10 Best Above Ground Pool Steps and Ladders – In 2021

An above ground pool can never be completed without proper steps and ladders that easily allow you to go in and out of the pool. It’s above ground pool steps and ladders won’t normally be offered with the pool when you purchase it, it’s highly essential that you look for a high-quality one to use with the pool. From the material used to construct the design of the ladders will determine if it will be great for using or not.

Otherwise, not only it’s a waste of money to purchase the wrong product, but also it can cause you great danger while you’re using it. To ensure a safe purchase, in this article, we are introducing the top 10 best above ground pool steps and ladders that you can buy to use with your pool.

#10. Champlain Above Ground Pool Step

Champlain Above Ground Pool Step

As the first product in the list, here we have this in-pool ladder from Champlain. Made from high-quality resin-based plastic, this pool has a heavy-duty performance that can give you a sturdy way to enter and exit the pool safely. Its design is well put to retain the water circulating freely to avoid this ladder from having algae growing on. It’s wide opening of each step in this ladder allows pool chemicals to spread evenly in the pool.

This product is also very gentle to your pool liner, so it won’t cause stretching or ripping. Lastly, Champlain offers its ladder with the deck mount flanges that can secure your ladder to the pool deck properly, so it will remain in the right place regardless.

Reasons to buy:

  • Sturdy material
  • Have a big opening that smoothen the water circulation in the pool
  • Won’t damage pool liners
  • Comes with safe deck mount flanges

Our Verdict

Safeness of the ladder to be used with the above ground pool is important. Since Champlain has all of it, it’s definitely a good choice to go with.

#9. Splash Net Express Easy Pool Above Ground Pool Step

Splash Net Express Easy Pool Above Ground Pool Step

Another great above ground pool step in the list is from Splash Net Express. Just a quick look at the design of this ladder, you can already tell how secure it is. There are double heavy-duty handrails and big steps that are put to prevent anyone from slipping off as they are entering or exiting the pool. It’s made from polyethylene materials that require very least maintenance and thus very easy to assemble.

Its step is also quite wide, so there won’t be any dead water area that can cause the algae to grow. Splash Net Express pool is a one-fit-all ladder, so any above ground pool can use it. It can load up to 350 pounds, so it can support anyone with ease.

Reasons to buy:

  • Can support heavy-weight users
  • Designed with rough surface and double handrails for double protection
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

Our verdict

The fact that this ladder can be used with all types of above ground pools is brilliant because you can save a lot of money if you have many above ground pools by not having to buy many ladders. The ease of assembling and disassembling this also makes it effortless for any user.

#8. Main Access Easy-Incline Above Ground Pool Step

Main Access Easy-Incline Above Ground Pool Step

Moving on, we have this outstanding above ground pool ladder from Main Access. One of the most special points about this product is that it has a slim body. Unlike most of the above pool ladder in the market that would eat up a lot of pool space, this one doesn’t. Moreover, it also has an adjustable height; between 48″ to 54″, which you can set to fit your pool depth.

Similar to the previous product, this one also comes with durable handrails and large graduated treads, so every step you take on this ladder is highly safe. Also, because this ladder has the corrosion-proof structural foam, you can trust that it will last years without having to change for a new one.

Reasons to buy:

  • Adjustable heights to fit any pool
  • Big step size and strong adjustable handrails for a safe enter and exit
  • Resist to corrosion which makes gives it a long service life

Our Verdict

While a lot of people find it difficult to find the right ladder to use with their over ground pool, the adjustability of these ladders allows it to be highly customizable to any pool.

#7. Blue Wave NE1175 Above Ground Pool Step

Blue Wave NE1175 Above Ground Pool Step

While many of you have heard about the famous Blue Wave product, yes, here we have the best above ground pool ladder from Blue Wave too. Using premium grade resin as the material, this ladder will be completely free from any rust or corrode that normally happens on metal. Moreover, Blue Wave designed its ladder with 5 treads instead of 4 so that it is easier to climb in and out. Each tread is also non-skid for further secure climbing.

This ladder has one of the features that most ladders don’t have which is the child-proof barrier that ensures the ultimate safety to children. Similarly, it also has the height adjustability, so any pool can be installed with this ladder.

Reasons to buy:

  • Adjustable ladder height
  • More tread design for easy climbing
  • Material free-from corrosion
  • Can withstand up to 300 pound

Our Verdict

Choosing an above ground ladder can be easy for an adult since you have more caution and flexibility; however, for a small kid, it can be a life-threatening choice if we don’t choose the right one. That’s why this Blue Wave ladder is so special with its child-proof barrier.

#6. Confer Plastics Sturdy Above Ground Pool Step

Confer Plastics Sturdy Above Ground Pool Step

Another top leading brand for the above ground pool ladder is from Confer Plastics. What’s great about this product is it’s designed with a straight-up shape that doesn’t only make it easy to climb, but it can also save a lot of space in the pool. On top of this, it also has the handrails that give ultimate stability when coming in or out of the pool. It has the adjustable fit deck that allows it to be able to use with any above pool. One complimentary on its look is that it will match perfectly with any brown or grey pool.

