The 10 Best Baby Shoes for Wide Feet In 2021

There are many things to consider when it comes to children’s clothing. Clothing, after all, is one of the fundamental things to acquire in order to grow up comfortably. So when it comes to purchasing the items, we have to consider the used material, manufactured method and, of course, price. This goes the same way with baby shoes as well. Without further ado, let’s get into the best baby shoes for wide feet.

List of 10 Best Baby Shoes for Wide Feet Review In 2021

#10. HLMBB Baby Shoes Sneakers

HLMBB Baby Shoes Sneakers

This pair of shoes from HLMBB is suitable for both genders and comes in 2 different color designs, which are black and red. With their outsoles and toe tips white, their overall look is comparable to that of tennis shoes’. However, unlike tennis shoes, they do not come with any lace. Instead, these shoes are made with a detachable flap, which keeps the feet in just as securely.

Furthermore, they are made with soft fabric materials all over. The soles are easy to walk on. They’re both durable and foldable, which gives them an anti-slip element. The material also makes the shoes lightweight, which further makes them more comfortable for children to wear. Plus, the hook loop at the heel notch that they come also aids in easier wear.

Reasons to buy:

  • Soft material
  • Children-friendly design
  • Suitable for most leisure activities
  • Appropriate pricing

Our verdict

The overall design of this pair is very favorable to children. Each part of the shoe is equipped with an element that makes it convenient. The detachable flaps and hook loop lessen wear time, the toe tips have enough room for toe movements, and the soles are comfortable for long wear.

#9. L-RUN Baby Water Shoes

L-RUN Baby Water Shoes

Next, we have these baby water shoes from L-RUN. For an outing to the poolside or the beach, these shoes are sure to spice up your baby’s fashion game. This model of water baby shoes comes in a cute multi-colored whale pattern with a blue background color.

Since they are water shoes, they’re made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This material choice allows them to dry quickly and not become too heavy when they come in contact with water. Plus, the rubber soles are designed to reduce as much sliding and protect them as non-smooth floor surfaces as possible. This makes them ever extra safe for children.

Reasons to buy:

  • high-quality materials
  • gender neutral and children-friendly design
  • protective soles
  • affordable pricing

Our verdict

Water shoes need to have safety as their design’s main focus. And for that, we think this product from L-RUN has been done quite well. It’s apparent to see that L-RUN had very well focused on the wearer’s safety when it comes to their designing process. Additionally, the pattern design is also very cute and gender-neutral.

#8. L-RUN Barefoot Skin Baby Shoes

#8. L-RUN Barefoot Skin Baby Shoes

The follow-up product is also from L-RUN. For this model, L-RUN provides many different designs to choose from, in different colors and patterns. Due to this factor, these shoes are gender-neutral and stylish. The pair that we’ve selected to recommend has an interesting chic black and white color design. This design is perfect for a casual trip to the water park.

Since they are from the same model as the aforementioned pair, the constructed materials are the same; spandex and polyester. They’re guaranteed to deliver the same promises. This means they’re also quick to dry, lightweight, comfortable and safe to wear.

Reasons to buy:

  • stylish chic pattern
  • safe for children
  • affordable pricing

Our verdict

We hold the same verdicts towards this pair. Despite obviously not sharing the same cartoon design theme, they are still very much so made with safety in mind. Plus, we’d also like to give them extra points for the many designs that they have for their water shoes. This allows the children’s parents or guardians more choices to select from.

#7. ENERCAKE Boys Girls Baby Shoes

ENERCAKE Boys Girls Baby Shoes

These walkers from ENERCAKE are just so cute. If you want to dress your baby up with the mini version of adults’ walkers, we think these might be perfect. This pair comes in a light gray color with false laces and checkered inner heel linings. The false laces get a plus from our team. After all, laces can be quite dangerous when not dealt with carefully.

Furthermore, these baby shoes are made with soft, non-skid soles, and breathable body material. Both indoor and outdoor activities are okay for these durable shoes. You can conveniently slip these on your baby’s feet quickly and they are guaranteed to feel comfortable in them.

Reasons to buy:

  • Breathable material
  • Non-skid soles
  • Classic walkers design

Our verdict

This pair has a very classic design to them. The checkered inner pattern, heel lining, and cool gray outer color make them look like they’re some detective shoes. This brings no doubt that your baby will look very cutely professional with them when you take them outside. Plus, outdoor strolls always feel better when we have good looking shoes on.

#6. matercaker Baby Sneakers

matercaker Baby Sneakers

Comes in gray and pink, these baby sneakers from matercaker are suitable for all outdoor activities. The synthetic material of the shoes allows them to quickly dry when worn or taken off. Additionally, since the upper body is designed with mesh, the shoes are breathable, soft, and lightweight. These aspects of the overall design make the shoe perfect for walks, runs, hikes, and even camping.

Moreover, matercaker has also reinforced these with an anti-collision design for the toe caps. This aspect provides more comfort and ensures safe growth for babies.

Reasons to buy:

  • Non-slip soles
  • Breathable mesh body
  • Lightweight and easy to wear

Our verdicts

Physical activities are very crucial in ensuring safe and proper growth for the children. Either it is running, exercising, doing sports, or just leisurely strolling around, it is very important to have safe shoes. And this pair from matercaker is what outdoor shoes for babies should really be like. They are breathable, soft, quick to dry, come with safety toe caps, and surely a smart investment.

