songs of both the reggae genre and the classical genre. Plus, this decision has been made through long years of research into how to calm canine’s anxiety problems.

This speaker is commonly used in situations like vet visits, training classes, thunderstorms, fireworks, bedtime, transportations, and many other anxiety-inducing situations. And, the happy tone within their pre-loaded Micro SD sound card can project positivity and happiness within the melodies. The speaker has been said to bring happiness back to many households.

Reasons to buy:

  • Effective for elder/auditor impaired dogs
  • 24 hours battery life
  • High-quality sound projector
  • Professionally proven
  • Globally approved

Our verdict

The fact that the 5.0d speaker is effective for older dogs or dogs with impaired hearings is a blessing to so many dog owners. Some speakers aren’t able to calm people’s dogs, so it has been a remaining problem for so many people.

#8. Vanzon bluetooth speaker for classical musicVanzon bluetooth speaker for classical music

Moving on, we have the rectangular Vanzon X5 Pro speaker. Summer will be much more fun if you have one of these. It has a total playtime of 24 hours and is also waterproof. This means, with the X5 Pro speaker playing music nearby, pool parties or sunbathing would be much more enjoyable.

Moreover, the X5 Pro speaker is built with a durable silicone case and port cover. Vanzon’s TWS technology allows you to connect 2 of their speakers at once, and enjoy a mini theatre feeling with dual stereo sound. Plus, the X5 Pro speaker also has 3 play modes to enhance the listening experience. These play modes include Practical Carabiner, TF, and Type-C Interface, and 3.5 AUX input.

Reasons to buy:

  • Lightweight and small
  • Affordable price
  • Water-proof and is suitable for outdoor activities
  • Compatible with both IOS and Androids
  • High-quality sound projector

Our Verdict

The X5 Pro speaker is a strong poolside speaker candidate. It’s Bluetooth compatible, waterproof, and sturdy. The port cover is an absolute convenient feature for keeping the water out. However, all things considered, the best thing about X5 Pro is that you get all great features while not having to break your wallet for it.

#7. qianzhi bluetooth speaker for classical music

qianzhi bluetooth speaker for classical music

The wireless V4.2 speaker from qianzhi has an interesting outer design. It has a sphere-like design and comes in 3 different colors; grey, red and black. It stands on a flat solo leg and is to move around with. With its TWS technology, this speaker is compatible with both IOS’ and Android phones and tablets.

Furthermore, the V4.2 speaker’s sphere design allows it to project sound at all 360° directions. When played indoors, it delivers full and high definition sound. Additionally, the sphere can be split into 2 parts and be played at the same time from different places. This allows an even fuller music listening experience, with sounds emitted from 2 different 360° speakers.

qianzhi also provides an 18-months guarantee for this item.

Reasons to buy:

  • Comes with a guarantee
  • 360° sound projection
  • Can split into 2 parts
  • Long-lasting battery

Our Verdict

Its unique sphere design became even more unique and fun when we found out that it can be separated into 2 different half-spheres. With it separated, you’re able to surround yourself with music more evenly. This allows meditation or relaxation to be more immersive.

#6.Vintage Radio bluetooth speaker for classical musicVintage Radio bluetooth speaker for classical music

If you’re into both classical music and vintage themed items, we think this might be the one for you. The Vintage Radio or the GR-R919 speaker from Greadio has a vintage design. Its overall outer appearance has a deep brown color and wooden swirls/lines. It is also accented with shiny gold highlights.

With its 4.2 Bluetooth technology, the GR-R919 speaker is compatible with all brand’s devices. Plus, because of how light it is, you can take it with you to picnics, hiking trips, vacations, and more. Additionally, with how cute the design is, it’s been named as a perfect Christmas gift idea.

Greadio also offers a 1-year money-back warranty for this item.

Reasons to buy:

  • Comes with a warranty
  • Trust-worthy quality
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • 9 hours battery life
  • Both functional and decorative

Our Verdict

With its vintage design on point, we think this speaker would do great as a Christmas or birthday gift. Because the material isn’t flimsy and fragile, retro lovers would especially love to receive them. Plus, it’s sound delivery ability is said to be good as well.

#5. DOSS bluetooth speaker for classical music

DOSS bluetooth speaker for classical music

Now, if you’re into modern or sci-fi themed gadgets, this speaker would fit in your interest box very easily. The DOSS SoundBox Pro has a boxy rectangular shape, with its control buttons on the top surface. It also comes in 3 colors; blue, gray, and black. Additionally, its LED illuminates with the beat. And, the speaker reacts to the beat and changes both color and illumination pattern. This allows in-the-dark music listening sessions to look way more immersive.

The SoundBox Pro delivers full sounds with its dual passive radiators. It enhances bass and every other melody and immerses you into a world of even auditory stimulants. By connecting two of the SoundBox Pro speakers and playing them at the same time, you are able to project your favorite songs in 360° and double the volume. In addition, this Bluetooth is also waterproof, so it’s safe to take it with you to the outdoors.