Reasons to buy:

  • Fit perfectly if you have brown or grey pool
  • Designs with handrails
  • Can be adjusted to fit the deck
  • Space-saving in the pool

Our Verdict

Confer Plastic is a renowned brand when it comes to in-pool ladder. From its quality to practically, Confer Plastic has it all. Hence, it’s a regret if you don’t consider it as an option.

#5. Vinyl Works Slide-Lock Above Ground Pool Step

Vinyl Works Slide-Lock Above Ground Pool Step

Next, the best above ground pool ladder is from Vinyl Works. Compared to other products in the list that are only attached in the inside of the pool, this ladder is designed both sided, making it perfectly easy to climb from outside to inside the pool. Moreover, the ladder can be locked to prevent access to the pool. It is perfect to use when you don’t want your kids to go into the pool without your supervision.

On top of this, it can be adjusted to fit the pool wall, preventing it from taking up a bigger space in the pool. Also, it has an extended double handrails, so you can also be safe climbing in and out.

Reasons to buy:

  • Can be set to fit any pool walls
  • Support the loading up to 300 pound
  • Embossed with warning sign for extra cautious to swimmer
  • Featured with full safety function

Our Verdict

A small limitation that a lot of pool ladders have is they are only one-sided, so from outside, they need to use chairs or something else to help them climb in. However, with this ladder, from outside to inside and vice versa, nothing can stop you from making a smooth move.

#4. Intex Above Ground Pool Step w/ Steel Frame

Intex Above Ground Pool Step w Steel Frame

Another world’s renowned brand for above ground pool ladder belongs to Intex. With a similar 2-sided ladder concept like the previous one, this one is more reasonable in terms of price. Made from heavy-duty and slip-resistant steps, the platform is easy to climb on and very secure from falling down.

Although, the ladder is very tough that you won’t feel any shaking as you climb on. Moreover, its steel frame is also well-coated, so it’s free from any corrosion no matter how long it’s in the water. This ladder is ideal for any pool that has 48″ wall high. Both sides look identical, so you wouldn’t have to worry about choosing which side as the inside and outside.

Reasons to buy:

  • Both-sided ladder for easy entering and exiting the pool
  • More affordable compares to many other products
  • Using steel as ladder frame for long service life
  • Frame is coated to prevent corrosion issue

Our Verdict

From above ground pool to pool cover and now in-pool ladder, Intex is always the top choice to stick with because of its price, quality and performance.

#3. Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Step

Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Step

Another Confer Plastic above ground pool entry ladder is here at the top 3rd too. As enduring material as the previous one, this one actually goes ahead to support up to 400 pounds, a lot more durable than almost every other ladder on the market. Furthermore, this ladder can also be customized with a side ladder that can give a lot of wider steps for people to go into the pool.

To add more stability, there’s also double tough handrails, so you have enough balance getting in and out. This Confer Plastics ladder has many color options as far as it’s concerned. You can select between blue, grey, and beige colors to add the look to your above ground pool.

Reasons to buy:

  • Can load very heavy capacity
  • Can be customized in a complete set with side ladder to have the bigger tread
  • Variety of choice when it comes to color

Our Verdict

A lot of in-pool ladder brands come in only a color which can be boring and choice limited to customers. However, with this model from Confer Plastics, there won’t be such a thing as selecting any color you like in these 3 most popular options.

#2. Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Step

Confer Plastics Above Ground Pool Step

Moving onto the top 2nd best above ground pool ladder is from Confer Plastics again. What’s great about this is that it has a sleek design for each step with the close concept; hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about any problem such as slipping through the ladder as you climb. This ladder is higher than most of the above ground pool ladder on the market since it can fit up to 60″ high deck. This ladder also comes with a mounting bracket for easy and secure installation and application.

Along with the handrail to give more stability when exiting and entering, this ladder is highly safe to use, especially for elders and kids. It can support up to 400 pounds without force.

Reasons to buy:

  • Designed with every safety features for secure application
  • Can support heavy weight
  • Can use with deep above ground pool

Our Verdict

Safety features are what you must look for in an in-pool ladder as you need to make sure that not only it can stay versatile in the water, but also it is highly safe for the user. Confer Plastics has these all. Look for a great one, just choose this one.

#1. Confer Plastics A-Frame Above Ground Pool Step

Confer Plastics A-Frame Above Ground Pool Step

Finally, the number 1 best above ground pool ladder in the list is no strange brand but from Confer Plastics again. It is true that there are many great in-pool ladders from Confer Plastics. This one is no different; it’s actually the best one in the market. From the design point of view, this ladder is both-sided, so it can easily be climbed from one side to another. Moreover, each step is constructed with an extra-large platform to ensure extra safety to users.

This ladder also features the lockable roll guard barrier that can prevent this step from being able to be used by anyone. Similar to other top ladders in the list, this one can also be adjusted in terms of height, so it fits perfectly with the pool deck. In terms of weight, it can withstand up to 300-pound easily.

Reasons to buy:

  • Height adjustable features
  • Lockable barrier for safety prevention for the kids
  • Extra-large platform for secure climbing

Our Verdict

This ladder would definitely save a lot of your money from spending on an expensive in-pool ladder, and still, it performs the most outstanding functions compared to many others when it comes to safety features and durability of the product.


Hence, if you are looking for a high-quality in-pool step and ladders, don’t miss these top 10 best above ground pool steps and ladders. We guarantee you will want to thank us later.

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