Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Baby Room Review – 2020

When the outside environment gets too unhealthy for us to breathe in, it is best understood to purchase an air purifier for our home or bedroom. Air purifiers are said to do wonders for our overall breathing. They reduce the toxins in the atmosphere and provide us the best air purifiers for baby room they’re capable of providing.

Without delay, let’s get into our reviews.

List of  Best Air Purifiers for Baby Room of 2021

#10. Vremi Large Room Air Purifier

Vremi Large Room Air Purifier

This air purifier from Vremi is designed to purify air within a fairly large sized bedroom or a small studio apartment. It comes with a True HEPA filter and is promised to take away up to 99.97% of all air contaminants. These include pet dander, dust, pollen, and other particles that are sized 0.3 microns or larger.

This air purifier functions on 3 filtration stages. They filter with an ultra-fine pre-filter, then the True HEPA filter, and lastly, with an activated carbon filter to reduce odor. This air purifier is also equipped with an air quality sensor, which can detect and display the quality level for viewing. It also runs on timers and is very quiet.

Vremi provides a 1-year warranty for this model of air purifier.

Reasons to buy:

  • Equipped with adjustable night light
  • Very quiet (52dB)
  • Very capable
  • Modern design

Our Verdict

With its quiet functionality, it is also suitable for light-sleepers and elders. After all, Vremi guarantees night disturbance coming from the purifier. Plus, if you’re used to sleeping with light on, the adjustable warm nightlight can also reduce electric consumption.

#9. Medify MA-14 Air Purifier

Medify MA-14 Air Purifier

Comes in an overall whitish silver color and mint highlight, it is apparent to see that this set of 2 air purifiers are medical grade. However, it is worthy to note that these units alone are NOT medical devices. Their designated H13 True HEPA filter is a medical-grade air filter.

Furthermore, these air purifiers are able to indicate when new filters are needed. They are also built with 3 fans speeds, a smart night mode, and a cool blue nightlight. Plus, their CADR level is 120. Considering all of its functions, they’re perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, dorms, and more.

This product is the USA registered Lifetime Warranty.

Reasons to buy:

  • No sleep disturbance
  • Cool blue nightlight
  • Value set of 2 units

Our Verdict

Although some people may get discouraged when they see that each unit isn’t medical-grade, it is worth considering that most air purifiers aren’t and can come in at an even higher price. What matters more is whether or not each unit will be able to clean the air with their own respective filters.

#8. Dyson Pure Cool & Hot Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Cool & Hot Air Purifier

Looking at this model of air purifier from Dyson reminds us of alien technology from stories. This device has a loop head, which projects our clean air continuously when on. Under the hollow head, there’s an LCD display screen. This screen displays a live feed of the air quality of the present room. It also has a cylinder bottom part, which takes in air and rid off particles as small as allergens and bacteria. Further down the unit, there’s another pure air projector.

The technology Dyson has equipped into this device is very innovative. It is built with multiple functions, such as a space heater, a fan, backward airflow mode and powers with HEPA Air Purifier.

Reasons to buy:

  • Smooth airflow
  • Multi-functioned
  • Innovative
  • Remote controlled
  • WiFi compatible and app accessibility

Our Verdict

For all that Dyson offers with this device, you are guaranteed a top grade experience. Not only does this device act as an air purifier, but it is also a heater that can evenly project heated purified air. Plus, you can also monitor and receive live feeds regarding air quality. However, just as expected, this device isn’t as budget-friendly as the ones mentioned so far.

#7. hOmeLabs Air Purifier for Home

hOmeLabs Air Purifier for Home

Next, we have a futuristic / alien-looking device from hOmeLabs. We decided to mention this observation because this air purifying system has a glossy white cylinder design and a large fan-like design on the top of its head. Plus, its compact size makes it look both lovable and a bit mysterious. Nevertheless, its compact size is beneficial to design, as it allows the device to fit in smaller rooms.

With its True HEPA H13 filter, this device can remove microscopic particles that are down to 0.1 microns. In total, this device uses 3 stages of filtration at once; a pre-filter, the True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon layer. Furthermore, it also features a nightlight and adjustable fan speeds.

hOmeLabs also offers a 1-year warranty and free return 30-days policy for this product.

Reasons to buy:

  • Child lock feature
  • Space-friendly
  • Very strong filtration capability
  • Modern design

Our Verdict

With dust infested air everywhere, air purifiers are ideal to have no matter how big our living space is. Hence, this filtration device’s compact design can be very helpful. In contrast to quick assumptions, its space-saving design does not negatively affect its filtration capability at all.

#6. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Baby Room

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Baby Room

This Vista 200 from LEVOIT is designed to clean the air off of pet’s hair, dust, smoke particles, and more. It has a similar external design to the air purifier from hOmeLabs. The Vista 200 has an apparent cylinder shape, with the gold-tinted top part and is white all over. This system does not use UV or ions in its purifying process and gives the air an ozone scent.

This model is super electric sufficient, as it consumes as little as 0.9W. Additionally, the Vista 200 also uses 3 layers of filters; a pre-filter, an H13 True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Altogether, these 3 layers can clean the air off of mold spores, allergens, odors, dust mites, etc.

Upon purchase, you will receive a 1-year warranty, which can be extended upon online registration.

Reasons to buy:

  • Electricity saving
  • Modern designs
  • High purifying function

Our Verdict

Size and design, wise the Vista 200, is an alternative to the one from hOmeLabs. They are both compact in size and similarly shaped. Plus, their price tags are also comparable. Overall, Vista 200’s are conventional and functional. It gets the job done, as it is designed to do. Its features aren’t over the top, from functions to structural design.