Reasons to buy:

  • Uses Bluetooth 4.2
  • Supports AUX-in, TF card and Echo Dot
  • Cool LED beat reactor
  • Loud and anti-disruption sound projection
  • Affordable Price
  • Great Quality

Our Verdict

The color and pattern changing ability of its LED is a very attractive attribute. It allows the speaker to stand out both in the market and in the dark. If you already have an LED set-up for your desk or room, the SoundBox Pro will be a very fitting and attractive addition. And if you don’t, this speaker can be a cool statement piece within your living space.

#4. Edifier bluetooth speaker for classical musicEdifier bluetooth speaker for classical music

Bigger space requires bigger speakers for better sound projection. This is where speakers like the R1700BT from Edifier come to play, literally. This bookshelf speaker is large in size and can produce loud, anti-disruptive volume. It can also be connected via AUX if Bluetooth is out of the question. It can also connect to 2 devices via AUX at the same time, no plugging nor switching is needed.

In order to change the volume and other settings from afar, the R1700BT speaker can be controlled by its designated remote. However, if there’s any problem with your remote, you can also control the speaker by the control knobs and buttons at the back of your speaker.

Edifier also offers a 2-year warranty in the USA and Canada for this bookshelf speaker.

Reasons to buy:

  • Comes with a warranty
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android devices
  • Complementary design for your home
  • High-definition and loud sound projection
  • Good price to value

Our Verdict

If you need a larger speaker for your space, this speaker can help. Its loud sound emission is a definite plus. Plus, if you need a large speaker, it also means your space is big, and that’s when its remote control feature can help. You don’t have to get up to put it on mute, increase its volume, etc.

#3. qianzhi bluetooth speaker for classical music

qianzhi bluetooth speaker for classical music

The qianzhi soundbox does not follow the “box” in its name. It has a sphere-like design and can be separated into 2 parts. Each part can play music and other sounds at 360° as well. Additionally, its sphere design can be put down to stand on its designated stand, onto a flat surface.

Although the design may not look very convincing quality-wise, it’s been well appreciated for its non-disruptive sound emission since its release. When connected to your IOS or Android device, the speaker will project out a clear and bass-enhancing sound.

Plus, if you connect both sides and play them at the same time, you’d find yourself in an even more immersive sound room. Since both parts can project sounds at a 360°, your space would be filled in high-definition sound from all directions.

Reasons to buy:

  • Affordable price
  • Unique 2-in-1 design
  • HD 360° auditory projection
  • Compatible with both IOS and Android

Our Verdict

Its separability allows you to share this speaker with your loved ones or roommate. Both of you can play your own music at the same time, in different rooms, without having to spend too much money. Plus, its 360° sound emission is also a very nice feature for a speaker.

#2. Anker bluetooth speaker for classical musicAnker bluetooth speaker for classical music

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker has a pill-like design. It is rounded at the edge and can stand on its own without any extra stand. This model also comes in 3 basic plain colors; red, blue, and black. Additionally, it is integrated with IPX7 waterproof technology, making its case fully waterproof.

Furthermore, the Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker is equipped with awesome Hi-Res audio and also enhanced by Qualcomm aptX for lossless music reproduction. It delivers intense bass and full sounds into every corner of your room. Plus, its battery can stream your music continuously for 12 hours when fully charged. This speaker runs on a 6,700 mAH battery.

Reasons to buy:

  • Waterproof casing
  • 12 hours playtime
  • Enhancive sound emissions
  • High resolution sound reproduction

Our Verdict

For all it offers, it is expected that this speaker would be a bit expensive. However, as we’ve mentioned, this Bluetooth speaker offers a lot. It is very high-resolution, waterproof, compatible with both IOS and Android, and more.

#1. Anker bluetooth speaker for classical music

Anker bluetooth speaker for classical music

The Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker can run on for a total of 10 hours long, upon being fully charged. When playing, this speaker can also remain to charge with no problem as well. Its minimalistic black design makes it complementary to all spaces. Whether you’ll place this speaker at home or at your workplace, it’ll fit right in.

Additionally, the Soundcore Bluetooth speaker can be controlled via the buttons on its top surface. With its patented Anker BassUp technology, you can gear its volume up to the max and expect no disruption. Its sound emission fills up every nook and cranny of your room and buzzes you to the core. Plus, its IPX5 water-resistant technology also makes it a great outdoor speaker when you’re on the go.

Anker also offers an 18-month warranty for this product.

Reasons to buy:

  • IPX5 water resistant casing
  • Ideal party speaker
  • Great price to value point
  • Modern minimalistic design

Our Verdict

Its high definition sound projecting ability allows the Soundcore Bluetooth speaker to play its role well. Whether you’ll bring it to parties or use it to listen to relaxing music and podcasts at home, the speaker’s got your back. You’ll be able to fully immerse yourself into the sounds.


There isn’t much to worry about when it comes to choosing the best bluetooth speakers for classical music. The most worrisome thing about them is the sound projector ability. Most Bluetooth speakers won’t ruin the quality of your music when played. However, when the price is low, it is best to be wary of its sound quality. All in all, we hope our article was of any help to you.

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