#5. RVROVIC Baby Moccasins

RVROVIC Baby Moccasins

This stylish pair of moccasins sneakers from RVROVIC comes with soft tassels lining along with the heels and false laces. They are crafted with artificial leather, so you can rest assured that they’re okay for both vegans and non-vegans. Instead, they are made with soft materials that help in the baby’s feet growth. Above being soft and promoting safe growth, these shoes are also lightweight and equipped with anti-slip soles. These add more safety points to this fashionable pair of moccasins.

RVROVIC has a return policy for this model of a product, so feel free to return your parcel upon any dissatisfaction.

Reasons to buy:

  • Classic and retro design
  • Lightweight and soft
  • High-quality artificial leather material
  • Vegan-friendly

Our verdict

Moccasins are both stylish and casual. For adults, they would be more mature and well put-together with them. However, for babies, this kind of shoes makes them look extra cute. Going on a stroll during fall would be peak “aesthetics.”

#4. SOFMUO Antheron Baby Shoes

SOFMUO Antheron Baby Shoes

This Antheron canvas baby shoes have the classic and timeless walker theme. They come in a clean overall white color and a high-top design. Canvas sneakers are easy to match with many kinds of outfits and are suitable to wear on many occasions. Plus, canvas walkers are undeniably a fashion statement that many of us wish we had when we were younger.

This pair from SOFMUO was made with breathable and lightweight materials that allow them to promise comfort to the wearer. Besides, they’re also made with an anti-slip sole that helps babies walk safer on pavements, wooden floors, and more. The false laces also make these walkers easy to put on and off.

Reasons to buy:

  • Timeless canvas design
  • Fashionable
  • Well cushioned
  • Anti-slip soles

Our verdict

Canvas shoes are not limited to teenagers and young adults. Even though they are predominantly designed to have a solid color and minimalistic design, they’re still timeless and fashionable on their own. When timed with a well-prepared outfit, they’d surely give your baby a confidence boost.

#3. JIASUQI Baby Shoes

JIASUQI Baby Shoes

JIASUQI’s aqua socks are, obviously, suited for water activities. They fit well onto babies’ feet like socks and help them stay safe like shoes. Plus, they come in many different colors and design patterns. Some models are solid in color, while some others come with cartoon patterns on them. If you do not frequently indulge in water activities, these shoes are suitable for other outdoor ventures as well.

These solid black aqua socks are made with rubber soles and ultra-thin materials, namely 92% polyester and 8% spandex. These materials make them flexible, breathable, as well as lightweight. Additionally, the neck part is smooth, eliminating any kind of plastic burns to the babies.

Reasons to buy:

  • Multi-purpose
  • Promotes proper feet growth
  • Convenient to wear and take off

Our verdict

Even though they were made to mainly provide benefits towards water activities, they are also suitable for other kinds of activities. Their solid color also makes it easy to pair with any outfits, which means this pair of baby shoes is surely multi-purpose.

#2. myggpp Unisex Baby Shoes

myggpp Unisex Baby Shoes

If you’re looking for the infamous two-toned high tops design, you have come to the right place. These recommended baby shoes from myggpp come in a monotonous black and white color scheme, with long cotton laces and a round patch on the outer side. For a pinch of style, the sides of the soles also come with a stripe of black. Moreover, these high-top walkers are equipped with polka dots and anti-slip cotton soles and are made from soft materials all over.

If any dissatisfaction were to occur, myggpp would accept returns.

Reasons to buy

  • Classic high-top design
  • Promotes healthy feet growth
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Anti-slip soles

Our verdict

Another infamous design for shoes is the two-toned high-top design scheme. They’re classic, timeless, and very easy to work with. You can put them together with many casual outfits, and they would still fit in like a sock. And this pair from myggpp is no exception.

#1. Luvable Friends Unisex Shoes for Baby

Luvable Friends Unisex Shoes for Baby

One thing that most of us can agree on is that fleece is a cozy and warm material. Not only are they soft to the touch, they provide the best kind of warmth on cold nights. Thus, we arrive at our final recommended product, these baby fleece booties from Luvable Friends. They come in an array of color schemes. You can find both bright colors and dull colors within their collection.

Furthermore, their constructive material is 100% polyester and is very safe for machine wash. Albeit not very environmentally friendly, they’re affordable and are safe for babies to wear. The material is soft and harmless on the skin and can protect babies’ feet to some extent.

Reasons to buy:

  • Cozy and warm material
  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Affordable pricing

Our verdict

Being made from 100% polyester may rub off on some people the wrong way. However, for some of us who cannot afford products made from more environmental-friendly materials, it’s only understandable that we go for cheaper alternatives. Nonetheless, these fleece baby shoes from Luvable Friends are guaranteed to bring you the best warmth ever.


In conclusion, since comfort is what most of us look for, we believe that the design and materials are the most concerning factors. Whether they were designed to have comfort or appearance as their main focus, each pair of shoes comes with their own promises and features. Hence, we have to select the ones that fit our preferences and budget.

Buying Guides

Size: since children are still growing, their shoe size will obviously grow with them. In order to receive maximum comfort, we advise choosing shoes that are a size or half a size larger than the designated owner’s feet.

Material: some materials do cause certain allergy reactions. In order to avoid causing any unintentional skin reaction, we highly recommend checking each product’s material carefully before making your purchase.

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