#5. Guardian Technologies Air Purifier for Kids Room

Guardian Technologies Air Purifier for Kids Room

Going smaller in size, the Germ Guardian model number AC4100 from Guardian Technologies stands at about a foot tall, and is shaped like an old school speaker. However, its size doesn’t matter when compared to what it promises. Holding pride to its name, the AC4100 is equipped with a UV-C light feature, which is used to kill germs, airborne viruses, and eliminates VOCs titanium dioxide.

It traps microscopic particles with 3 layers, and rid the atmosphere of any odor with activated charcoal. The UV-C is labeled as optional and the fans have 3 adjustable settings.

Guardian Technologies offers a 1-year warranty to the purchasers of this product.

Reasons to buy:

  • Retro speaker design
  • Adjustable light and fan settings
  • Helps with reducing allergies

Our Verdict

The decorative attribute of the AC4100 is very eye-catching. Our first impression of its boxy charm was that it shares many similarities with old school speakers. The knob at the bottom part of its face had looked like that of a volume knob, and the entire front surface looked like a speakers’ autistic grill. Even so, the features of this air purifier can’t be ignored either.

#4. RabbitAir Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

RabbitAir Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

Unlike every other air purifier’s external design that we have gone over so far, the SPA-780A looks like a desktop CPU. It is flat in shape and can stand on its own removable floor stand, table stand or be mounted onto the wall. This model comes in 2 colors; black and white.

Following this trope, the SPA-780A has even more unique traits. It uses 6 air purification stages in order to rid the air off of odors, pets’ hair, cigars’ smoke remains cooking and more. When turned on, this device will not cause any loud, disturbing noise. Its low humming can be heard as a peaceful white noise.

RabbitAir offers a 5-year warranty for this product after the purchase.

Reasons to buy:

  • Quiet sound emission
  • Modern design
  • Mountable on wall
  • Extensive purification process
  • Long-lasting

Our Verdict

For those who want to save even more space, the SPA-780A can help you with that. By being mounted onto the wall, the device can save more space on the display table or other furniture. Plus, its large size and quick yet extensive purification process will surely project fresh air for your living space.

#3. LEVOIT True HEPA Air Purifier

LEVOIT True HEPA Air Purifier

The Core 300 model from LEVOIT is a little bit pricier compared to the Vista 200. It’s got a gray-ish outer look, making it look modern, yet classic at the same time. With its integrated Vortexair Technology, its purification power has stronger airflow and is more efficient. It can catch particles down to 0.3microns.

Furthermore, it has high abrasion resistance, allowing it to be harder to damage. With its QuietKEAP technology, this purifying system is going to be the quietest model you’ve ever encountered. It hums background white noise into the open space. The Core 300 is FCC certified, ETL listed, and CA PROP 65 certified.

Reasons to buy:

  • Well-certified
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Modern design
  • Great price value

Our Verdict

Core 300’s has many of its own unique points. Considering its low noise emission, very efficient air purification ability, sturdiness and long-lasting element, it’s very innovative. It’s perfect for so many locations and its compact size contributes to it as well.

#2. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier

The Hamilton Beach’s 04384 air purifier has a noteworthy design. It has a versatile outer structure that allows it to safely lay sideways or stand up vertically. No matter the position it’s put in, the 04384 can still safely purify the air off of contaminants up to 99.97%.

It’s equipped with multiple stages of filtration; 1 permanent True HEPA filter and 2 replaceable carbon zeolite filters. These filters together take out dust, germs, odor, and more.

Reasons to buy:

  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet noise emission
  • Versatile design

Our Verdict

Considering how sturdy and versatile this unit is, the price seems fair. If your space is compact, this unit is quite ideal for you. You can move it around as you relocate within your living quarter.

#1. Guardian Technologies Air Purifier

Guardian Technologies Air Purifier

Lastly, we have the model number AC4835 from the Germ Guardian series, from Guardian Technologies. This unit has the tallest stature compared to all items listed. It stands vertically up to about 2 feet and is said to purify up to 99.97% of harmful airborne particles.

With its 3 stages of filters and UV C lights, this purifier can break down dust, pet dander, mold spores, odors, germs, viruses, and so much more. The settings for its speed are adjustable, and so is the UV C function. It releases very low noise, so you wouldn’t be disturbed during your work and sleep hours.

Reasons to buy:

  • Low noise output
  • Modern black design
  • Eliminate air contaminants well
  • User-friendly

Our Verdict

Its vertical design can blend in well within many locations. It can even add a dash of modernization into the whole room’s aesthetics. Plus, its subtle noise emission during purification is said to be very effective.


When talking about air purifiers, things can get expensive, and buying a unit on a whim can always regret it. So it is best to plan ahead of time, regarding our budget, and do research on which model fits our space and needs best.

Buying Guides

  • Grade: it is best to take into consideration regarding what each air purifier’s purpose is. Some models are designed for usages in the medical fields, while others are just basic air purifiers. Each device’s purpose or grade can also contribute to the product pricing.
  • Filters: some products come with extra filters upon purchase, while some don’t. It is advised to check whether they do or not, so you can timely plan to purchase any extra filter. In addition, it is also best to look into the system’s compatible filters. Some units are only compatible with their own brand’s filters. Do remember to change the filters regularly.

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